Guddan update Sunday 12 June 2022


Guddan 12 June 2022: Durga says Choti wasn’t in a good mood today. I ordered her favorite flowers. Aarav says let me call her. Choti comes in very happy. She says I found a new manager Agastya. Durga says did you even check? She says some goons came in the restaurant. Agastya dealt with them. Not like in movies but very innovatively. He taught them a lesson. Aarav says only one man does that in your life, that’s me. She says don’t even compare, you have no competition. He’s our new manager. DJ says would he manage things? Guddan says he will manage it. DJ says let’s go eat. Choti goes to get the food ready. DJ says I know what you’re worried about Aarav. We can’t tell her the truth. Aarav says we will manage everything for her and save her. DJ says we will answer them right. Choti says I am so happy. I will cook and the manager will look after everything else.

Choti comes to the restaurant. She sees that nothing is ready. Choti says Agastya where are you? He’s sitting with a girl and flirting with her. Choti says why don’t you order she must be hungry? The girl gives her order. Choti says anything else sir? He says orange juice with one straw.He says to the girl have six packs. I only eat healthy. So I won’t you will eat. He says to Choti go bring the order. Guddan comes to the kitchen wow he has made me a servant in my own restaurant. I will teach him a lesson. She adds extra chocolate in his drink. Guddan comes to the table.Shona in her kitchen says it smells so good. She says I have to eat before jiji comes. Pushpa comes there. Pushpa picks sweets and says throw it out. The accountant says your calculation is here. She says don’t come here again from tomorrow. Take your salary. He says I made a mistake by wearing this shirt.

My other shirt was burned. Pushpa says our employees where a different shirt every day. You broke the rule. This punishment will remind you in future to follow the decorum where you work. This is upshagun. Shona says go now. Pushpa says I can’t go against what Guru ji has asked me to do. They hear noise.Some boys come in and breaks things. It’s Aarav and his boys. Puhspa says who are you? What are you doing? He says Pushpa ji does it feel bad? We are playing a match. Shona says you know who we are. He says I don’t care. Choti is my sister. If you dare looking at her I will do worse. Pushpa says how are you? We rule this city. She is about to slap him. Durga holds her hand. She says don’t even try. We can turn this place in rubble. She says you don’t even have worth to look at us. DJ says look around for our worth and courage. Choti is our daughter. If you try to harm her we won’t leave you. 10 years ago we told you Choti isn’t alone and our restaurant isn’t for sale. What you did by sending those goons would get very bad for you. Pushpa says are you blaming me without any proof? DJ says imagine if we did this without proof, what would we do when we have a proof.

Pushpa says you’re messing with Pushpa Birla for that orphan? DJ says we are Jindals, our name is still taken with respect in this city. DJ says she’s our family. DJ and her brother are with her. Pushpa says for my protection even dead bodies get up to fight. Let me make a call. Scene 3The girl says these sandwiches look so good. Agastya says you look better than anything. Guddan says have halwa. He eats the halwa and runs in. He says this is so sweet. You wull ruin my six packs. Guddan says I didn’t keep you here to flirt with customers. He says are you jealous because I am flirting with her and not you? Choti looks at him. Choti says I don’t care if you flirt with the customers. He says I did that so she leave happy. She will bring more customers. Choti gets a call and says what? She’s shocked.


Pushpa gets Durga and Aarav arrested. She says they threatened me and broke our stuff. Don’t get them out. Guddan comes and begs. She says please leave them., Aarav says you don’t need to beg them. Agastya is with her. He says I know you’re worried but you can solve it with a calm mind only. He says to the inspector this is a senti family not criminals. They care for each other. The inspector says you’re right. They deserve a chance. Pushpa says what are you saying. Guddan says this won’t happen again. Pushpa is angry. She says you’re becoming a hurdle is everything. Guddan says thank you so much. This won’t happen again. They leave.Pushpa holds Guddan’s hand and says you’re ruining everything. I have a solution to everything. Agastya says you’re an elder but you can’t misbehave with my boss. We have to go. Better not start your thought horses now. Agastya takes Guddan from there.

Guddan says Agastya you should leave now. He says give me a glass of water. Guddan says DJ, this is our manager. DJ says we came home? Choti says he came along for water. Agastya sits on the sofa and says offer me tea at least. DJ says he’s weird. Employees look good at work. Give him tea and ask him to leave. Agastya comes and sings chup chup kharay ho. Agastya says there’s no sugar.Choti says go from here. We have work. He says you’re like a magnet. I keep coming running to you. Guddan says go from here. He says I was saying.. Guddan says don’t say anything. Choti falls. He holds her. He pulls her dupatta. Choti shoves hima nd slaps. Guddan says don’t cross limits with me. Other girls might like your drama and flirt I don’t. Go from here. Agastya leves. DJ says what did you do? DJ says what did you do? He was saving you. Your dupatta was on fire. I know I asked you to be careful but he was saving you. Go stop him.

Guddan runs after Agastya. She says what if he resigns now. Agastya starts his bike. Guddan stands in front of it. Choti says I was scared. Sorry. You came so close suddenly. He says it hurt. He says I never cross my line. Would you insult me in front of everyone? His hand is burned. Guddan says let me put a bandage on it. I am sorry. She cries. Agastya says I am fine. Please don’t cry. How will you survive like this. Be strong. Choti says I don’t want to be. Choti says go now and come on at me. Choti says be there before me.Guddan says it’s late. He shows her a paper and says I found this in the kitchen. Guddan says I will manage it. Guddan says I have to save this restaurant. He leaves.

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