Love by chance update Thursday 29 September 2022

Love by Chance 29 September 2022: The Episode starts with Charu saying you all are sensible, now I m useless for you, I just wanted to say this. Chandru says I did job in railway for 45 years, I never went to bank, you spoilt me, why are you doing this. Charu asks them to take their things back until he is alive. Chandru says we don’t want it. Sargam says he is right. Golu says I work in bank and have an account there, you always update my passbook. Divya says it will happen the same way. They all tell Charu that they have grown up with him, he shall not divide the family. Charu and everyone cry. Charu says I want to retire now, let me retire. He gives the passbook to Yug. Yug says I will not refuse to you, I will never use this passbook.

Charu says your wish. He asks Anu to take the passbook. He says you got a good job at a young age, you got a good salary, I thought I should keep your accounts, but I think you are sensible now, keep the passbook as a memory of the time when you trusted me. Anu cries and hugs him.Charu asks are you crying today, you have a right on your life, we can’t force our decision on you. They all say we all blindly trust you. Golu says we remember you stopped us from going on college trip, I didn’t ask why but I agreed to you. Charu says when Chavi asks you, then you will understand why I told no, I feel I should let you all aside. They all cry. Neeti says don’t do this, I feel we are getting separated.

Goli asks do you want me to leave this house, I can’t stay here. Sunanda says no, don’t say this, I will slap you. Goli says tell something to your husband. Sunanda says he doesn’t listen to me. Anu says please don’t punish me, I will listen to you as you say. Charu says you aren’t ready for marriage by your heart. Anu says its okay, I made a mistake, I can’t stay here as a stranger. Charu says you didn’t say wrong. Anu says but everything is happening wrong, I can’t see my family upset with me. Anu says you all are my life, my family.Charu smiles and hugs him. Everyone cries. Anu says I did research on marriage, when elders decide it, then the marriage working chances are more, I have no girl in my life, I trust my elders to take the right decision, I m a scientist, I have seen many theories failing, I have a question, if my marriage doesn’t work with Gungun and we have to get separated, then will this family support me. Sunanda says don’t say bad things. Golu asks will you leave Gungun then. Anu says yes.

Sunanda asks Neeti to get a slipper. Sargam says you have to keep the relation. Charu says Anu is practical, he wants to be ready for all the consequences, don’t see his condition, but his faith on our decision. He says if we all have faith, then this marriage will work. Anu asks will this family support me, don’t tell that you will get away from me. Charu asks can a branch get separated from a tree, now smile. Anu smiles. They all return the passbooks to Charu. They all smile.

Goli says Charu is back. Neeti says I will make masala tea for everyone. Charu says I will talk to Riddhesh first. He asks Anu shall I call him. Anu nods. Yug asks him to smile. Charu says we shall get to work. Chandru and Golu argue. Charu says you won’t let me retire. Yug says who retires from fav job. They laugh.Anu checks Chavi’s result. Charu gets angry on Chandru. He says you had sang for my friends, they all ran away, I was left alone. Sunanda asks them to pray. She says I got them study and get their degrees. Goli says Sunanda deserved to get the name on our degrees, she used to sit all night and take care of us. They all praise Sunanda. They talk about Gungun’s result. They tease Anu. Anu says this page isn’t opening. He asks Chavi not to worry. Goli jokes on Anu. They talk about Anu’s result day when he came first. Anu says result has come. They all ask what happened. Everyone looks at Gungun. Riddhesh says I didn’t expect that you will fail, you have to sit at home for one year. Gungun says we can give exam in three months. He says you failed in all six subjects. He scolds her. Gungun says sorry, I promise I will go for tuitions. He says shut up, you have to follow my shown path now.

