Lost in Love update Saturday 1 October 2022


Lost in Love 1 October 2022: Virat asks Sai if she decided to stay again in his room. He asks her not to worry as she will not disturb him again, she came to take her belongings. He says he himself would have dropped her bags in her room. She asks if he is acting and asked aayi/Bhavani to shift Sai to another room when she gets discharged from hospital. He says even he found out just today. She says she believes him and goes to pick her bags. He says he will drop her bags to her room. She says she needs her Aaba’s photo. He opens bag and gives her Aaba’s photo. She gets happy. He says they were staying in same room and didn’t let him realize her plan of leaving house.

She says let us forget the past, he knows its easy for her to fool the great ACP Virat Chavan. He says she didn’t fool him but betrayed him, hence she had to return here. She says there is nothing like that, he must be happy though when she left home. He says he never asked her to leave home. He says he was showing so much care in hospital and was braiding her hair, but now showing his dominance again. He asks when did he. She says how will he when Aayi asked them to stay in separate rooms, but from what she knows, husband and wife stay together in same room, even his bestfriend said same. He asks why she drags Pakhi between them always. She asks what is their relationship now. He smiles and says its a good question. She says its poetic also. He laughs and says she is very filmy. She asks again what is their relationship now. He says he doesn’t have answer to this question, does he have it. She says even she doesn’t and Aayi must be having the answer. He says must be.

Pakhi enters and sprinkles pooja water on them. She taunts that Ashwini announced that Sai and Virat will stay in separate rooms, she was thinking that she should visit 2 different rooms to sprinkle pooja water. Sai says she was about to go. Pakhi says it looks like she came to gossip with Virat. Virat says staying in different room doesn’t mean Sai cannot visit his room. Pakhi says she doesn’t need his justification or know their relationship. Sai murmurs even Pakhi wants to know about their relationship. Pakhi says there is nothing to murmur, she just spoke what she saw, they are together even now. Sai says when she and Virat can do pooja together, they can chat also; anyways Pakhi came with a good intention and should finish it and go. Pakhi again sprinkles water on Sai. Virat gets angry and warns her to behave. Sai says its okay as Pakhi is worried for her and gave Bappa’s blessings like she brought her chair during pooja. Pakhi leaves burning more in jealousy. Virat asks Sai to go to her room and let him bring her bags later. She agrees and leaves.

Omkar applies medicine on Sonali’s hand injuries and says he can’t believe she was insulted today. Sonali says even he couldn’t speak against Bhavani. Omkar blames Sai. Karishma brings icepack for her. Omkar says her hand burning may heal, but seeing her pain his heart burning will not evade so easily. Virat takes Sai’s bags to her room and seeing her climbing a chair to fix Aaba’s photo stops her and says he will do all her work. She says he became too caring after she left his room. Ashwini brings food for her and says Virat is her son and has her sanskars, he has a very helping nature. Sai taunts Virat. Their nok jhok starts. Ashwini asks them to stop fighting and says Virat will help Sai decorate her room as a friend. Sai asks friend? Ashwini says she didn’t say husband or boyfriend but just friend. She forces Sai to finish milk. Sai she wants to know about her and Virat’s relationship. Virat asks why she thought they should befriend. Ashwini remembers Dr. Anjali’s advice.

Sai says now Virat cannot fight or lock her in a room. Virat asks not to remind him about his mistake as he already apologized her. Sai says a friend Virat is very good who is apologizing her instead of yelling at her. Ashwini says they should shake hands and forgetting all their bitter past start their new friendship. Sai and Virat shake hands smilingly. Ashwini prays god to make their friendship forever. She then offers Bhavani’s prepared modak to them. Sai says she wants to thank Bhavani for modak. Virat says Aayi decorated Sai’s room better than him. Sai says its obvious. Ashwini leaves saying she needs to give milk to Ninad. Virat fixes Aaba’s photo on wall and asks where should he keep her books and other stuff. She guides him. He gests confused and asks her to order properly. She sits on chair and orders him like a boss. He stands smiling and calling her a queen asks to give order one by one. She says she will think. Their nok jhok continues and they both laugh.

