Anupama starlife update Sunday 18 September 2022

Anupama 18 September 2022: Vanraj reaches Anupama’s dance academy on bike before family reaches. Kinjal drives car angrily. Toshu excitedly describes how his siblings will enjoy in their new pent house, its location and standards, etc. She gets more angry. He says they need to be practical in life and will family often. Vanraj opens dance academy and seeing darkness switches on light to see Anu’s dancing pose photo and the interior decoration and reminisces insulting her for dancing and breaking her ghungroo. He then feels proud of Anu and gets into cafeteria room where he remembers Bapuji closing karkhana/factory and him encouraging Bapuji that he is in 10th std and will do part-time job to support the family and rest of his journey from scratch to riches and then back to scratch.

He thinks he is starting back from where he started. Anu walks in and asks if he liked the place. He says a lot and says she always supported him in his every step of life and whenever he stumbled, she held him and never gave up, etc. Family enters next, and Baa gets happy seeing Anu’s posing pic.Pakhi offers cold coffee to Kavya. Kavya thanks her and says its lovely. Pakhi says mummy taught her. Kavya thinks she is feeling peace in this house for the first time, Toshu was right that its not easy to stay with extended family, if its in her hands she wants to pack the whole family in a flat and herself happily live in this big house with V.

Baa praises Anu’s photo. Bapuji gets happy seeing his karkhana back to its glory again. Baa jokes to act young and wear jeans pant from tomorrow. Bapuji says this factory was like friend, he progressed but his friend didn’t, he emotionally thanks Anu for reliving his friend. Mamaji says even he used to come here to help jijaji, but as per his nature, he used to increase Jijaji’s work; he apologizes Bapuji for that. Bapuji asks him not to as he was always his companion and will always be. Anu and Vanraj take elder’s blessings and with folding hands thank Samar and Nandini. They say elders should raise hands only to bless youngsters. Vanraj says whenever he used to visit karkhana in childhood, he his dress used to get colorful, he wants to color his dreams similarly now.

Kavya happily clicks selfies at home and thinks she never noticed its artifacts due to the crowd at home and hopes to enjoy freely alone with V here soon. She sees Pakhi passing by and offers her to prepare sandwiches. Pakhi says its okay and says mummy didn’t come yet as she needs to dance practice. Kavya brainwashes her that Samar is his favorite, so she is paying more attention towards him. Pakhi says all children are mummy’s favorite. Kavya says usually youngest kids are favorite, but in this family, its different. She remembers Anu’s challenge that she can try her best to break the family but will fail and thinks she is getting a chance now. She then offers Pakhi to teach her dance as Anu will be late. Pakhi says its okay as mummy promised to teach her dance.

Her friend calls her and says she already practiced most of the moves, did she. Pakhi says not yet.Vanraj tells Anu that her dance academy needs more space than cafteria, so he will manage with a corner. Samar says there is a lot of space. Anu asks Vanraj to inform beforehand if he needs any changes or else he will regret for years. Vanraj understands what she means and says its fine. Family also understands. Vanraj asks Baa and Bapuji’s suggestion for his cafe. Baa describes an event where she with her neighbors entered a cafe due to sudden rains and cafe staff looked at them weirdly as if only modern customers are invited and not sari and kurta pajama wearing customers; she suggests Vanraj to accommodate everyone. Vanraj agrees. Mamaji jokes.

Anu remembers Pakhi’s dance practice and picks phone to call her, but sees no network. She takes Samar’s phone, but he gets a friend’s call and leaves. Pakhi tries Anu’s number and then Samar’s.Kavya brainwashes her saying Anu will not come as her first priority is Samar whom she wants to see successful and must be planning about dance academy and not cafeteria, Pakhi’s number comes even after Nandini and she is least favored child.

