Lost in love update Friday 16 September 2022

Lost in love 16 September 2022: Ashwini walks into Sai’s ICU room and shatters seeing her condition and cries vigorously. Pakhi walks to cafeteria thinking Virat didn’t have anything since morning and his health will deteriorate if he continues. She buys 2 green tea and turns when she sees Samrat who asks whom she is talking this for. She says for him and asks him to sit. He says Devi’s condition is bad seeing Sai’s condition. Pakhi says Devi is close to Sai, thank good blood is arranged, he is running around since morning and hence she bought green tea for him. He says even he cares for Sai, but is not like Virat to cry in front of everyone. She says everyone’s way of expressing emotions is not same like 5 fingers are not same.

He asks if she likes green tea. She gets nervous and asks if he doesn’t like it. He says its good for health, but she normally drinks coffee. She says she didn’t like green tea before but now likes it, thinks because Virat likes green tea.Pulkit tells Virat that he will permit him to visit Sai as he doesn’t want any drama in hospital and if he creates any drama, he will ask hospital staff to kick him out; he is worried for Sai and needs peaceful environment for her recovery, he will not let him spoil peace; Sai’s dear ones who care for her can visit Sai while he and his special friend can enjoy a chat in waiting area. Virat says enough of insulting him and intervening in his personal life; this time its not his mistake, even then he doesn’t want to trouble he and meet her.

Pulkit surprised asks if he is sure. Virat says he wants to, but if Sai doesn’t want to, he will not; he just need Pulkit to give Sai’s update regularly. Pulkit says he will not stop him, but wants him to think why Sai meets with such horrible accidents. Virat says he doesn’t know why there are differences between him and Sai, but he knows that Sai doesn’t want to be around him and decided to leave house. Pulkit remembers Sai’s words and says he tried to convince Sai to stay in Nagpur itself and rent a house, but she doesn’t want Chavan family to be blamed.

Pakhi returns home. Ninad asks how is Sai and if there is any improvement in her condition. She says she is better but still unconscious. Ninad says he wanted to visit hospital, but Samrat stopped him. Pakhi says Samrat is right. Mansi hopes to visit Sai. Pakhi repeats its of no use as Sai is still unconscious. Ninad asks if she is out of danger. Pakhi says she doesn’t have answer for that. Shivani notices her and asks why did she return home when others are still in hospital. Pakhi says just to show that she cares for Sai, she cannot stay in hospital; anyways Sai will not believe her. Mansi says she is an elder bahu and should take everyone along. Pakhi says she didn’t know she would get this prize to stay at hospital whole day. Shivani asks if she needs a prize now.

Pakhi asks why did she come from hospital then. Shivani says she came here to take Ashwini’s clothes and food for others and was leaving for hospital, she came home thinking Pakhi is there, but she is least bothered and didn’t even console Devi when she was crying. Pakhi says Devi insulted her, but she didn’t reply or complained against her to anyone; she didn’t force Sai to leave home or push her in a pit, then why she is blamed. Sonali asks her to calm down and asks Shivani not to blame Pakhi. Shivani asks when she is getting so much angry, why did she visit hospital; if its to build a good image in front of Virat; truth is she doesn’t care for Sai. Pakhi says Shivani can think whatever she wants to, but it will not affect her.

Omkar yells at Shivani to stop venting out her frustration on innocent Pakhi. Ninad says he should go to hospital. Shivani says when he got so many opportunities, he lost it due to his arrogance and under a few people’s influence. Mansi stops her. Ninad says Bhavani wanted to visit hospital, Pakhi should go and call her down.Virat tells Pulkit that his family never respected Sai, but Sai accepted his family and sacrificed a lot, he can sacrifice a bit for Sai though; Sai is already in trouble and he cannot trouble her more by showing his face to her. Pulkit says he is surprised with his decision, but its right. Virat asks what if something happens to Sai seeing him. Ashwini walks to them and says Sai is in deep trouble and she is severely injured, Virat should go and see her forgetting his differences with Sai.

He says he doesn’t want to. She asks why. Pulkit says Sai used to discuss everything with him and he concluded that Pakhi is the reason for Sai and Virat’s differences; asks why Pakhi is still around Virat when her husband has returned, she interfered between Virat and Devi when Devi wanted to tell Virat about Sai’s departure plan. Virat says Pakhi’s acts are not under his control, he just wants Sai to get well and will stay away from her for that. Ashwini insists her to look at her from outside and take him outside Sai’s ICU room. Virat looks at her via glass door and cries remembering their good times. Serial’s title tracks plays in the background.

