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Lost in love 26 January 2023: Sai tells Pakhi that having medicines and nutritious food on time and exercise are important for the baby and she explained it to her a 1000 times, even then Pakhi doesn’t understand and she has to force Pakhi each time. She says she has decided something and asks her to sign on an agreement that she will take good care of the baby and handover the baby to her after delivery. Pakhi shouts that she has gone mad and asks why did she get a weird thought that she will get anything in writing. Sai says she just wants her baby’s safety and hence Pakhi should write it down. Pakhi says she is getting heartburn with medicines, even then she is obeying Pakhi, that doesn’t mean she will write it down.

Bhavani tongue lashes Sai for getting this weird thought and asks who does this with a family member. Rajeev says Sai does everything with a reason and she knows what is she doing. Pakhi says she knows what is good for the baby and hence Sai shouldn’t reach her. Sai asks her to write it down on a paper then. Pakhi shouts she is behaving as if the baby is a piece of land to write its ownership on a piece of paper. Ashwini says Pakhi is misunderstanding her and asks her to amicably solve the issue. Sonali and Omkar support Pakhi as usual and yell at Sai. Ninad asks Omkar not to exaggerate the issue with his wrong comments and support.

Karishma says Sai’s demand is right as she heard that surrogate mothers have to sign many documents like that. Sonali warns her to keep her mouth shut. Sai says she would have got it signed by even Geeta or any surrogate mother. Sonali says Sai is comparing Pakhi with Geeta. Sai denies and says she just wants safety of her baby. Pakhi continues her drama and says she made a mistake by becoming a surrogate mother. Bhavani asks Sai why she is creating a drama and asks if each family member has to write down their responsibility on a paper and sign it.

Sai says she is overexaggerating the issue and diverting the topic. Pakhi says Sai promised to leave the house after becoming a doctor, they didn’t ask her to sign the documents then. Sai asks if Pajkhi is still thinking why didn’t she leave Virat and left him for Pakhi.Bhavani asks Sai to stop her weird demand. Mohit says Sai’s demand is right and Pakhi and Bhavani’s argument is weird. Omkar and Sonali warn him to keep his mouth shut. Pulkit asks Pakhi why is she creating a drama instead of singing a document. Bhavani yells at him not dare not interfere between her family issues. Pakhi continues to shout. Sai asks her to stop shouting and acting as a victim as says she is not asking her anything illegal.

Pakhi blames Bhavani for the situation and says if she had not called her to the hospital, this situation wouldn’t have arisen. Bhavani takes papers and tries to tear them. Pakhi stops her and asks Sai to get each family member’s sign first.Mansi tells Sai that she kept quiet till now but wants to speak now, says she asked Pakhi to move on in life, but Pakhi chose to help Sai going out of the way, so Sai should be thankful to her. Sai asks if she can see her demand for signatures, but can’t she see her DIL’s adamancy and wrong intentions.

Mansi leaves from there. Sai says she will take the signatures at any cost and asks family to come on her side whoever supports her. Everyone stand behind Sai except Bhavani, Sonali, and Omkar. Bhavani says they would obviously support Sai. Sai says just like Bhavani and her team blindly supports Pakhi even if she wrong. Bhavani shouts that her decision is final to maintain discipline in this house and nobody can oppose her.

Sai says let us take opinion of a person who is neutral. Pakhi says Virat would obviously support Sai. Sai says she will take call someone who is around them and knows their situation. Karishma reminds that Sai had gathered neighbors once. Bhavani says she will not let that happen this time. Sai calls everyone to come out.Karishma reminds Chavan family that once Sai gathered all the neighbors and exposed all their misdeeds. She says maybe Sai is gathering neighbors even today. Sonali nervously says Sai wouldn’t do it again.


Sai asks Chahvan family to come out. They all walk out and notice neighbors gathered. Karishma tells Sonali that she told her already. Ashwini asks Sai why did she gather neighbors. Neighbors discuss that Chavan bahu already once exposed them. Bhavani asks what is she doing. Sai informs neighbors that she cannot become a mother as doctors told she cannot sustain her pregnancy, but even then she will be a mother after 9 months. Neighbors asks how. Sai discusses about surrogacy and says even they should accept surrogacy if their bahus cannot get pregnant. Neighbors praise her for her suggestion.

Sai says she has a few questions for her in-laws and neighbors should judge them. Sonali asks if she will question her. Sai says he will not as she knows Sonali’s answer. Bhavani takes Sai aside and asks her to stop it. Sai says when she knows she will not listen to her, why she thinks she will now. She questions neighbors if the baby belongs to the parents whose donated their part or the woman who carries the baby in her womb. Neighbors say baby belongs to the parents. Pakhi shouts at Sai if neighbors will opine in their family issues. Sai says neighbors are their dear ones and are the first ones to support them in need. Nieghbors agree. Sai asks if it’s wrong to take a written agreement that the surrogate will handover the baby to its parents after delivery.

Neighbors says she is right and its better to take it in writing and ask who the surrogate mother is. Sai says Pakhi. Neighbor say Pakhi should sign the agreement. Pakhi angrily walks away thinking she will not give her baby to Sai. Virat returns home and asks what kind of agreement. Bhavani says Sai wants to teach her what she should to at her house, Sai did wrong my making Pakhi cry. Virat asks what is happening. Sai says she gathered neighbors to answer a simple question and got her answer. Bhavani tells Sai that she will not get signatures on a paper. Virat asks what kind of signatures. Ashwini asks him to come inside the house first. Virat sends the neighbors away. One of them asks Sai to get the signatures for sure.

Virat walks inside the house and asks family to explain what is happening. Pakhi walks out with her bag and tells Bhavani that she is leaving the house as Sai humiliated her in front of neighbors. Bhavani says she will not let her go. Sai says even she will not let Pakhi go as she is carrying her baby. Pakhi asks if she thinks she is a machine to bear a child and just follow her orders. Virat asks her to reveal what is the issue here. Pakhi shows him consent form and says Sai wants her to sign on a form stating that she will hand over the baby to Sai after delivery.

Virat acts shocked and asks Sai if she did so. Sai says yes as she is worried for her baby. Pakhi continues her drama. Virat tongue lashes Sai. Sai reminds that they were taking even Geeta’s signatures. Virat says they were taking signatures as per the procedure, but Pakhi is a family member.Pakhi alleges Sai that she is venting out a grudge on her for not having medicine due to heart burning. Sai says she is not. Ashwini tells Pakhi that Sai is worried for her baby and doesn’t have any grudge on Pakhi. Virat asks Ashwini how can she support Sai in her wrong demand.

Ashwini says Ninad, Devi, Rajeev, Pulkhit and others are also supporting Sai. Omkar says at last Virat realized his wife’s mistake and got out of delusional love. Virat says he still loves his wife.

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