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Unspoken Bond 19 August 2022: Sai coughs while studying. Virat closes her book and insists her to have kadha/herbal medicine and sleep as she cannot study during illness. Sai resists. He insists her to have kadha. She says when Aaba used to offer her kadha, she used to feed it to plants. Virat says it will not happen here and forces her to drink it. She drinks it making weird faces. he then makes her sleep and drapes blanket over her. She falls asleep. He makes a pillow wall between them and tries to clear her hair from her face. She wakes up. He backs off. She smiles. Next morning, Ninad plays harmonium and bores family. Bhavani says looks like Sai won Ninad’s heart. Omkar and Sonali back her. Pakhi offers tea to everyone and Ninad. Ninad stops her and asks to keep it aside sa it will fall on harmonium. Sai walks down coughing and asks Ninad to continue his music. He says he will take a tea break and then start again. Sai requests Pakhi to give her a cup of tea as her throat is paining due to cough. Pakhi yells that she is queen of this house that she doesn’t want to work and orders, she can take her tea instead. Sai asks how can she exaggerate a small issue, she just asked a cup of tea. Bhavani backs Pakhi and yells at Sai. Sai says she took leave today as she is ill and informed her professor and walks away from there coughing. Ninad asks Pakhi not to be behind Sai always.

Unspoken Bond 18 August 2022

Pakhi yells that Sai gifted him harmonium and won his heart, they all are supporting Sai because of her gifts. Omkar and Sonali say nobody can bribe them and make them against her. Pakhi continues yelling at Sai and says he cannot be under the same roof with Sai, so she will leave this house. Ninad says Sai is a kid and doesn’t know the rules of a joint family and hence she will learn slowly, so Pakhi should adjust. Sonali reminds Omkar that he needs to sign office documents and return them and takes him away.Door bell rings. Bhavani asks who must have come at this time. Pakhi opens door and seeing Ajinkya asks if he came to meet Sai. He nods yes and says he came to meet Sai as she is ill. Pakhi says Sai is just having cold and is not that ill that he came to check on her health. She takes him in and introduces him to Ninad and Bhavani. Ajinkya says Sai missed orthopedics class and hence he came to give her notes as their house falls on his way. Bhavani says nobody bothered about Sai but he did. He says he just came to give her notes and asks Pakhi to give it to them. Pakhi reminisces Ajinkya’s closeness with Sai, gets an evil idea, and insists him to go to Sai’s room and himself give it to her. He says its okay, she can call Sai here or give it herself. She says he can go and explain the notes to Sai. Ajinkya says its okay and gives his brought cup cakes for Sai.

She continuously insists him to give it himself and shows her Sai’s room. Bhavani gets angry noticing that and asks if its right to send a stanger boy into their bahu’s room.Pakhi says Ninad is playing harmonium here and Sai needs privacy to discuss studies. Ninad says it never happened in their house. She justifies what is wrong if a friend visits another friend’s room, thinks Virat must be returning home and will panic seeing Sai and Ajinkya together, he will react at last for sure.Sai hearing door knock thinks its Virat and opens door. She is surprised to see Ajinkya. He says she told she is ill, so he thought of meeting her on the way home. She asks if he wanted to surprise her like during her birthday, how did he find a way to her room. He says a lady downstairs insisted him and sent him here. Sai thinks Ashwini must have sent him here, Virat will get angry seeing Ajinkya like last time, but asks Ajinkya to come in. Bhavani wanders angrily. Ninad says even if Pakhi sent Ajinkya to Sai’s room, Sai shouldn’t have let him in. Bhavani says Virat doesn’t like this.

Virat walks in and asks what are they talking about. Ajinkya asks Sai to rest and says he will leave as her in-laws may not like it. She says her in-laws are cool and asks him to have some snacks and go. He says the lady told she will bring snacks for them, her family is really unique. Sai asks him to publicize it in her their college. Pakhi brings snacks and tea and informs Virat that Ajinkya has come and is in Sai’s room. Virat gets angry and shouts who sent Ajinkya to his room.Ajinkya offers cup cakes to Sai and says he didn’t know she likes cup cakes so much. Sai asks about orthopedics class. He offers her notes. She thanks him and starts coughing. He makes her sit and offers her water. Virat walks in angrily and misunderstanding them as kissing each other shouts at Ajinkya how dare he is to enter his room. Ajinkya nervously says he came to give notes to give notes to Sai. Sai tells Virat that he cannot insult her friend like this. Ajinkya seeing Virat’s angry mood picks his bag and tries to leave when Pakhi brings tea and snacks and asks if he got afraid of Virat. Virat asks not to interfere. Pakhi says what is wrong if Ajinkya visits Sai as they are best friends and study together. Virat shouts he doesn’t want to hear anything and asks Ajinkya to leave. Pakhi says Ajinkya is their guest and she will not let him go without having tea and snacks and asks Virat to have tea with them. Virat pushes tea cup away. Sai shocked asks if he has gone mad. Virat shouts shut up and seeing cup cakes asks why did he lie that he brought notes for Sai.