Anu asking Chavi to not lie to her, why did she do this. Chavi cries. Divya asks him to say the result well and tell them. Anu says its first class with distinction. Chavi jumps happily. Everyone claps for her. Anu says amazing. Golu cries happily and hugs her. Golu says we will have samosa today. Neeti says you had it yesterday also. He says I had it in tension yesterday, I will have it to celebrate today, I have a leave today. Yug says even I have a leave. They all talk of Gungun. Anu says I have to do an imp experiment today. Chavi says we are doing an imp experiment. Golu says Anu and Gungun, Anugun. Anu says I m going now. They ask him to come soon. Anu asks are you all taking leave. Chandru says yes. Chavi asks Anu to take an off. He says I can’t. She goes to call Gungun. Charu asks Sunanda about Gungun. She says pandit will come to talk. Charu asks them to contribute money for the sweets. He says we will decide about sweets once we get good news from Riddhesh. Gungun says sorry, I will go for tuitions. Garima and Riddhesh scold her. Chavi says Gungun isn’t answering, you call her and ask once. Golu says you are joking well, maybe they started partying, come, we have landline number. Gungun says I will work hard, promise.

Riddhesh says you didn’t keep any promise, everyone would be waiting for sweets at the hospital, you failed, its embarrassing, what would I tell Anu’s family, their scientist son Anu, I asked for BA failed daughter’s alliance, I don’t think they will agree, if they say yes, then I will get this marriage done. He scolds her. She says okay.Garima asks what okay. He asks are you saying yes to marry Anu. Gungun says yes, I like that family, I just hate Anu, if I get first class in BA next year, then will you give me something. He says you can’t. She asks if I get then. He says you will get whatever you want. She says then you won’t refuse to break this marriage. He asks are you okay. Garima says you can’t cancel marriage in one year, lucky people get such good families. Gungun says don’t talk complicated things, dad has to listen to me if he wants me to listen. He says fine, but first class. Gungun asks promise. He promises her. He signs Garima.

They receive the call on landline. He says we have to tell everyone that you failed. Gungun refuses. He answers. Chavi says my result has come, its first class with distinction. He says congrats. She asks for Gungun. Chavi asks Gungun her result. Gungun says yes, what happened with yours. Chavi says first class with distinction. Gungun says I have failed. Chavi asks what. Gungun says I failed. Chavi says sorry, I will talk to you later. She ends call and says Gungun couldn’t pass. Goli asks did she fail. Sargam says we shouldn’t say not this word, she was just doing BA. Divya asks who fails in BA. Charu says Riddhesh would be upset. Golu says she will pass next year. Yug says we will be with her. Charu does poetry. Golu says we will get double sweets. Yug says but Gungun didn’t pass. Golu says advance celebrations. Anu thinks I knew she won’t pass, because she parties all day.

Charu hears everything talking. He jokes on his brothers. Yug laughs. Chavi says I called Khushi and Ankit to tell my result, they are coming. Charu says I was going to invite Samdhi ji, I will see once they come. Chandru talks to Riddhesh. Khushi and Ankit come home. They congratulate Chavi. Chandru jokes.Anu comes and hugs Ankit. Khushi gifts Chavi. Ankit asks what about the other party. Golu says Gungun didn’t pass. Anu says she failed. Ankit asks how can someone fail in BA, you are joking. Anu says no, she really failed. Golu says its fine. Anu says its shameful to fail in BA. Sargam says mum has sent me here to be with Chavi, its not a small thing that she passed. Golu says its not a small thing that Gungun failed. Charu says I have to invite Samdhi ji. Neeti comes and hugs Khushi. Khushi hugs Divya. Golu asks Anu not to go today, for his sister’s happiness. They say please. Anu says I have imp lab experiments. Golu says we know. Anu says leave me from your class today. They stop Anu. They see Gungun coming. Gungun says I have come to congratulate you. Chavi says thanks. Gungun says don’t tell me that you are upset on your percentage. She asks why aren’t you all partying, you have come first class with distinction. Golu says she failed in BA, even then she is so calm. Anu says she is shameless.

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