close to my heart update Tuesday 21 February 2023


Close to my heart 21 February 2023: The function is going on, Supreet tells Darji that Amber is arriving soon, and we can start the shagun ceremony when he is here. Chachi says we are waiting for Chimas to arrive then we can start the ceremony, Amber can come when he wants. Supreet says I have already informed Chimas to come a little bit late so Amber can join us all. Chachi looks on. Adi comes there and says I have checked on the caterer also. Gulabo brings papers to Ginni and asks her to sign them. Ginni reads the papers and it’s her dhaba contract. She recalls Adi’s words and says the Dhaba was added as debt in the contract? Adi comes there and asks Ginni to start preparing the food. Ginni is in shock. She shouts at everyone to leave. Ginni glares at Adi and says what have you done? How dare you?

She shows him the contract. Adi says you should ask your brother, you talked big about your family but your brother made your mother sign these papers without even telling her, this is your family value? It was sold for some money? Ginni glares at him and says you tried to cheat my family. I know you want to snatch this dhaba from us but you won’t get it, you can’t win because I quit. She starts to leave but Adi claps, he says your mother has already signed the contract so if you leave then you will lose the contract. Ginni says that can’t happen. Adi says the choice is yours, you can leave and this dhaba will be mine. Ginni says my father didn’t teach me to run away as you run away from problems. I will not let you win this contract. Adi leaves from there. Amber comes home and tells Darji I want to talk to you about something important. Darji goes with him.

Armaan asks Adi why didn’t he let the girl go? If she had quit today then you would have won the contract. Ginni confronts Goldie and asks how could you do this? Gulabo asks what happened? Ginni says he made you sign the contract which says that we will lose the dhaba if we don’t deliver everything correctly. Goldie says I did it as otherwise we wouldn’t have got the contract. Ginni says the contract was given by Darji so why did you listen to Adi and got this contract signed by Gulabo? Goldie s ays we wouldn’t have got this contract, I am under debt so I had to do everything to get this contract, it’s a big contract so we have to give something as a guarantee. Ginni says he can do anything to get this dhaba. Goldie says why will he destroy his sister’s wedding? Ginni says he doesn’t care about his family. Ginni says this Dhaba is our identity. Goldi says we need money to survive, I need money and Adi is right.


Money is the most important thing. Ginni says you need money right? She tears the contract and says we will complete this contract but won’t let anyone touch our dhaba. Adi tells Armaan that it’s not just about the dhaba but also Gurleen’s marriage. Chimas like Ginni’s food so I just want this marriage to be done nicely. Armaan says and you don’t care about the family? interesting. Adi says I don’t care about the family but I don’t want to disappoint Darji, he is my everything after my mother. It’s about one mistake and I can make Ginni do that mistake anytime I want. She doesn’t know that her team-players are playing from my side. Amber shows the files to Darji and says all our decisions in the last 3 years have been into losses. It’s not my fault. We need to do a marriage deal with Chimas. Darji says you should have worked honestly, your ideas have made these hotels go into loss.

They were profit-making businesses but you have destroyed the business. I have worked all my life for this business and now I have to see this. Adi comes there and says when the prices are so high so who would come to the hotels? Amber says you have no knowledge and you will teach me? Darji says we should listen to his ideas. Adi says I have come here for Darji as I know this business is important for him. He tells Darji that our prices are so high so who would come? We have changed only prices but our ingredients and dishes are the same for years. Darji says Adi is right, it’s his age now. Amber says yes, now he looks good to you? He lost competition outside the country and wants to make a name here? I know he wants to destroy this family. I did the right thing by throwing him out of the house in childhood because he doesn’t deserve to be here. Darji says don’t forget that you are his father. Adi says no, he needs to be a human first.

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