Lost in Love update Friday 19 August 2022

Lost in Love 19 August 2022: The Episode starts with Rajvi saying we didn’t know you are alive, we found a woman’s body at the accident site, police said the documents are of Nandini Rawal. Nandini says maybe my purse fell down there, Vini’s Nanny had died, fine, I accept that you felt I m not alive, but giving Charmy my name and bringing her to Darsh, he accepted her as Nandini, what’s this. Rajvi says I had no option, doctor said that Darsh shouldn’t get any sorrow, his retina can detach, Darsh came home and saw Charmy, I had no option, if I told him the truth, Darsh could have not accepted it, I convinced Charmy and family to lie to him and save his eyesight, so Darsh is thinking Charmy is Nandini. She cries and says I know you will not believe me, I prayed that you come back to me, I m your bigger culprit now. Nandini says no, you are not my culprit, I cheated your son, I m wrong, its good you told me the truth, all the confusion got clear, I was thinking how did you forgive me, you didn’t forgive me, but dead Nandini, you would have thought that I got punished for my deeds, so you gave my identity to someone else, I m really happy, I m not crying on my loss.

Charmy hears Dada ji and Chetan talking. Dada ji says Nandini has comeback, everything will be fine. Parul says yes, Charmy won’t need to lie, she is free now. Rajvi says I don’t want your forgiveness. Shobit comes and says you were never wrong, I did everything. He apologizes to Nandini and cries. He says I cheated Darsh, Darsh isn’t at fault. He tells her everything. Nandini cries. Shobit says please accept Darsh again, punish me, I will do whatever you say, please forgive him, it was my mistake.Nandini writes something and says get this signed by your brother. Shobit asks what’s this. She says trust me, I will not run away with anything, I proved that I m not a gold digger. He says I will get this signed. She says read this once. He reads and says mom, its written, that Darsh dismisses his claim on Rawal property, Shobit has a right on it. He asks what’s this, I don’t deserve anything of this house, I can’t snatch Darsh’s rights. Nandini asks why, you said you will do whatever I say. He says I can’t do wrong on anyone’s saying.

She says how did Darsh misunderstand me on someone’s saying, I forced you but you didn’t do wrong with him, this is love, he didn’t love me, he didn’t trust me, Darsh and I never had love, anyways, we have no relation now, stop calling me Bhabhi. Rajvi asks Shobit to just leave. Shobit leaves.Rajvi says your anger is justified, but will you forgive Darsh and come back in this house. Nandini says Vini returned peace in my life, I m Vini’s mum, my name is Ishani Jhunjhunwala, this is my identity, I will never become Nandini and return in this house. Charmy comes and says he loves you a lot, if I get a bit hurt, he gets worried for his Nandini, I act to study late night, he also stays awake for his Nandini until I sleep, he never expresses it, he loves his Nandini a lot, you are his Nandini, I have always apologized to you, I have nothing here, its all yours. Nandini cries. Charmy says Darsh is yours. She says aunty, I will leave. Rajvi recalls her promise. She says I can’t let you go, you supported me, its not your mistake. She says Charmy is my responsibility now, because she is pregnant, I got to know this two days back, she is carrying Darsh’s child. Nandini and Charmy get shocked.

Charmy thinks why is Rajvi lying to Nandini again, why isn’t she saying that I m carrying Shobit’s child. Rajvi says now you know I had made Charmy as Nandini to save Darsh from the trauma, it wasn’t easy for Charmy, she did this to make Darsh believe her, she was with him all the time, they had formed husband and wife’s relation. Nandini says you think its fine. Rajvi says no, if a mum does something for his child’s betterment, how can it be wrong, what shall I do, Charmy is ready to leave seeing you here, how shall I let her go. Nandini says Darsh is starting a family based on a cheat, you are the person starting this cheat.She goes to Charmy and says my identity isn’t on rent, my name is just name, no one can use it. Rajvi says you don’t want to come here, you want to stay as Ishani all life, what’s your objection if Charmy stays here. Nandini says you all are cheating him, I feel bad for him, being a mum can’t be an excuse to choose a wrong path, a mum teaches one to fly, not one who cheats, I didn’t expect this from you. She says Darsh didn’t know you are not Nandini, you knew it, how did you get pregnant, I will not let him fall in this cheat. Rajvi says don’t tell the truth to Darsh, he doesn’t know about Charmy’s pregnancy, no one knows. Nandini asks how long will you hide this, he will know it some day. Rajvi says he will break down, you will tell truth and go your way, what about Charmy, the child will be called illegitimate. Nandini says I will become a culprit for him if I keep him in darkness, after knowing the truth, I will tell him the truth. She goes to Darsh. Rajvi worries. Darsh thanking the fire guards. Nandini comes. Darsh asks how is Vini, I was getting the soup for her. Everyone comes. Nandini asks couldn’t you identify me. He says I know I have hurt you a lot, you are from JJ uncle’s family, I did this seeing Vini’s interests. She says every family is good, you mean a rich family is good, you have a habit to ask for proof, you come in anyone’s words, you believe it as truth, then people have to prove to you, did you ask yourself, who are you to ask someone for proof.

