Lost in love update Saturday 17 September 2022

Lost in love 17 September 2022: At hospital, Samrat brings Sai’s medicines and gives them to Pulkit. Pulkit says these medicines were difficult to get and hands them over to nurse He says he will go home and return in sometime, Dr Karmark is here to take care of Sai till then and to inform him if there is an emergency. Samrat asks him not to worry as he is with Sai and even Virat is here. Pulkit leaves. Samrat walks to Virat and asks if he met Sai. Virat nods no. Samrat says he can understand that Virat couldn’t gather courage seeing Sai’s condition.

Virat says he lost a right of seeing Sai. Samrat says husband and wife relationship is not a glass piece to break, his and Sai’s relationship is intact. Ashwini cries seeing Sai’s condition not improving. Samrat asks her be courageous as doctor gave new medicines and their effect will be seen soon. Ashwini gets happy seeing Sai opening her eyes. Samrat asks how is she feeling, and Ashwini asks if she is fine. Sai looks at door. Samrat asks if she is searching someone. Sai blinks eyes. Ashwini says Sai is unable to speak due to weakness and is searching someone, she can blink her eyes to her questions; asks if she is searching Virat and wants to meet her. Sai blinks eyes. Ashwini gets happy and says she will call Virat. Samrat says Virat doesn’t want to meet Sai in ICU.

Ashwini says Virat doesn’t want to trouble Sai. She walks to Virat and says its time to meet a person whom he is praying for. Virat says he can’t. She asks if he thinks Sai doesn’t want to see his face, Sai herself wants to meet him. He asks is it. Samrat says when Ashwini asked Sai if she wants to meet Virat, she blinked her eyes and her eyes are searching only him. Virat gets emotional and asks what if his visit harms her. Ashwini asks to leave it on god helps him get up. He feels drowsy. She sends him to Sai’s room. Samrat hopes their decision is right.

Virat enters Sai’s room with teary eyes and asks how is she, can she hear him. She blinks her eyes. He says aayi told she is searching him, was she really searching him. She blinks eyes again and cries. He holds her hand and asks her not to speak as he understood everything. He wipes her tears and requests not to cry as nothing is precious in this world for her to shed tears, especially him; she is not made to bear pain. Sai’s condition deteriorates and vital sign monitor beeps. He calls sister. Sister enters and corrects connection. Sai holds Virat’s hand tightly. Nurse says she knows he is praying for her sitting outside, she seems to be more emotional seeing him, so its better her waits outside and let her rest. Virat says she will be fine and walks away.

Nurse tells Sai that she should be happy to have a caring husband as her husband was crying for her sitting outside and praying for her.Bhavani with Ninad, Mansi, Shivani, and Mansi reaches hospital and asks Samrat about Sai’s condition. He says better than before, but they should maintain silence. Omkar rudely says he told not to visit hospital, but nobody listens to him. Bhavani says she wants to keep pooja prasad and flowers near Sai. Samrat takes them to Sai’s ICU room. Sai opens eyes and looks at them. Samrat asks how is she feeling, everyone came to meet her. Bhavani asks why did she leave house without performing pooja and cries seeing her condition. Ninad asks if she is angry on her old FIL and will she not return home with them.

Omkar again in a rude tone asks why she run from home and troubled them. Mansi and Ninad stop him. Ninad gets emotional nwext and asks her to speak to him. Bhavani says she went to temple and prayed for her health, she wants her to get well soon and return home. Shivani says only doctor can say when can Sai return home. Mansi says a few family members hate her, but remaining family members love her immensely and want her back between them. Samrat says she need not try to speak and informs that she is unable to speak due to weakness. Mansi asks if she lost her voice. Bhavani asks to speak auspicious. Ninad pleads Sai to call him baba. Sai just looks at him. Ninad asks Samrat why Virat didn’t come in.

Samrat says he purposefully is staying away from Sai. Bhavani asks if he doesn’t know what Devi told. Samrat says Virat knows, in fact he met Sai a few minutes ago and her condition deteriorated, so nurse asked him to sit outside. Ninad says whenever he plays harmonium and sings, he remembers the moment when she gifted harmonium to him; she should return home soon or else it would be difficult for him to play harmonium, he realized her value and will never let her go away from him, and pleads to look at her baba once. Sai looks on the other side. Ninad, Mansi, and Bhavani get more emotional while Omkar frowns.

Ninad emotionally pleads Sai to look at her baba/father once. Sai looks at the other side. Samrat says Sai is getting emotional seeing them all and since many people are not allowed here, they should go. Omkar rudely says they should go then. Bhavani asks Sai to get well soon and return home. Shivani says with Bhavani’s prayers, Sai will return home soon. Sunny brings coconut water for Virat, but Virat asks nurse too feed it to Sai. Nurse takes it to Sai’s room and seeing crowd asks what are so many people doing. Ninad explains that he took Dr. Pulkit’s permission as Sai’s elders wanted to see her, asks her to feed coconut water to Sai. Nurse tries to feed Sai, but Sai turns her face. Bhavani requests her to have it for their sake.

Samrat says if she wants to return to college soon, she should have food. Ninad asks when will Sai get discharge. Samrat says he doesn’t know and is tensed seeing her not speaking, he thinks they should let her rest. Shivani emotionally says Sai will speak soon. Mansi says she will take care of Sai once she returns home and will warn Pakhi not to speak bitter with her, Sai will see a peaceful environment once she returns home. Bhavani also promises. Ninad says she should return soon and spread happiness again. Sai doesn’t react.

Virat watching from window walks in. Nurse says Sai is not drinking coconut water, but may get emotional again seeing him. He says let him try. She agrees. Samrat takes everyone out and watches from outside. Virat offers coconut water to Sai, but she turns her face and cries. He says he knows she is angry on him but unable to vent it out on him, so she should save her anger for later and have coconut water. He acts as speaking to Kamal sir and mimics him that Sai never disobeys him and understands only a language of love. Sai gets cries more hugging him hearing him speaking her Aaba’s dialogues. He says her Aaba would have done same if he was here, she should have it at least for her Aaba. She notices him feeling weak. Sunny enters and says Virat is hungry since long, so she should tell him to take care of himself also. Sai signals Virat to have it first. He sips some and feeds her. Family gets happy seeing them feeding each other.

Pulkit returns. Ninad asks him to inform what is Sai’s exact status. Pulkit says her condition is better than before, but they can’t be too sure. Shivani says Sai is unable to speak. He says Sai needs rest and seeing Virat in says at last Virat went to meet Sai. Samrat says Virat didn’t want to, but he insisted him; Sai didn’t want to have coconut water but is having on Virat’s insistence. Pulkit says Sunny was right that Sai blinked her eyes to meet Virat, they should do whatever keeps Sai happy. Shivani requests Ninad and others to behave with Sai once she returns home and not to repeat their rude behavior again. Ninad agrees. Pulkit says he wanted Virat to meet Sai but was testing him, now there would be much problems between Sai and Virat. Shivani says not even one. They all thank god seeing Virat and Sai’s bonding.

Pakhi enters and gets jealous seeing Virat in Sai’s room; thinks Virat promised not to visit Sai, then what happened, why are elders getting happy seeing Sai and Virat together. Virat thanks Sai for having coconut water on his request and requests her to have medicine also. She signals its bitter. He says its not cold drink and she should have medicine to get well; says he will take her to Gadchiroli if she wants to; then apologizes if she is irritated with his blabber and says he will be around her if she wants to.

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