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This is fate 9 December 2023: Preeta mentions Mr Malkhani they had heard about him that if he takes the case then it is surely won but she will tell him this time that he is going to surely lose this case which happened the time when he agreed to fight it, Shristhi purposefully drops the medal which angers Mr Malkhani when he instructs his employee to contact everyone who know him, so they would not take the case while he would not let the others take it, Mr Malkhani explains this case is really simple so it would be impossible for Rishab to be released.

This is fate 8 December 2023

Arjun stops the car Infront of Luthra Mansion, Rakhi and Karina are shocked so rush to Kritika asking what happened, she informs that Dadi got dizzy due to the heat so he helped them, Rakhi questions wat was the need to take his help, as she can have called her so they would have sent the driver. Rakhi explains she doesnot want any member of their family to be around him or so he is seen near them, Arjun asks why is she saying this when Rakhi explains she has never said anyone but is going to say that he must never talk with her, Rakhi explains that whenever he talks to her she gets really angry, she explains she has already lost one of her son but has accepted it as the decision of Bhagwan however can never lose Rishab.

Rakhi tries to leave when Arjun stops assuring, he would try to correct everything, Rakhi slaps him which stuns everyone, she asks if he felt bad so can take his revenge however must let them live in peace, Arjun starts crying as the Luthra’s head into the house.Preeta introduces herself to the lawyer who explains he saw everything on the news regarding the incident of Rishab Luthra and everyone wants to see him punished in jail, Shristhi asks Preeta to leave since the lawyer has made up his mind after seeing the news when the lawyer exclaims no one is going to believe in Rishab and he suggests that she must hire someone from their own family who is a lawyer,

Preeta exclaims that someone is going to listen and accept their case, Preeta and Shristhi try their best but no lawyer is ready to accept the case.Priyanka asks Anjali if she is sure that Rishab did not do anything wrong since her body marks are so dense, Anjali explains that she held Rishab by the neck so got the marks and then from his arms, which made her get such marks. Anjali exclaims everything is fair in love and war, Priyanka questions if she is going to say it when Anjali explains that she cannot say it as love as he is already engaged to her sister, but this is war.

Arjun hesitantly enters the house, he is sad and so sits down on the couch, but Dadi is really tensed to see him so worried.Anjali is in the room mentioning that she will do everything for the person she cares the most who is Arjun because Mahesh Luthra has gotten old while Sameer is not intelligent so the only person who was capable of doing anything was Rishab Luthra but he is also in jail, only their company is going to win all the medals and contracts but it is secondary, as they need to get the revenge for Arjun, he entering the door asks Anjali to withdraw the case he filed against Rishab.

Preeta informs the servant that she wants to meet Arjun, Dadi stops him explaining Preeta can not meet Arjun as her family first humiliated Arjun and now she has also come here, Preeta requests her to allow her since she knows Anjali is wrong and Rishab jee is innocent but for that she must meet Arjun, Dadi explains Arjun is already in a lot of pain, Preeta mentions they are the ones in pain.Anjali asks what is he saying, he requests her to take back the case as he feels Rishab can do anything so wrong, she asks if he doesnot trust her but Arjun exclaims he doesnot know why she filed the case and if Rishab has done anything wrong, because he only cares for the pain in his mothers eyes as she is really tensed and he saw the pain so she must take back the case,

Anjali asks if he actually thinks Rishab is innocent, Arjun exclaims he actually thinks Rishab can not do anything wrong. Anjali sitting on the couch exclaims she would not talk much about the incident as it is personal but the person whom he considers to be innocent took away his life and wife from him. Arjun exclaims he is only talking about his mother who is very tensed and the only thing which can bring her happiness is that all the charges are removed from Rishab. Anjali mentions if he keeps forgiving them all like this then would not take his revenge, Anjali explains Preeta has wronged him a lot of times, but he still forgives them, Preeta filed a restraining order when he saved Kavya. Arjun exclaims he is not forgetting anything, but she needs to take back the case, the worker comes explaining Preeta mam has come to meet him.

Arjun informs Anjali that he is going to go and tell Preeta that she made a mistake and is going to take back the case.Priyanka asks Anjali if she knew that Arjun would defend Rishab, when Anjali mentions that she would have been shocked if Arjun refused to protect Rishab because he is his brother and Arjun knows him well, Anjali however exclaims she would fight this case even if it means going against Arjun.

Preeta is with Dadi when Arjun comes, she asks what he wants from them when Preeta knows he is the one behind it all, she blames him for being the person who called all the lawyers and they listened to him as he is a rising star, when Arjun doesnot understand anything so asks Preeta if they both can sort it out like adults. Anjali is with Priyanka who doesnot know what kind of person Arjun is, Anjali explains that she is the one behind it all, she informs how she went to Mr Malkhani and convinced him to take her case. Preeta exclaims she came here to praise him because today he won however, she is going to make sure he loses tomorrow as Rishab jee will surely come back as his family really loves him, Arjun recalls all the moments when she slapped him, he asks if she really loves Rishab jee.