Anupama takes Nandini’s phone to call Pakhi when Kinjal and Toshu walk in. Baa asks why did they come here instead of going home, if Anu called them. Anu thinks parents have to accept that children will leave the nest some day. Bapuji asks if they saw the flat. Kinjal says its nice, but they will not shift at this time; they can discuss about cafe and dance academy while having snacks. Mamaji jokes. Anu calls Pakhi, but she is busy learning dance from Kavya on Swing.. song. Anu then calls landline. Kavya hears ring and thinks it must be Anupama, she will separate Pakhi from Anu soon. She praises Pakhi’s dance and says she will learn completely soon. Pakhi says she would have learnt fast via mummy.

Kavya brainwashes her that Anu is busy and will start working in kitchen once she returns home as she will not let her favorite Kinjal work and by that time Pakhi would sleep. Pakhi says let us continue practice again. Anu tells family that she needs to visit home soon as Pakhi is waiting for her. Mamaji jokes again. Vanraj looks at the space and thinks he will start afresh from tomorrow.Anu with family returns home and sees Pakhi dancing with Kavya. Kinjal tells Samar that Kavya is a manipulative woman who failed to manipulate her and now trying to manipulate Pakhi. Samar says Pakhi should have a bit of common sense. After dance, everyone clap and Anu happily hugs and praises Pakhi.

Vanraj says both teacher and student are awsome and asks Pakhi if she thanked Kavya. Pakhi says at least someone spared time to teach her. Kinjal asks why is she saying this. Pakhi says mummy doesn’t have time for her. Bapuji says its not like that. Kavya yells not to take mummy’s side as mummy is always busy with Toshu, Samar, Kinjal and her number never comes. Anu says her phone switched off. Pakhi says she could have called via someone’s phone. Anu says she was busy and tires to calm her down. Pakhi shouts that mummy will not teach h er as she will not get money for that. Vanraj asks to behave with Anu as she was busy at work and rushed home for her. Kavya asks him not to interfere between a daughter and mother. Vanraj warns to not interfere between a father and daughter.

Pakhi continues shouting that mummy has only 4 children, Toshu, Samar, Kinjal, and Nandini and her number comes last. Samar says everyone is mummy’s favorite. Their argument starts. Toshu asks Pakhi to end the issue by apologizing. Pakhi yells that why should she when she didn’t do any mistake. She continues repeating what Kavya infused in her mind. Kinjal says she is doing the same mistake which she did a few days ago. Pakhi yells that she made a mistake, but not me. Anu apologizes Pakhi again and says let us practice now. Pakhi yells no need for that as she doesn’t want to by heart, so bestie/Kavya will teach her. She plays music and starts dancing with Kavya again. Bapuji says children exaggerate the issue. Baa says Pakhi is still young to understand. Toshu says mummy is at mistake.

Anu sadly works in kitchen. Kavya taunts her that she couldn’t be a perfect mother and handle her children, she has maa in her name but failed as a mother, she should learn from her as she is becoming a mother soon. Anu says motherhood is a lifelong process and describes her view in detail with her great dialogues. Kavya says she will succeed and will be the perfect mother. Anu says by god’s grace, let her become a mother soon and clean her child’s potty. Kayva yells eww don’t say that word and says she is going to select Pakhi’s costume. Anu says she is Pakhi’s father’s wife and shouldn’t dare interfere between her and her daughter and if she forcefully tries to, a mother will not spare her. Pakhi takes Kavya to select costume.

Kinjal goes to bed. Toshu says he wants to talk and asks why didn’t she consult him before informing her decision to family of not shifting to the flat. Kinjal says let us not fight, kisses his cheeks and switches off light. Toshu thinks nobody understands him including his wife.Next morning, Pakhi practices dance with Kavya again. Kavya noticing Anu asks Pakhi if she danced well as she thought Anu is the best dancer. Samar warns her to stop her drama as mummy is the best dancer. Their argument starts. Anu tries to intervere. Kavya challenges Anu for a face off. Kavya says she doesn’t want to. Pakhi and Samar argue next. Kavya says let us see who is the best dancer and who can teach her best. Anu agrees for face off

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