Lost in love starlife update Wednesday 19 June 2024

Samrudh’s aide lies to Ashwini and Ninad that Bhavani is calling them. They follow him out of the venue and feely drowsy. Goons then kidnap them. Samrudh tells Mandar that the game has just begun. Vinayak asks Ishan to show his dancing skills as it’s a question of Pune’s dignity.

Ishan says he needs to go. Savi says Ishan is afraid. Ishan notices her out of place and says it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to dance in a sari. Sari notices it. Harini corrects her sari. Savi challenges Ishan for a dance face off and dances on stage. Vinayak and Harini provokes Ishan saying it’s a question of Bhosale family’s dignity now. Ishan joins Savi and they both dance energetically.

Harini and Vinayak join them and dance on Dhak Dhak Dhadke Ye Dil.. song. Samrudh tells his aides that they have kidnapped his 3 in-laws and should keep an eye on rest of the 3. Surekha calls Ishan and asks why didn’t he leave from Ramtek, what is he doing there, does he want her to have a heart attack again. Ishan says he really didn’t want to go there and will return soon. Surekha says she will not be in peace until he returns. Ishan tries to leave. Harini insists him to have dinner and go.

Ishan says he is really late and needs to go. Harini says she will get his plate soon. Savi says let him go if he is not hungry. Vinayak asks Ishan to go after meeting his grandparents and goes to bring them. Savi tells Ishan that he got into talks so easily, earlier into Vinayak’s talks and danced on floor and now Harini’s. Vinayak goes out in search of his grandparents. Samrudh hits his head from behind and kidnaps him.

Harini brings food for Ishan. Ishan says he really needs to go and asks her to inform her grandparents that he left. Harini insists him to have food as it’s very tasty. Savi thinks he will disrespect food. Ishan enjoys food and orders some more. Savi thinks he wanted to go a few minutes ago and now is munching food like there is no tomorrow. Harini goes out next searching for her grandparents. Samrudh and goons kidnap her. Savi asks ishan to go as she will inform her grandparents that he left. Aide offers spiked juice to Savi. Savi is about to have it when her friend insists her for a dance and she leaves.

Ishan walks to parking lot and is about to leave when he notices goons kidnapping Harini in a truck and runs behind it. Truck speeds away. He clicks truck’s number plate pic, rushes back to function, and informs Savi that some goons kidnapped Harini and took her in a truck. Savi is shocked to hear that. Ishan says they should file a police complaint. Savi says they should go behind the goons first and walks to her scooty refusing to take his help. Ishan asks her to let him help as he has truck number.

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