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Lost in love 22 November 2022: Bhavani makes arrangements for Mahashivratri pooja. Shivani and Ashwini express their concern for Sai. Bhavani yells they shouldn’t bother about Sai as she herself must have ran away and must be fine.

Ashwini hopes Sai is fine wherever she is. DIG asks Sai if he should inform Ninad about Virat. Sai says she herself will inform Ninad about Virat’s condition. Sai says she herself will inform him. Doctor comes out of OT and says Virat’s condition is very critical. Sai requests to let him meet Virat as she is a medical student and assisted Dr. Pulkit in a critical operation. Doctor says he cannot let her in and she should understand it as a medical student. Pulkit comforts her. Sai says she will inform Chavan family about Virat’s condition as she is their culprit.

Sai visits Chavan nivas and sees everyone busy in pooja arrangements. Mansi asks Bhavani when is pooja muhurat. Omkar says pandit is coking in 1 hour and noticing Ninad tensed asks reason. Sonali taunts how can he be normal when his son and old bahu are missing. Ninad says he will call DIG and find out. Pakhi noticing Sai says there is no need for that as Sai returned. Bhavani taunts that she told Sai will return after a bit of drama. Ashwini and Devi hug Sai and seeing her injuries ask how did this happen. Mohit asks if Virat harmed her. Samrat says he will not spare Virat if he is behind it.

Sai asks Ashwini to return her mangalsutra. Camera focuses on everyone’s face. Sonali taunts her. Bhavani yells she started a new drama again, earlier she divorced Virat and now wants mangalsutra back. Pakhi taunts she is suffering from dementia and forgot that she herself returned mangalsutra. Sai says she knows and pleads again to return her mangalsutra.

Ninad asks her to tell what really happened. She cries remembering Virat’s accident. Ashwini asks what happened. Omkar yells its her usual drama. Shivani asks him to let her speak and asks Sai if Virat pressurized her again. Sai rushes to Ashwini’s room and searches mangalsutra and not finding it insists Ashwini where she kept it. Bhavani shouts to stop her drama. Sonali thinks if she has gone mad after separating from Virat. Ashwini says she cannot return mangalsutra as its a sign of suhaag and Sai herself told it belongs to someone else. Sai says she said that. Ashwini says Sai also told that mangalsutra troubles her, so she threw it as she cannot see her daughter in trouble. Sai asks where did she throw it. Ashwini says she threw it from balcony and asks what really happened.

Pakhi asks how will she find mangalsutra when it is thrown many days ago and continues to yell at Sai. Sai notices mangalsutra on tree, rushes out, and climbs it. Family follows her and thinks what is she doing. Devi asks if Veeru hit Sai. Neighbors gather. Sonali says neighbor are badmouthing about them because of Sai. Sai picks mangalsutra and gets down. Pakhi and others’ toxic comments continue.

Bhavani shouts at Sai and asks when will she stop her drama. She asks when she threw away mangalsutra, why did she climb a tree to pick it back. Sai asks Ashwini to give her mangalsutra in front of Bappa, prays Bappa to protect her suhaag, and asks Ashwini to fix it in her neck. Sonali asks why she is doing this drama. Sai insists Aswhini, and Ashwini fixes mangalsutra in her neck. Shivani asks her to tell what is happening, why she wore Virat’s named mangalsutra. Devi reminds Sai that she reunited her and Pulkit on Mahashivrati, will she reunite with Virat today. Sonali yells that she is doing drama to stay in this house. Bhavani says Sonali is right. Ashwini says Sai is her daughter and doesn’t need Virat’s named mangalsutra to stay here as he didn’t

follow his duty as a husband.
Sai says Virat followed his duty as a husband and she is alive because of Virat. Ninad says at least he did some good work, DIG had called him and informed that Virat is supervising some mission. Samrat asks when Virat kidnapped her, how did he rescue her. Mohit asks if Virat injured her. Sai says he should go and check how injured Virat is. Family stands shocked hearing that. Sai says Virat’s friend Sadanand Palay had kidnapped her.

Samrat asks why did Sada kidnapped her. Sai says because Shruti is Sada’s wife. Everyone’s eyes and mouth wide open in shock. Sai reveals whole story. Pakhi says it means Shruti is Sada’s wife and Virat betrayed his friend and had a baby with his friend’s wife. Sai says Sahas is Sada’s son. Ashwini asks why did Virat say that Shruti is his wife and Sahas his son. Sai says Virat had shot Sada during mission and promised to take care of his wife and son; he sacrificed his job, family, and wife to fulfill his promise.

Mansi asks if she means Virat didn’t betray her. Sai says he didn’t and its her mistake that she doubted him; Virat repeatedly requested to trust him, but she didn’t trust him; Shruti is Sada’s gang member and hence Virat took all the blame on himself to protect Shruti. Ashwini asks if she means her son is innocent. Sonali says its a big twist in the story, a villain turned out to be a hero. Sai says Virat is innocent and trying to save her fell on landmine and is fight for his life. Mansi says she told everyone that there is something which they don’t know and they shouldn’t doubt Virat, but they didn’t and blindly alleged Virat. Sonali says she is right, they considered a hero as a villain, all because of Sai who provoked them and said Virat is having an affair with Shruti. Bhavani yells at Sai that because of her, they believed that Virat has an affair with another woman. Pakhi says Sai used to brainwash Virat against them and then she brainwashed them against Virat. Sonali and Omkar yell and blame at Sai next with their toxic comments.

Ninad supports Sai and says not only Sai is at fault, even Virat is at fault for not informing Shruti’s secret; he is an ex-military officer and would have helped him. Bhavani yells that he and Ashwini blindly supported Sai and disowned their own son. Ninad feels guilty for not trusting his son and disowning him. Ashwini feels guilty next for hitting her son and throwing away mangalsutra in anger, she is the worst mother who cursed herself, and hits herself. Sai tries to stop her. She warns Sai to stay away from her. Mansi asks her to calm down as she did it unknowingly. Ashwini says she is a mother and should have trusted her son. Mansi hopes Virat forgives them all. Sonali says if she had not trusted Sai, she wouldn’t have faced this day. Omkar asks if she can forgive herself if something happens to Virat. Bhavani says if something happens to Virat, Sai will be responsible for it.

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