Virat looking at Sai’s condition via ICU’s glass window thinks its weird that she met people who are worried for her because of him and she doesn’t want to be associated with him, she left home without informing him, he was showing his right as a husband on her and now has lost a right to even see her. Devi returns to hospital and asks Pulkit about Sai’s condition. Pulkit asks Sunny why did she bring Devi back. Sunny says Devi is tensed and insisted to see Sai, so he brought her back. Devi asks Pulkit about Sai’s condition again. Ashwini says Sai’s condition is critical. Devi cries more and insists to see Sai. Ashwini with Sunny and Pulkit takes her to Sai’s room.

Devi panics seeing Sai’s condition and pleads Pulkit to get her well soon. Pulkit asks her not to touch Sai as she just got operated and is unconscious, she should speak to her once she gets conscious. Devi asks Ashwini to inform Sai she will come to meet her once she recovers. Doctor enters and says Sai is a brave girl who is recovering well after such a big accident. Virat prays god to cure Sai soon. Sai opens eyes. Virat senses it and looks at her via glass window, she closes her eyes. He thinks if she saw him or not and remembers her saying she wants to free him from her burden.

Ninad asks Sonali to book a cab for City Hospital as their cars are out. Sonali sees 1000 rs as cab bill. Omkar says why should they spend so much money, any 3 members can visit hospital in a mini cab. Shivani confronts them and says she will pay the bill. Sonali smirks asking Omkar if Shivani has money. Pakhi informs them that Bhavani is not at home. Shivani comments that one who shows true path to whole family is missing. Mansi warns her not to badmouth about Bhavani as she is most senior of this house. Ninad backs her. Mansi says Bhavani is worried for Sai and now even she believes that something bad will happen if Sai and Virat separate. Shivani says this will not change the fact that Sai left home as a few people here misbehave with her.

Pakhi asks why is she telling this looking at her. Shivani says she doesn’t want to argue with her and walks away saying she needs to pack stuff. Ninad asks Pakhi if she searched for Bhavani thoroughly. Pakhi says yes. Shivani returns and asks Ninad when is cab coming. Ninad asks how can they when Bhavani is missing. Shivani says she can’t wait and will go alone then. Mansi says she doens’t know where Bhavani is and how is Sai’s condition. Pakhi says she will call Samrat and find out. Shivani taunts that she will seek prize even for that. Pakhi gets angry, but Mansi controls her. Sonali asks Shivani to stop taunting Pakhi. Ninad asks Omkar if Bhavani went to hospital alone. Omkar says she will not go anywhere without informing them. Ninad asks where she must have gone then.

Sai opens eyes again and looks around. Sunny gets happy and asks if she is searching Virat. She blinks eyes and closes them. Pulkit checks her and says she is not in a condition to speak. Sunny says he is sure she was searching Virat. Bhavani returns home and asks if they are going to hospital. Pakhi says crowd is not allowed at hospital, Sai’s condition is better after blood transfusion. Bhavani thanks god and says she went to temple to pray for Sai and did 101 pradarshana/revolving around temple. Everyone are amazed. Shivani says she cannot believe it. Mansi says even Ganeshji did Shivji and Devi Parvati’s pradakshana to show that his life revolves around his parents. Karishma asks if Bhavani’s life revolves around Sai.

Sonali scolds her and asks Bhavani how did she do pradakshana with arthritic knees. Bhavani describes how she felt a divine energy during Bappa’s aarti which helped her do 101 pradakshana, she wants poor child Sai to get well soon and return home. Shivani taunts if she had realized it earlier, Sai would have been safe.Bhavani says she realized Sai and Virat shouldn’t separate and will make sure they are together and safe always; panditji gave her prasad and flowers, she herself will go and keep flowers near Sai for her protection and pray god to calm her anger. Omkar says any prasad cannot calm Sai’s anger and arrogance and nobody can force them to love Sai suddenly. Sonali blames Sai’s critical condition due to her own mistakes and whole family is troubled because of her. Bhavani stops them and says they all should visit hospital soon.

Pakhi asks if the will. Ninad asks if she still thinks they shouldn’t visit hospital. Pakhi says only doctors can treat Sai and not blessings and prasad. Bhavani says their trust and Bappa’s prasad will create a ray of hope in Sai’s life. Sunny walks to Virat and informs him that Sai is getting conscious often, she opened eyes and was searching him. Virat says she must be searching Devi or Ashwini and he would be a last person on earth whom Sai wants to meet.

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