Lost in love update Monday 21 August 2023

Lost in love 21 August 2023: Virat gets ready while recalling his past good memories with Sai. Pakhi comes there and signs him he is looking good. Virat sees Pakhi and smiles at her then he leaves. Kids return from school. They see Virat and tell him he is looking dashing. They ask him to take them with him. Ashwini comes there and says they have to get freshen up. Virat asks Ashwini to bless him for his work. Ashwini blesses him then he takes the blessings of Bhavani too. Virat sees Pakhi and feels guilty. He tells Bappa that he knows he is going to break Pakhi’s heart but it’s needed for his family reunion. He asks Bappa to forgive him and grant his wish too. He leaves.

At the hospital, Satya asks Sheetal if there is any patient left. Sai asks Sheetal to tell him there is one patient left. Sheetal tells Satya in that way. Satya asks her to send the patient. Sai enters Satya’s cabin and closes the door. Satya asks what’s she doing and Sheetal is outside and what she thinks of us. Sai says let her think about what she wants but listen to me and what my heart is saying. She says she got impressed by him and confesses that he is everything to her. Satya asks her to not consider his family’s words seriously. Virat comes to the hospital.

Satya feels scared by Sai’s act. Virat notices Sai is not in her cabin. He searches for Sai. Sai acts like cutting her hand. Satya worriedly checks her hand. Sai says it’s a prank on him and says Satya that she came to make taste his own medicine in her free time. She says it’s just a trailer so keep your one-liners with you otherwise, I will show you the full film. She slips. Satya holds her.

Virat calls Sai and asks where is she. Sai tells him she will meet him near the gate. She leaves. Later on the way, Sai asks Virat where is he taking her. Virat asks her to wait for some time. He plays songs on FM. He receives calls from Kadam. He stops Car near a lonely place. She asks why he stopped near a lonely place. Virat asks her to wait and takes her to the decorated place which is romantic. Sai feels confused and asks what he’s doing. Virat asks her to drink tea and says he will prepare Maggie. Sai asks why he is doing it. Virat reminds her about their Mahabaleshwar trip incidents. Sai says they can’t relive those moments again and tries to leave. Virat stops her and asks her to listen to his words. He tries to propose to her. He notices Pakhi is calling him and thinks about why she is calling him at this time.

Virat requests Sai to listen to him once. He gets commissioner’s call who asks where is he. Virat says he is off off duty and out on some person work and asks if something is important as even there ar inspector Kadam’s missed calls. Commissioner says police force’s new cadets were traveling via naxal area and are captured by naxals, he wants Virat to reach there and rescue their cadets safely. Virat promises to rescue them safely. He informs Sai that he has to go now. Sai nods okay. Virat says he wants to tell his life’s biggest decision to her but not in this situation. Sai returns home and watches news with Chavans about Virat being assigned a dangerous mission of rescuing poce cadets from naxals. Bhavani asks Sai if Virat was with her before going on a mission and if she said something. Sai says Virat was with her and wanted to tell something, but before that got police commissioner’s call and went on a mission. Pakhi questions why he met her and where. Sai repeats. Bhavani thinks Virat wouldn’t have expressed his heart out to Sai then. Vinu switches off TV seeing police and naxal face off and runs to his room.

Virat on the way to the mission thinks if he returns safely after completing the missing, he will think fate wants him to unite with Sai. Sai thinks what Virat wanted to tell her. Vinu sleeps holding Virat’s photo. Pakhi recalls Virat getting and leaving home to meet Sai and thinks what he wanted to talk to Sai, what is going in his mind. Naxal threatens cadets that since government didn’t listen to his demand of releasing some of his group members and instead sending police team to retaliate, he will kill them all. Shooting Starts. Inspector Sawant suffers a bullet shot on his shoulder. Team takes him away and reaches Virat. Virat asks a few to take Sawant to hospital and asks others to not fire and keep hiding until he orders. Naxal head threatens them to fulfill his demands within 24 hours or else he will kill them all.

Next day, Sai visits hospital and watches news of policemen being severely injured. Satya walks to her. Sai tells him that Vira wanted to tell her something last night when he got a call and left on a mission. Satya says Virat understands her well as he spent a lot of time with her. He says injured officers need medical help and they should reach there to help officers. Sai agrees. On they way, Sai calls Ninad and informs him that she and her medical team are going to the naxal area to help injured officers and asks him not to inform anything to children. Ninad agrees and informs family about it. Pakhi asks if Sai went where Virat is now. Bhavani asks if Sai sholdn’t go where Virat is. Pakhi says she didn’t mean that, in fact Sai always took Virat out of such situations and saved his life, she is sure Sai will protect Viratg even this time.

Sai prays for Virat’s life. Satya says she is worried for Virat now and doesn’t let him speak his heart out when he is near her. Sai says emotions don’t understand situations. Nurses discuss that everyone fear losing dear ones, be it doctor or a policeman. Virat gets comissioner’s call who asks him to abort the mission as already 9 policemen are injured. Virat says they can’t back off due to fear of life and will attack terrorist at night. His subordinate asks if they should abort the mission. Virat scolds him.


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