Lost in Love update Thursday 18 August 2022

Lost in Love 18 August 2022: Ashwini tells Virat that he should be happy that a clear hearted Sai is his wife who selflessly helps everyone. He asks whom did he bring the dinner for. He says who else than Sai as she must not have had dinner yet busy in studies. Ashwini smiles and asks Ninad to continue his music. Virat takes dinner to his room and searches Sai, but not finding her searches her in whole house and finds her munching food on kitchen countertop. He offers her thali and says he knew she would be hungry, hence he took her plate to room and now can see her finishing food already. She says she she didn’t have anything in college and got more hungry standing for long in music shop. She finishes food and thanks him. He asks her Ajinkya’s number as she must be remembering her bestfriend’s number and he wants to know what his bestfriend does. She asks why is he behind Ajinkya, she doesn’t know his number and he is not her bestfriend. He thinks why he is having bad thoughts about Sai and Ajinkya.

next morning, during breakfast, Shivani asks Sonali why didn’t Pakhi come for breakfast. Sonali asks how will she know, she should go and ask herself. Bhavani says Pakhi must be ill and asks Ashwini to take foot plate to Pakhi’s room. Ashwini comments that they would have created a scene if Sai would have stayed in room. Bhavani yells why she speaks bitter about Pakhi, Pakhi is not like Sai who would like to have food only in her room. Pakhi enters and says she is not like Sai and wants to have food with family, she was stuck with an important call. Shivani asks she is taking as if she got an important job call. Mansi asks not to bother about Shivani’s words. Bhavani asks if her parents are fine. Pakhi informs that she applied for job in a few places and will stay in her parent’s house for sometime. Family drama continues. Bhavani asks why she wants to do job suddenly. Pakhi says she was thinking about since sometime as she was feeling bored at home and wants to keep herself busy. Sonali reminds her that Chavan family bahus don’t work outside.

Pakhi says Chavan family bahus even don’t dance on stage, but Sai danced during her college function and nobody had any problem; when Sai can dance and attend college after marriage, why can’t she and if they consider Sai as a daughter or she has a husband to support her, but I don’t know where my husband is. Sonali says nobody forced her to leave the job and she left her job with her wish, then why she changed her decision suddenly. Pakhi says she took that decision for Pakhi and knows she was worried that she would be under both family and work pressure, but now there are only sorrows in her life and hence she decided to stay in her parent’s house until she finds a job and hopes they don’t mind. Mansi says she can search a job staying here, if she is hiding something which she doesn’t want to inform them. Bhavani backs Mansi and says without her, their house will be very silent.

Virat walks down and asks who is leaving house. Pakhi says the thorn of his eyes, her, she has decided to stay in her parent’s house until she finds a job. Ninad says she should think over again. Omkar backs her. Virat asks if she is leaving the house because of him celebrating Sai’s birthday and says nobody has problem with her doing a job or visiting her parents, but she cannot go angry and will apologize if she feels so. She asks why he feels so. He says he can feel it and says if Samrat returns and doesn’t find her here, Samrat’s heart will break, so he wants to request her to stay back and take a decision together with him. She asks if he wants her to spend her whole life waiting for Samrat, he moved on and wants her to live in her past’s shadow. Mansi says nobody wants her to be in her past, but she cannot tell in front of a mother that her son will not return; she can do a job or whatever she wants to, but she cannot tell her that her son may not return. Shivani consoles her. Pakhi shouts why everyone blame her in this house, why don’t anyone try to understand her; Virat knows the reason for her staying in this house and doing everything without questioning, he knows Samrat is not involved in all this, then why he dragged Samrat in this issue.

Sai walks down coughing. Ashwini gets concerned for her. Sai says she is fine. Virat asks if she needs medicine. Sai says she is fine and tells Pakhi that she heard she wants to leave house, she knows she hates her, but she should think of the rest of the family and stay back. Sonali asks Karishma if Ashwini gave rasgulla to Sai in breakfast that she is speaking sweet. Sai says she is speaking by heart, this house has Pakhi’s right and she will leave the house instead. She continues pleading Pakhi not to leave the house and coughs. Virat offers her water. Pakhi yells thanks but not thanks, Sai shouldn’t give a free advice and interfere in her life, she doens’t even need Virat’s advice as she took her decisions in the past and will continue to, she is competent enough to think of her and will not change the decision.

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