Lost in Love update Friday 2 September 2022

Lost in Love 2 September 2022: Virat tells Pakhi that they haven’t come here to discuss about him but to discuss something important. She says he wants her to give a second chance to Samrat, but life wants to give her and him a second chance. She asks what does she mean. She says Samrat himself accepted that there was something between us and left home because of that, now whole family knows about us and will not be in a shock if we get together. He asks her to forget whatever happened between them in the past. She says its impossible, its better she divorces Samrat and he divorces Sai, then he can take a job transfer somewhere and they both can happily live together. He asks if she has gone mad. She reminds him not replying anything when she asked him if they can be together again. He says he didn’t say yes, its waste to dig the past. She pleads not to go away from her as she loves him immensely and asks to touch his heart and say if he really doesn’t love her. He angrily shouts enough, if he should write down that there is nothing between them He hits a glass and it falls down.

Everyone notice them. Waiter cleans the mess. He suggests her to start a new life with Samrat as Samrat is a very good man and any girl would feel lucky to marry Samrat. She says not her, and if she accepts his suggestion, it would be a forceful relationship; she is not like him to fall in love again. He requests her to give one chance to Samrat, everything will be fine soon. She asks if everything is fine between him and Sai.Sai’s friend asks her why she is worried for her husband even after he misbehaved with Ajinkya when he came to meet her. Sai says Virat sir apologized for that and he was having high fever since yesterday. Friend says there are many family members to take care of him and she need not worry. Sai thinks she is right. Friend alerts her and says let us go to cafeteria. Back in cafeteria, Virat suggest Pakhi to forget about him and Sai and give a second chance to Samrat, she may get a true love in Samrat. She says she found a true love in him. He requests to forget the dead past. She cries not to say that as their past may be dead for him and not her. He asks her to stop crying as he is feeling bad seeing her crying, but he cannot lie to make her happy.

She says he should lie that she is in his heart and he wants to stay with her, she will do whatever he says, will stay wherever he keeps her, will obey his each command and spend her whole life with him, he shouldn’t leave her. He asks her to stop. She holds his hand and says she loves him and she cannot live without him.He repeats that she should think of Samrat and stop crying.Sai enters cafe with her friends and is shocked to notice them chatting holding each other’s hands. Friend asks if he is Virat sir, she told he is unwell, she was worried for him and he is busy with some other girl, who is she. Sai says she is Samrat’s wife, Pakhi. Virat notices everyone watching her and is shocked to see Sai also present there. Pakhi also notices Sai and asks Virat what will he do now. Virat asks waiter to bring a bill. Sai’s friend asks her to wait with them for sometime.


Another friend asks if he is friend as Sai told he is ill. Virat says he is fine. He requests Virat again to stay back for sometime. Sai tells friend that she told them not to bring her here, she wouldn’t have seen this. Friend asks Sai to stop Virat for sometime. Sai says she is no one to stop him and tries to leave. Pakhi stops her and taking her aside says they were just.. Sai says she should have understood in the morning itself when Pakhi entered their room. Pakhi says they came here to talk something important.Sai says she doesn’t need any explanation, they can sit back and enjoy. Virat says he doesn’t want to explain, but wants to say that whatever happened here and the situation belongs to him, he doesn’t care what Sai thinks and keep it herself as he really wants Pakhi and Samrat to reunite and Samrat not misunderstand due to her misunderstanding. Pakhi walks behind Virat. Sai thinks Virat must have come here to plan his future life with Pakhi.

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