Lost in Love update Sunday 7 August 2022

Lost in Love 7 August 2022: Pakhi’s parents greet Virat and say they were waiting for him. Virat wishes them happy wedding anniversary and says he rejoined duty and hence he is late, he brought someone along him. Pakhi comments who else than Sai. Sai walks in and greets them. Vaishali asks why didn’t she come with family in the morning, if she fears that she will be disrespected without Virat. Sai says why would she think that. Shailesh says Vaishali is joking. Vaishali says she is not. Virat says he is surprised that Sai has so much demand here. Pakhi says there are many things which they can’t understand. Shailesh asks Vaishali to make them sit and serve them food. Pakhi says Sai may not like to have food in her house. Sai says why wouldn’t she as she came in her parent’s wedding anniversary function. Pakhi says their relationship is not that good. Sai says they cannot clap with one hand and even Pakhi is at mistake. Pakhi says its all her fault.

Virat asks her to stop as they came here for celebration and not to prove who is right or wrong. Shailesh asks Sai how are studies are going and he is sure she will become a doctor soon. Pakhi comments that she will as doesn’t do household chores and studies all the time. Vaishali also taunts that there are others to work for Sai. Sai feels sad. Virat comments there are a few food people in his family who support education, even Pakhi is well educated and understands this well, in fact he suggested her to rejoin her job to keep herself busy. Pakhi taunts if he thinks about her so much, she remembers that he never spoke about it with her and he very well knows that she remembers all his words. Sai wishes Vaishali happy anniversary and Virat wishes Shailesh and gives him a bouquet. Shailesh says there was no need for bouquet, he didn’t want to celebrate as Samrat is still missing, but he has to look after other’s feelings. Virat says even his whole family is worried for Samrat, but they cannot let their fears chain them and are trying to move on slowly. Shaliesh hugs him sadly.

Sai asks Shailesh and Vaishali not to get sad as they are caring for and love each other since 30 years, they have right to celebrate their anniversary.Pakhi feels offended and asks if she means she doesn’t have right to lead a happier life like her parents. Vaishali supports Pakhi again. Sai says she just wanted to make uncle and aunty feel better and is not taunting anyone, she is sorry if she is hurt as her intention was not to hurt her, Pakhi has right to celebrate her parent’s anniversary. Virat signals her, and she offers sari to Vaishali and hopes she wears it some day. Vaishali thanks her. Sai touches her and Shailesh’s feet and insist to check sari and find out if she liked it. Vaishali checks Sari and says it looks costly and there was no need for a gift as Chavan family gave already one gift.

Pakhi taunts that Sai’s husband earns well, so she brought a costly sari, but didn’t think how her family would feel seeing her gifting such a costly sari. Sai says she doesn’t know the price of this sari as got it as a gift and since she doesn’t wear sari, she thought it would look nice on aunty. Virat asks Pakhi not to stretch a small issue. Pakhi says he is mature and should understand its wrong, she needs to inform Bhavani about it. Vaishali says she cannot accept this gift. Sai says she wants her to keep it. Vaishali says she cannot fulfill everyone’s wish, so she cannot accept it. Shailesh asks her to accept it. Vaishali denies. Pakhi says if Sai gifts this sari, Chavan family will feel bad. Virat says he can understand what Pakhi means, but Sai never thought of insulting anyone. Pakhi taunts that he can understand what is in Sai’s heart as he stays in her heart now, she cannot understand why Sai is hell bent to insult others. Sai says she is sorry if she is hurt and didn’t realize family would be hurt, but she shouldn’t stop her mother from accepting her gift. Pakhi says she doesn’t care what she thinks and asks Virat if she can accompany him home after he finishes dinner. Virat says why would he.

Sai reminds that she came here to stay with her parents for a few days. Pakhi says its her wish. Sai asks how did her wish change suddenly. Pakhi says Ninad wanted her to return home soon, she wanted to return in the morning, but there is no difference between now and morning; its her maika and sasural and she can do whatever she wants and doesn’t need Sai’s opinion. She asks Vaishali to look after Virat and Sai’s dinner as she will go home by herself.Sai returns home sadly and reminisces Vaishali insulting her. Virat notices her sadness. Sai further reminisces Pakhi’s taunts and says she went to celebrate anniversary and returned hearing taunts. Virat apologizes her for suggesting her to take the gift and she had to bear insult because of him.

Sai says its not his mistake as Pakhi always finds a chance to insult her, its her mistake instead that she went there to get insulted. He says let us take selfie as they didn’t take click pics in party and during Harini’s birthday, she was posing seriously, even aayi will feel good seeing their selfie. She laughs and says he is keeping a gun on aayi’s shoulder and shooting. He also laughs. She poses and says this is how they pose for selfie. He says he doesn’t know as he never clicked selfie, clicks a few. She says they are not perfect and she will teach him from tomorrow. He says she can’t as he is going on a mission tomorrow. She says he told he will not go. He says his seniors have given him a responsibility and if he sends someone else and something happens to them, he will feel guilty his whole life. She thinks what if something happens to him and hugs him emotionally with teary eyes. Mera Naam Ishq Tera Naam Ishq.. song plays in the background. He also reciprocates.

