Bitter sweet love starlife update Wednesday June 19 2024

The Episode starts with Bobby praising Kunal and Vandu for giving an amazing presentation. Kunal says thanks, I got this contract because of you. She says don’t say thanks, you have always supported me, whatever I did, it was my work. He smiles. She gets a call from Vaibhav. Kunal asks all good? She nods.

Bobby says I have to go for an event, I will see you in office. He goes. Vandu gets upset reading the messages and leaves in an auto rickshaw. Kunal leaves in his car. Vandu recalls Vaibhav’s words. The auto rickshaw stops. She sees Vaibhav in front of the auto. Vaibhav smiles. She says you are so cheap, you have done a big drama at home and now you are stopping me on road. He says I have a proof, I m not making mistakes.

He shows the video and says you are romancing him, you are cunning, you want divorce just to get free and have fun with Kunal. She shouts. He says wait, I will call the people. She asks him to stop it. He starts acting and cries. He complains about his wife. He says my wife is cheating on me, she is blaming me for cheating, look at her, she is with Kunal Malhotra, who is right and who is wrong, tell me. The people scold Vandu.

Vaibhav smiles. Vandu cries and shouts enough. She catches Vaibhav’s collar and scolds him. She says I didn’t cheat you. Vaibhav asks the people to go and do their work. He says what can I do, I m stuck. He threatens Vandu. She says stop this misbehavior, else… He asks what will you do, tell me, just give me your property, else I will force you to change your name, identity and city, I will defame Kunal and you. He pushes her. Kunal comes and holds her. Vaibhav turns and sees them. He claps and says hero’s entry… did I get songs playing or flower shower, you guys romance, I will defame you.

He says Kunal, ask her to give her property share to me and get the divorce, then she can do anything with you. Kunal shouts and holds his collar. He says you don’t spread your dirt around. Vaibhav says you and Vandu will be blamed now. Kunal says to hell with the people. He catches Vaibhav’s neck and lights him in the car. He scolds Vaibhav and recalls Sonia and Inder. Vandu looks on. Kunal says you have made love and marriage a joke, get out of our lives and let us stay in peace. Vaibhav says leave me. He sees a truck coming. Kunal pushes Vaibhav. Vandu shouts no, Kunal Sir. Kunal pulls Vaibhav back and saves him.

Vaibhav gets up and says Kunal is mad. Kunal says get out, else I don’t know what I will do. Vaibhav says I will not leave you both. He leaves. She asks what were you going to do. Kunal says sit in the car. She says no, I will go by auto. He says just sit in the car, get your bag. She nods. She sits in the car.

He says you helped me in getting contract and I helped you in handling Vaibhav. Inder and Sonia come home. He gets angry and says Kunal did much drama today, I hate him a lot, and his PA, Vandu, I lost this contract because of her. Sonia says you didn’t work hard to get the contract. He asks what. They argue. He says Kunal won because of Vandu, they are close, they always support each other. Sonia gets thinking. He says I think they have something between them. Kunal and Vandu see each other. Baatein kuch ankahee si…plays.

Thursday update bitter sweet 


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