Lost in love starlife update Thursday 25 January 2024

Lost in love 25 January 2024: Savi gets a nightmare of the ragging incident and wakes up in fear. She drinks water and notices a note from Harini that she and Kiran are going to Delhi as Kiran has a meeting in Delhi, she has left some money for her expenses, she should forget whatever happened at the college.

Anvi hesitates to attend college. Durva says they should pretty as if they are very innocent and make people believe the same. Asmi with Shikha walks in and with her broken English asks her what she is trying to hide, did she really rag Savi. Durva humiliates her for her broken English and warns her concentrate on household chores and not household issues as Surekha and Ishan are there for that. Asmita feels sad seeing Durva’s misbehavior. Shikha tries to comfort her. Asmita says it’s her mistake that she let Surekha take decisions of her life. She plans to visit a temple with Shikha to calm her mind. Shikha agrees.

Savi visits college. Shukla says she looks weak and should have rested at home. Savi says she wants to meet Ishan regarding yesterday’s incident. Shukla apologizes her for coming in Durva and her team’s talks and not checking the rooms properly. Kiran’s mother insists her husband to take her to her village as her brother wants to meet her. Husband asks how will they leave Savi alone. Wife says Savi eloped from her house and came here and it’s good if she finds her accommodation somewhere when they are out.

Ishan calls Savi to his cabin. Savi asks where are the other students. Ishan says he has already called them and asks Shukla. Shukla checks and informs that students have gone on a field trip with professor Sathe.

Savi alleges Ishan of planning to protect his favorite students by sending them to a sudden field trip and avoiding questioning them. Isha denies her allegations and says he didn’t know about the trip. Savi says being a director, he doesn’t know about it. She challenges to take a different route to get justice if he can’t. She walks out and stages a protest with a slogan to fight against ragging. Ishan calls Sathe and tongue lashes him for going on a field trip without informing other teaches and him who is a director of the college. He orders Sathe to return to college immediately. Sathe asks driver to take an U turn and informs Surekha about same. Surekha asks him to do as Ishan says till she plans something else and thinks why Ishan is supporting Savi.

Ishan asks Shukla to call Savi. Shukula walks out and notices Savi’s protest and informs Ishan about the same. Ishan walks out and asks Savi to stop her protest. Savi says it has been more than 12 hours since she was ragged and no action has been taken. Ishan asks her to wait for an hour till the students return and he questions them. Savi doesn’t listen. He threatens to give her a notice if she spoils college environment. Savi gets adamant and continues to protest.

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