Sai and Virat’s nok jhok continues. Virat says he is her friend and not a slave.
She says he called her as queen and hence he is her slave. They both laugh. He arranges her books in shelves and asks how is she feeling now. She says she is feeling very good as if she is in a new house. Virat says its good as she wanted to start a new life going away from her, looks like god fulfilled her wish. Sai says as aayi said they should forget their past and start a new friendship. He asks how is her new room. She says very good Virat sir. He asks her to call him just Virat like his friends call him. She tries but fails. He says he will call her Sai mam then, he will inform aayi that they have a normal boring relationship. Sai asks what if she nicknames him like friends do. He asks what will he nickname her. She thinks and says modak. He laughs and says she can have modak if she is hungry. He says his nickname is modak and explains how his mood changes like modak’s nature. Her says he will also nickname her and laughs sarcastically. She asks what did he think. He asks him to close her eyes and puts chilli/mirchi in her mouth. Her mouth burns and she asks why he nicked her mirchi. He says mirchi is spicy and good is incomplete without it, their sweet and spicy modak mirchi jodi is awesome. She says he is right.

He asks if if she had her medicine and forces her to have it. She says he is amazing that he was so rude before and now is so caring. He says medicines are necessary as her injury was critical, she must know as a medical student. She asks not to taunt him. Their cute noj jhok continues. Samrat walks in. Virat greets him in. Samrat asks if she is feeling better. She says yes. He apologizes her for not being with her during her hospital discharge. She asks not to apologize as Pulkit informed that he was with her in hospital during her surgery like a true elder brother and brothers don’t apologize. He gets emotional and asks her to stop. Sai says she was missing her family after Aaba left, but Chavan family made her feeling like a family. She emotionally hugs him and then complains him against Virat. Their nok jhok starts again. Virat says she denied to take medicine. Samrat says he is on Virat’s side on this and will scold Sai if she doesn’t take medicine. Sai then calls Virat as modak and laughing explains that she nicknamed him modak as he always puffs up his face in anger like a modak. Samrat laughs. Sai continues her jokes. Samrat asks what did Virat nicked Sai. He says mirchi. Samrat laughs and says

mirchi modak’s jodi is very nice. Virat explains that Ashwini suggests them to start afresh as friends. Samrat praises Aswhini’s idea.Pakhi walks in. Sai greets her in and asks if she came to see her new room. Pakhi as usual rudely says she is not interested in her room and came here to call her husband. Samrat asks if everything is alright. Pakhi says her mother is leaving, so if he wants to drop her home. He says why not and asks her to know Sai’s well being out of courtesy. Pakhi says she doesn’t act as good and will book a cab for her mother. Samrat says he told her that he will drop her mother home, being an elder bahu why she behaves so rudely. Pakhi continues her rude comments. Bhavani enters and asks what is she commenting about. Pakhi says she was discussing about today’s pooja and Bhavani’s food. Bhavani asks Samrat to take Pakhi along when he goes to drop Vaishali. Samrat agrees and walks away with Pakhi. Bhavani pampers Sai and says she came to meet her. Sai emotionally asks if she came to meet her, she herself wanted to visit her. Bhavani asks if she liked her modak. Sai says it was very tasty and reminded her of Aaba’s modaks. Bhavani says she is happy that her children liked her prepared food and says she will visit Sai often. Sai emotoinally hugs and thanks her for everything she did for her today. Virat also thanks her for praying god for Sai’s life. Bhavani leaves asking Sai to inform her if she needs anything. Virat asks Sai to rest now and wishes her good night mirchi. She replies good night modak and tells Aaba that she found a new friend today and hopes their friendship stays forever.

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