Lost in love starlife Wednesday 24 January 2024

Lost in love 24 January 2024: Savi tells Ishan that his favorite students ragged her and locked her in a room, she will not spare them and will take action against them at any cost. Ishan says she is habituated to create a drama from day 1.

Savi says if fight against injustice is creating a drama, then she will create a drama; she knows that he knows everything and is trying to save his sister Durva and trustee’s son Ayush. Ishan looks shocked hearing that. Savi leaves from there and reaches Harini’s house. She breaks down hugging Harini and asks her to give her something to eat. Harini gives her food. Harini describes how Durva and Ayush ragged her and says she will not spare them. Kiran warns her not to think of it as they are powerful people and put her into trouble instead. He yells at Harini for serving food to her sister while he is waiting for food. Savi tells Harini that she missed her parents when she was locked in a room. Harini comforts Savi and goes to serve food to Kiran.

Shantanu calls Ishan and asks if he found Savi. Ishan says yes, some students locked her in a room in the name of ragging and she is injured. Shantanu asks her to find out those students and punish them. Ishan says he will do the same and disconnects call. Shantanu informs Yashwant that some students tried to rag Savi. Nishikanth says ragging never happened in their college, Savi is lying. Shantanu says Savi doesn’t lie. Durva asks her friends to execute their plan B. Avni warns her not to create more trouble for them and asks her plan.

Durva says they will say they left the college after lectures and deny Savi’s allegations, warns her to keep her mouth shut. Ishan walks in and tongue lashes Durva for ragging Savi. Surekha says Durva can never do wrong. Durva says she left college after lectures and Shantanu is the evidence. Ishan questions Anvi who also says same. Asmi questions Durva, but Surekha warns her that there are others to take decisions in life. Ishan says he will investigate this matter and find out truth.

Savi cries looking at her parent’s photo and thinks she is facing so much difficulties in life. She recalls Sai’s advice to fight back whenever she faces injustice, determines to get the raggers punished at any cost. Surekha takes milk for Ishan and says she brought him milk as he didn’t come for dinner. She says Savi is lying, doesn’t he trust his sister. Ishan says he trusts Durva a brother, but seeing Savi’s condition and college’s director, he can’t keep quiet; both Durva and her friends are involved and its very dangerous to lock a girl in a dark room, what if she had died. Surekha says he should take a decision after Yashwant and others return home and says he shouldn’t forget that she has come here on Isha’s recommendation and is trying to defame them. IShan says he doesn’t care on whose recommendation she is here, she is in their institution, so he will call a meeting and investigate the issue. Surekha thinks she shall protect Durva at any cost. She calls a professor and orders him to take final year students on a field trip to a nearby sugar mill. Professor agrees. Surekha thinks once Yashwant returns home, he will handle the issue.

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