Lost in Love update Saturday 3 September 2022

Lost in Love 3 September 2022: Ninad checks monthly budget and says this month expenses have increased. Ashwini offers snacks and tea for senior Chavans and worries for Virat. Sonali asks what is she murmuring. Ashwini says Virat has gone out in fever. Sonali says even Pakhi went out. Omkar scolds her. Sonali says she didn’t mean they went out together. Bhavani signals her to stop. Ashwini says even Pakhi was tensed, why did she go out in this condition. She tries Virat’s number repeatedly in vain. Sai returns home. Ashwini asks if she spoke to Virat as he is missing since morning. Sai tries to leave without replying. Bhavani taunts let us play dumb charades as Sai will not reply easily. Sai says she doesn’t want to play any game. Pakhi returns and seeing family looking at Sai fears that Sai will inform family that she was in cafe holding Virat’s hand. Sai says she doesn’t want to explain anything. Sonali and Bhavani comment. Sai walks away. Ashwini tries to walk behind her to check. Shivani stops her and says she will speak to Sai.

Lost in Love 2 September 2022

Sai returns to her room and cries remembering Virat holding Pakhi’s hand. She thinks why Virat lies to her, he says there is nothing between him and Pakhi but met her in cafe and was holding her hand while chatting. Shivani hearing her words asks if Virat and Pakhi met in a cafe. Sai says she didn’t say that. Shivani says she shares everything with her, so even she shouldn’t hide anything. Sai informs that Virat is having fever, even then he went to cafe with Pahhi and was chatting with her holding her hand; Pakhi had come to our room maybe for this. Shivani asks what were they chatting. Sai says she doesn’t know as she couldn’t hear them. Shivani asks why is she getting angry. Sai says Virat told there is nothing between him and Pakhi. Shivani says even she told her and Virat’s marriage is a deal. Sai says yes. Shivani says then why she is bothered, she looks so angry. Sai asks if she accepts Virat and Pakhi meeting in a cafe. Shivani says its wrong, but she should question her heart why she is getting so angry. Sai says she should question Virat instead.

Shivani says she will question even him and asks if she is feeling jealous seeing Virat and Pakhi together like Virat felt jealous seeing her and Ajinkya. Sai thinks even Samrat was suggesting to look at her and Virat’s relationship in a different angle, but why should she when Virat still loves Pakhi. Shivani asks if her heart is agreeing to her words. Sai says there is nothing in her heart for Virat and knows its wrong and Virat ill hide this truth from family, even she will maintain her distance with Virat, its clear that she doesn’t matter to Virat. Shivani asks if she will leave the house again. Sai says she wants to, but she convinced Samrat and brought him home; she feels bad for Samrat that his wife and brother are meeting hiding. Shivani asks if she will inform it to Samrat. Sai says she will not, but Samrat will be in more pain if he finds it out via someone else. Virat hears their conversation.

Virat gathers family. Ashwini says Sai was angry and didn’t say anything, if everything is right. Everyone question him one by one. Virat says he is waiting for everyone to gather and wants to talk something important. Mohit informs Shivani and Sai that Virat is calling everyone down. Shivani asks why. Sai says must be to inform his decision. Whole family gathers. Samrat asks Virat what he wants to talk about. Bhavani says everyone have gathered now. Pakhi gets tensed and hopes he doesn’t discuss about them. Sai thinks Virat will not discuss about him and Pakhi. Virat says they are all going through emotional turmoil since Samrat returned and revealed the reason for leaving the house, his brother Jiva is angry on him and its killing him from within. He reminds Samrat that he used to tell that they shouldn’t look at their back, Samrat taught him to move ahead always and he is following his decision till now and has moved ahead of his past, but will not repeat his past mistakes. He further says that he wants to inform whole family what happened between him and Pakhi. Family looks at him curiously. Sai thinks if he will reveal truth. Pakhi hopes he shouldn’t. Samrat asks what is he talking about. Virat reveals that he and Pakhi met in a cafe. Everyone’s eyes wide open in shock.

Virat informs family that he and Pakhi met in a cafe. Shivani tells Sai that Virat revealed it to everyone. Ashwini asks Virat why did he go out in fever. Virat says Pakhi wanted to talk to him. Bhavani says they could have talked at home, she scolds Pakhi that she didn’t expect this from a mature bahu, she could have spoken here. Virat says Pakhi wanted to discuss important issue with her friend as she is having an emotional storm within her and wanted to discuss it with him. Shivani asks why were they holding each other’s hands in cafe then. Virat says they held it as friends and nothing else, Pakhi is going through a phase where she needs a friend, why would he have informed them truth if he was wrong, he learnt to speak truth from someone/Sai and hiding truth is wrong. He tells Shivani that he didn’t expect such a question from her as she always lived her life on her term and broke up with people who tried to wrong her, she always stood her head high and free thinking, how can she consider him holding Pakhi’s hand. Ninad asks Shivani if she saw them holding hands in cafe. Ashwini says Sai did.

Samrat asks Virat if he informed it to family as Sai saw them together. Virat says Sai is angry after seeing them together and showed it at home; he has a different reason to reveal truth. Samrat asks what else. Virat hopes he would have told him truth before his wedding to stop the storm in their lives, he hates a moment and himself for not informing him truth, he has changed and can face truth because of Sai who taught him power of truth and to walk on true path at any cost; he hopes if he had met Sai before, he would have informed truth to Samrat and saved his and Pakhi’s jodi and Jiva and Shiva’s jodi; life has given him one more chance to fix things right and Jiva and Shiva’s jodi is most important to him. He requests Samrat to come along and taking him to home temple asks him if he remembers kaku/Bhavani used to recite ramayan for them in childhood and used to say they are Ram Laxman’s jodi; he always followed his Jiva, he became police officer when Jiva became army officer. He pleads Samrat not to leave this house and informs family that he and Pakhi are only friends and nothing else and he is telling this without any pressure.

Samrat asks what did Pakhi decide as he had told Pakhi that he can stay back if she wants to, but why did Pakhi call Virat to cafe; if Pakhi still has feelings for Virat and wants to spend life with him instead. Virat says there is nothing like that, he asked Pakhi to give her and Samrat’s relationship one more chance as Samrat is better than him. Samrat says he forgot that he left his wife next day after marriage, but Virat always stood by his wife. Ashwini says even Saii stood by Virat always. Virat says he is talking about Pakhi and Samrat and not about him and Sai. Sai thinks Virat doesn’t even want to talk about them. Virat asks Pakhi and Samrat to give themselves one more chance as its whole family’s wish. Whole family backs him. Virat says last decision would be Samrat and Pakhi’s. Pakhi says she needs time to take decision as so much happened and she is not in a position to take decision. Samrat says he can understand it would have been difficult for her to stay in this house in his absence and Virat’s presence. Mansi asks him to question Pakhi alone as she shouldn’t feel humiliated. Bhavani asks him to rethink of his decision as Pakhi and Virat would have hidden cafe meeting if they were wrong.

Sonali says relationships are not broken so easily and asks Shivani to take Pakhi to her room. Shivani does. Virat says he will get a transfer after 2 days and will go away, but Samrat should stay back and take care of family and give his and Pakhi’s relationship one more chance, rest whatever they decide. Ashwini prays god to reunite both brothers and clear their differences. Sai thinks Virat has decided to go away from here.

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