Ajinkya says since Sai is ill, he brought her cup cakes to make her feel better. Virat says and lend his shoulder for Sai. Sai asks what does he mean. Ajinkya says he was just offering water for Sai. Ajinkya holds Virat’s collar. Sai tries her best and frees him and says he cannot misbehave with her friend. Virat shouts he can as he doesn’t like her friend who meets and dances with her and today crossed his limit to meet her. Pakhi grins seeing that. Virat holds Ajinkya’s collar again and while Sai tries to free him, he falls down. Ajinkya stands up and informs that he wanted to give notes to Sai and return when Pakhi insisted him to go to Sai’s room and give the notes to her there and she will bring tea and snacks for them. Pakhi says she thought he will just give notes but didn’t know he came with wrong intentions. Sai says Virat is misunderstanding and cannot understand in jealousy; Pakhi is pouring ghee in the issue; when Pakhi can enter their room any time and Virat doesn’t question her, why Virat is making an issue when her friend visited her. Virat says if Ajinkya is just a friend, why did she meet him in a room. Sai asks if she thinks she is having an affair with Virat, she 1000 times told him that they are just friends, he doubts Ajinkya and asked her once if she wants to be Ajinkya’s wife instead of him. Ajinkya says he just came to give notes to Sai and will never visit her. Sai says he should better go and never come here even if she dies. Ajinkya runs away. Virat shouts she should answer him what was she doing with Ajinkya alone in a room. Sai asks if he wants to say that she was doing wrong with him. He shouts more loudly he is just questioning her what was she doing with Ajinkya. She says he wants to say that she is characterless, how can he think so low regarding her, and walks away. He shouts she is not yet finished and she cannot go from here.

Senior Chavan get tensed hearing Virat shouting. Ashwini returns home from shopping with Mohit and Karishma and seeing seniors tensed asks what is happening. Sai walks away while Virat walks behind her shouting to answer her first. Ashwini seeing that asks seniors what exactly happened. Sai walks on road remembering the incident. Virat runs behind shouting she cannot go without answering him. Ashwini confronts Pakhi for sending Ajinkya to Sai’s room without informing her and says she cannot send a stranger into a married woman’s room. Mansi backs her. Bhavani backs Pakhi and says Ashwini is insulting Pakhi for a small mistake; though Pakhi mistakenly sent Ajinkya to Sai’s room without her permission, but Sai didn’t send him out; she doubts Sai’s intentions. Ashwini asks how can she say that and worries for Sai. Mohit asks her to calm down as Virat will bring Sai back. Shivani also consoles Ashwini. Pakhi grins and thinks she doesn’t think Sai will return here, Sai thought she will stay here till she becomes a doctor, her time has finished in this house.

Virat holds Sai and shouts to answer him before running away. She frees herself and walks away. Virat continues shouting she should answer her first when a speeding car crushes Sai under it and speeds away. Sai falls down unconscious injuring her head. Public gather and discuss about checking Sai’s phone and calling her family and ambulance. Virat says she is his wife. Public identify him. Virat holding Sai cries and pleads to open her eyes. He lifts her, gets her into cab, and thinks he will not let her happen anything. He takes her to hospital where doctor asks if its an accident case. Virat says yes and pleads to save his wife. Doctor asks him to control himself and rushes Sai to OT. Family reaches hospital. Ashwini seeing blood in his hands asks where is her daughter. Virat stands senselessly. She cries more seeing OT. Ninad asks Virat if she said something to Sai that she went away angrily. Pakhi says Virat saw Sai and Ajinkya in a compromising position. Ninad says he cannot even think of it. Pakhi says even she didn’t think so. Shivani asks what is a big deal if Sai’s friend visits her home to give a note. Pakhi says some stories are true. Bhavani says she remembers that Virat didn’t like Ajinkya visiting Sai during her birthday, surely Virat doubts Ajinkya from before.

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