He says I m sorry. She says let me complete, then we will see if your sorry matters, I will count your misunderstandings, if I stumbled, then I m a drunkard, if goons got after me, then I m weak, if you got a pic in the house, then I wasn’t Ishani, you didn’t listen to me, it means no one’s tears matter to you, not even truth and emotions, other’s stamp matter to you.She asks did you love someone, did you trust the person you love, did you doubt that person also. He recalls Nandini. She says maybe you doubted her and didn’t give her a chance to clarify, maybe you asked her the proof of love, love doesn’t happen on the basis of proof, just business happens that way. Darsh says I don’t know why you are telling me all this, whatever you said, its unfortunately yes, I did this mistake of not trusting many times, the girl who supported me when I was blind, I doubted her as well. He sees Charmy. Nandini says you have a habit to doubt, I will tell you who I m and what’s my name, Ishani Jhunjhunwala. Everyone gets relieved.Nandini says I m Vini’s mum, this is my identity. Darsh says please don’t say this, I feel guilty, its my mistake to get Vini here, we will take care of her, I will feed her the soup, you give her medicines. She says she is my daughter, if anyone feeds her, then people can doubt if I m her mum or not. Darsh says I will get Vini’s reports and come, I hope I can do this. He goes. Dada ji asks will you forgive me. Everyone apologizes. Vipul says I can’t believe that you are alive, why didn’t you tell Darsh, Charmy is lying because of us, you are Darsh’s truth, please forget everything, forgive us and come back home, please, this house is incomplete without you.

Parul says we all did a mistake, but I know you have a big heart, you will forgive us, prove our belief true. Nandini asks what about my trust, Darsh didn’t keep it, sorry, you all have a small heart, you couldn’t keep trust in your heart. Parul says forget it. Nandini asks how shall I forget that you all had questioned my character, I was trying to get Darsh’s eyesight back with Ritesh’s help, you all accused me to have an illegitimate relation with him, you would remember it right. She reminds them. She says I was seeing a dream before coming here, he would be so happy when I tell him about his surgery, I was thinking if he hugged me in front of the family, then I will be shy, but you all had ashamed me, you had put Ritesh and my pic here, it was just a pic, pic can be a lie also, you all had hatred for me in your eyes, you decided on my character, it wasn’t a lie, I was scared of your blames, I went to my husband, I was hoping that he will protect me, but no, he also accused me to be characterless, its an old tradition to accuse a girl’s character.

She says if Shobit didn’t tell you the truth, then you would have felt that I cheated Darsh, why shall I give someone a right to ask me for proof, I wanted to tell the truth to Darsh, he made my pic when he was blind, when he got his eyesight, he isn’t able to identify his love, he never knew me or accepted me, one has to trust to accept someone, if he can’t trust me, then I don’t care if he keeps a false relation all his life. Rajvi cries. Nandini says my Kanha knows that I accepted Darsh with all my heart, you couldn’t accept me, its not my mistake, Namrata always saw me as a poor girl, its not my mistake if Darsh couldn’t keep his vows, when he accused me as greedy, I felt bad, but I forgave me, its not my mistake, I should have not forgiven him, then matter would have not reached my character. She says sorry, I don’t have a big heart, now I have pieces of my heart. She asks Vipul not to expect her to come back home, would he expect Namrata to compromise if she was called characterless in her Sasural, no right.She says I just want to say thanks to you all, you did Nandini’s tervi, Nandini was a nice girl. She goes to her room. She cries recalling the past. She sees the sindoor box. She gets the sindoor and says sorry, I went to your bedroom without asking you, this sindoor is Akhand, Rajvi gave this to Nandini before marriage, but old Nandini’s head can’t bear this burden, I m giving this to you, its a proof that I will never come back to claim rights on your husband. She cries and leaves. Charmy and everyone cry. Rajvi thinks I did wrong to doubt and blame you, I have lied even today, I told about Shobit’s child as Darsh’s child, I know you won’t come back in Darsh’s life, I can’t see him alone all life.

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