Preeta replies she indeed loves him, Arjun asks if she loves him the most, more than her first husband Karan. Arjun explains whenever he talks with her about karan she tends to change the topic, she asks why he asks such personal questions from her, he says only because she changes the topic and doesnot tell him who she loves the most. Preeta in frustration exclaims she loves Rishab jee the most in her life, Arjun is shocked.

Preeta angrily asks what does he want to know that he loves Rishab so she indeed loves him more then she has before in her life, Arjun angrily exclaims then she can go to save him but he will have to pay for his crimes, Arjun asks what did she say that today is the last day for his winning and tomorrow he will lose, but he is ninety nine percent good and one percent evil however she has woken that side of him, he would make sure Rishab pays for his crimes and she should not even think about him being forgiving. Preeta replies she was right about him and he is evil so used Anjali to take revenge from her family, Preeta replies he is delusional and she used to think he was evil but this is really heinous and whatever he has done today proves he is not even worthy to stand in front of her.

Arjun exclaims she must first find a suitable lawyer before meeting him in the court, he leaves after staring at Anjali. Dadi advises her to go and rest, Priyanka requests Dadi if she can stay here for some time since Anjali is still unwell.Mahesh opens the door for Preeta, he says her face shows that Malkani did not agree, he walks back mentioning he knew about it. Preeta assures that she will find another lawyer to take their case, Sameer informs he knows about a lawyer who is really good but the problem is that she has not taken any case since the past three years, Preeta replies she would talk with her, Mahesh sits down when Preeta informs she knows it is a difficult time but needs their support to prove Rishab jee is innocent,

Mahesh leaves when Preeta asks Sameer to give her the details about the lawyer. Shristhi asks Sameer what is going on as she cannot understand Arjun, Sameer explains he helped Dadi and Kritika while is against Rishab.Arjun is standing in front of the mirror, he sees Preeta and Rishab dancing in front of him so gets furious as he is not able to bear the pain of deception, he recalls how they both were holding hands and Preeta accepted she loves Rishab jee most in the world. Preeta is also wondering what the realty of Arjun is as he is really interested in their personal lives,

Arjun standing in frustration thinks he is the one who loved her the most but she deceived him so now he will punish her to the extent that everyone in the future doesn’t even think about deceiving anyone.In the morning Preeta is standing outside the court, Anjali walks out of her and walks straight to Preeta asking if she has found a lawyer, she asks who would agree to fight their case when she feels no one would accept it. Preeta replies to Anjali would be glad to know she has found a lawyer, Preeta greets Damini jee informing Anjali she is the lawyer of Rishab jee. Anjali turning questions how she can defend a man when he wronged her, Preeta questions why is she instigating her when Damini jee knows who is innocent,

she explains she has fought a lot of cases where the women blame the men because of their judicial system. Damini jee explains she has studied the case all night and would once again go through the file, Anjali leaves explaining there is no point in talking over here, so she walks inside. Preeta thanks Damini jee saying she feels Damini jee is prepared, she replies she said it in front of Anjali but their case is weak so she would have to go and study the case once again.Preeta gets dizzy and is about to fall when Arjun helps her, she is shocked, so he asks if she is fine. Preeta steps away when Arjun questions why is she behaving like this, Preeta says he must not show any concern for her when he doesn’t have any courage as he used a girl to trap her husband, she used to dislike him but now feels he is characterless, she is glad that she warned him to stay away from her family as he is a disgusting person,

he will not be able to ruin the character of Rishab jee because a lot of people know him, including their employees who work for him, he even has his family along with his little daughter who considers him as her hero while she is also with her husband because she knows he is a very noble person. Preeta replies even then if he thinks he can harm Rishab then it is wrong.Arjun angrily asks her to shut up because Rishab is not like that as he tried to take the life of the person who loved him the most, Anjali stops Arjun exclaiming there is no point in talking with those people who are not ready to understand anything,

Arjun agrees when Preeta leaves angrily. Anjali asks if he has gotten mad as he was about to expose himself in front of her, she pleads him to not do anything so wrong ever again, she asks him to come inside as the case hearing is about to start.Rishab assures Preeta there is nothing to be worried about s he already talked with Damini jee and whatever the decision is they would have to accept it, he informs they would then file it in the supreme court since they all know he is innocent. Karina requests him to not talk like this but he replies he is just telling the truth.

Rakhi walks out of the court to Arjun, she explains she said a lot to him yesterday because she was angry with him but today is just going to request him to take back the case as she wants to see him and Rishab as brothers not enemies, she walks back inside the court while Arjun leaves angrily.Rishab is standing with his family when Malkani enters the court, Mahesh Luthra gets furious when Rishab says there is no need to be angry because they have now found out who would stand with them in their times of need.

The judge enters the court when both the lawyers introduce themselves, Mr Malkani blames that Rishab has misbehaved with his client Anjali and she would herself reveal the truth in front of the court, Anjali coming to the witness box takes the oath that she will only speak the truth, Preeta sitting prays that she knows truth always prevails so Mata Rani would not let anything wrong happen with Rishab jee.

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