Virat gets ready for work. Sai brings him breakfast. He asks if she woke up so early to prepare breakfast for him. She says she never slept as a big mosquito was troubling her. He says didn’t see any mosquito. She says how will he as he was snoring. He asks if she is calling her a mosquito. She stuffs sandwich in his mouth and says he may not get sandwiches there and may have to suck blood like a mosquito on his mission. He says he will miss her for 4 days. She says she shouldn’t have stopped him from going on a mission as his duty is more important than her worry; her Aaba used to say that she is a police officer’s daughter and has to be strong; she is a police officer’s wife now and will never stop him from his duty, will never be his weakness, and will always pray god for him. He says she is not his weakness but strength. She says when he went on his last mission, she tried to call him a lot but couldn’t connect. He says there was a network issue. She says as a wife she wants to ask him something with a right. He asks what she wants. She says he will call her daily at 8 p.m. without fail.

He says ok, done. She asks him to set a reminder in his mobile. He asks what if alarm doesn’t ring. She says she will punish him once he returns. He says he has one more idea which will remind her, sets their selfie as wallpaper, and says it will remind him to call her daily. She jokes not to look at this pic often or else he will get a bad dream. He jokes back that he gets bad dreams otherwise, pointing at her. She then gets serious and offering his police cap greets him jai hind. He replies and tries to hug her, but then laughs and picks his bag. She shows his wallet and plays. He holds her hand and asks her to take care of herself. She says even him. He thinks he will miss her a lot and is about to kiss her forehead when her mobile alarm rings and she runs to bathroom to get ready for college. He thinks he will miss her.

Sai gets ready for college and is about to leave house when Pakhi stops her and says she forgot to pick sari box last night, so she should go and keep it in her room. Sai says she is getting late and will pick it later. Pakhi insists. Sai asks Usha to keep it in her room. Bhavani what is the issue with this box. Pakhi says Sai gifted a costly sari to her mother last night, but her mother denied to accept it and even she asked her not to as they live in a joint family and will give only 1 gift according to their budget, but just because Sai’s husband earns well, Sai thought of giving a costly gift to her mother forgetting how family will feel. Chavan family’s toxic venom spilling drama starts. Sonali checks sari and says its looks costly and Sai is trying to show off her money. Bhavani yells Sai is dual faced, earlier she didn’t to attend party, then agreed and went separately with costly gift to degrade them. Usha asks Sai why she always goes against her family, she did wrong. Bhavani says its good that Pakhi informed them or else they wouldn’t have known about it. Ashwini asks Sai why didn’t she inform her about this gift. Sai says she should ask Pakhi as she wanted to raise this issue in front of family or else it ended last night itself. Sonali says she is caught red handed blaming Pakhi for exposing her.

Ashwini asks when did she buy this sari. Sai says she got many saris as wedding gift and she thought when she and Virat are going separately, they should gift something. Ninad yells if they want to go separately, they should go away from this house also, they need to follow family rules, but even Virat has become cultureless like Sai. Omkar and Sonali yell next and blame Sai’s family. Sai says her Aaba taught her to take a gift whenever they visit someone’s house. Sonali yells she stays in this house and should follow this house’s rules ad should take Bhavani’s permission, but she wanted to garner all the credit to herself. Sai says she found out about party just sometime ago, so how could she inform Bhavani about her gift. Ashwini says she should have informed her at least. Sai says Pakhi’s mother pointed her mistake and she already decided not to repeat her mistake. She asks Pakhi why she stretched the issue when it ended last night itself. Pakhi says it didn’t end last night as sari is still with her and she shouldn’t have shouted in front of everyone, if she expected that she will not reveal her mistake to Bhavani.

Mohit walks in and asks Sai what new mistake did she do now that everyone is angry on her. Sai sadly says her birth is a biggest mistake, and if she wasn’t born, her mother wouldn’t have died, her father wouldn’t have left, she wouldn’t have married in this house and troubled them. Ninad yells to stop her drama. Sai asks if they want her to apologize, she will and will whatever they want. Ashwini asks her to calm down. Sai says she was and they always create an issue and insult her whenever she is going to college, she doesn’t know if its a coincidence or someone’s conspiracy. Bhavani yells masta masta she is blaming them now. Sai asks why did Pakhi raise this issue right now and tried to prove her wrong always, she accepts she is wrong and doesn’t want to be right at all. Ninad yells she cannot and should accept that she is incompetent. Sonali yells that she insulted them by giving such a costly gift. Bhavani yells she ruined their family’s dignity, she should follow joint family rules. Ashwini if they are talking about joint family, why didn’t they discuss with her what gift they chose, doesn’t she have a right to know being a joint family member. She asks Pakhi if she knows what gift they gave her parents. Pakhi nods yes. She asks Sonali and Karishma, and they nod yes. She asks why she is kept away always and if only they 3 have right to take decisions and never considers others important. Bhavani asks why is she relating this issue with Sai’s gift, what she wants to prove. Ninad says she herself should have come and seen. Ashwini says he is hiding his mistake and is pointing Sai’s mistake. Mohit asks reason for their argument. Sai says he should ask Pakhi as she spiced up a small issue and presented it. Pakhi says she just exposed what she did, being in a joint family she took a gift separately and insulted her parents, so she didn’t want to invite her. Sai says she should have shut the door on her face and told she is not invited in her house, she didn’t as Virat was there and tolerated her due to Virat. Pakhi yells she is angry on Virat for supporting her. Sai says she is angry because Virat brought her there.

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