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Lost in Love 30 September 2022: Sonali grinds masalas/spices on stone venting out her frustration. She cries that she always supported Bhavani, but Bhavani ordered her to grind masalas. She blames Sai for her situation and yells at Omkar for not supporting her. Sai walks to her read for pooja and asks if she needs her help. Sonali yells at her and pushes her away. Sai is about to fall when Bhavani holds her on time and scolds Sonali. Whole family gathers. Sai says Sonali didn’t push her away, but she stumbled due to weakness. Sonali says she didn’t push Sai purposefully, Sai argued with her and provoked her. She reminds that Sai troubled them a lot before. Bhavani Sai is always punished for her mistakes, so even Sonali will bear punishment and will not rest until she grinds all masalas. Sai feels weak and stumbles again. Bhavani makes Sai sit and orders her to rest. Pakhi thinks Sai’s drama started again. Sonali grinds masalas angrily. Bhavani gives her ginger and reminds how she forced Sai to grind ginger during last year’s mahabhoj and how she humiliated her. Sonali says most of the family members here humiliated Sai. Omkar backs her and they both yell at Sai. Sai tries to stop them. Omkar warns her not to interfere as she is not their family member. Shivani says Sai is their family member. Ninad warns Omkar to dare not insult his bahu and as Shivani said, Sai is also part of their family.

Omkar continues his rude behavior and says Sai will break their house one day. Shivani asks why he is always rude with Sai. He asks if he should perform her aarti else and says because of Sai, Bhavani insulted Sonali. Sonali says let it be as Sai is an orphan and cannot understand family values, its good that her Aaba is not alive to see this day, etc. Sai starts crying and tries to leave. Samrat stops her and asks who called Sai as orphan, he is Sai’s brother and nobody should dare to call his sister as an orphan. Mohit says he is Sai’s younger brother and a girl who has 2 brothers cannot be orphan. Virat enters and says he is Sai’s, then remembering Ashwini’s decision says he will support Sai always. Ashwini says she is Sai’s mother. Bhavani says she is Sai’s kaku/aunt. Ninad says he is Sai’s baba/father and until he is alive, nobody should call her orphan. Shivani says she looks Sai’s younger sister, but she is Sai’s bua/aunt. Mansi says she is Sai’s elder bua. Devi says she is Sai’s tai/elder sister and they are all Sai’s family. Sai rejoices seeing that. Mansi confronts Sonali that she herself is a mother and shouldn’t speak ill. Omkar confronts Mansi. Bhavani warns him to shut up or else she will give him some task. Sonali says today they realized their value in this house.

Sunny with Pulkit enters chanting Ganapati Bappa Morya. Devi gets happy seeing her. Vaishali walks in and greets Bhavani. Bhavani greets her back. Vaishali says She can feel a pleasant smell. Bhavani says all Chavan bahus are preparing mahabhoj and signals Sonali to continue her work. Sonali angrily crushes ginger and hits her finger. Pakhi rushes to her rescue and applies turmeric on her wound. Bhavani remembers Pakhi humiliating Sai last year when she got injured similarly and orders Pakhi to grind remaining masalas. Pakhi says she needs to do other pooja arrangements as she and Samrat are performing aarti today. Bhavani says Sai and Virat will perform today’s aarti as Sai has to thank Bappa for treating her. Sai says if anyone doesn’t have any objection, she will perform aarti. Bhavani, Ganapati pooja starts at Chavan nivas.

Panditji asks Bhavani who will perform pooja. Bhavani says Virat and Sai will perform Ganapati Bappa’s uttar aarti. Pakhi stands jealous. Vaishali asks Pakhi when she and Samrat perform beginning aarti, why are they not performing ending aarti. Pakhi says Sai is habituated to snatch her right, she purposefully got discharged from hospital today to get pooja rights. Vaishali says this is wrong. Pakhi says she needs to do something to get back her right. She brings chair for Sai and asks her to sit as she must be feel weak. Shivani tells Mohit that something is wrong, there is something cooking in Pakhi’s mind or else why would Pakhi worry for Sai. Mohit says she is right. Sai thanks Pakhi for thinking about her and asks her to take back chair as she can stand and doesn’t want to insult Baa and elders by sitting during pooja. Vaishali says instead of thinking so much, they should get pooja by Pakhi and Samrat as Sai is weak and shouldn’t strain herself. Bhavani says she can understand her concern as a mother who wants her daughter to get more attention, but this is their family issue and they will decide who will perform pooja. Ashwini says Sai defeated death and won life with Bappa’s blessings and hence she should perform aarti. Samrat says Ashwini is right, they consider everyone as equal in this house. Omkar murmurs that they don’t consider everyone equal in this house. Panditji asks Sai and Virat to come forward and perform pooja.

After pooja, Chavan family bring Ganpati idol out singing and dancing for visarjan. Nind asks Virat to seek whatever he wants in Bappa’s ears. Omkar taunts to seek some intelligence for his wife. Everyone frown hearing that. Sai says he is right, she is becoming a doctor and hence requires a lot of intelligence. Everyone smile hearing Sai’s answer. Virat prays Bappa to fulfill Sai’s demands and if Sai wants to go away from him, he should fulfill her demand without hurting her as he cannot see her in trouble. Sai prays Bappa to fulfill Virat’s demand as she got a caring aayi/Ashwini because of Virat, he should fulfill Virat’s request if he wants to separate from her. Pakhi prays Bappa to make Virat realize that she is a best choice for him and he made a mistake by choosing Sai. Samrat prays Bappa to not prove his decision of giving his marriage second change and make it successful for his family’s sake. Virat then lifts idol and immerses in water, performing visarjan.

Chavan family then serves prasad to brahmins. Pakhi brings prasad. Bhavani takes prasad from her and tells Sai that according to family rule, all bahus prepare prasad, but since Sai didn’t help this year, she should serve prasad. Sai serves prasad to brahmins and takes their blessings. Pakhi burns in jealousy and tries to leave. Vaishali stops her and says he can understand her feelings, Sai took her right. Pakhi says Sai has become everyone’s favorite as she is Virat’s wife, its surprising to know that Ashwini is keeping Virat and Sai in separate rooms. Vaishali asks how can a husband and wife stay separately. Pakhi says they can when there isn’t a husband and wife’s relationship between them.Virat returns to his room and freshens up. He imagines Sai smiling behind him and thinks he is missing Sai so much that he is imagining her everywhere. He then tries to read book. Sai walks to him and waves. He thinks he is day dreaming. Sai asks why he is behaving weirdly with her. He asks not to a bore him as he knows she is not here.

Sai asks what happened to him. He says he is imagining him like a real person and asks her to leave before he opens his eyes. She pulls his nose. He asks if she is real. She says yes, why is he behaving weird, she knows he cannot tolerate her. He says he didn’t mean that. She thinks he doesn’t want her to be in his room. He asks what is she doing here. She says she will go if he has a problem with her. He says she can visit this room whenever she wants to, he meant she should rest after straining herself whole day. She says she feels happy in his room. He thinks if aayi changed her decision and permitted Sai to come here. Sai asks where is he lost. He makes her sit and says he wasn’t lost but was thinking if she will stay again in his room.

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