Lost in love starlife update Thursday 20 June 2024

Ishan insists Savi to accompany her. Savi says he already helped her a lot, she will manage alone. Ishan says he has truck number and can help police catch it. Savi agrees and asks him to ride her scooter why she calls her family. She finds no one picking her call.

They stop at a traffic signal. Samrudh’s truck is also seen at the traffic signal. Savi walks towards signal but doesn’t notice him. She returns to Ishan and says there is a shortcut on the left side and diverts scooter. Samrudh reaches his hideout and removes mask from Chavans. Chavans are shocked to see themselves being kidnapped by Samrudh. Savi continues calling her family, gets down the scooter seeing traffic again, and runs towards police station.

Samrudh video calls Savi via Harini’s mobile, ready as a groom, and asks why is his bride still not ready. Savi warns what nonsense and asks where is Harini. Samrudh says she is with family. Savi warns her to dare not harm her taayi. Samrudh says he doesn’t look at any other girl except her and threatens her to get ready as bride and reach a closed factory on Ramtek-Nagpur road or else be ready to see her family dead. Savi threatens to punish him if something happens to her family. Samrudh says she can do whatever she can and should reach the venue immediately wearing a bridal dress he sent her or be ready to lose each family member with each passing moment.

Ishan takes phone from Savi and warns Samrudh to spare Savi’s family or else he will trash him like he did last time. Verbal argument continues.

Savi asks Ishan to stay away. Samrudh shoots Ninad’s leg. Chavans panic. Savi pleads Samrudh to spare her family and agrees to marry him. Ishan asks her not to panic and use her brains, they will seek police help and free her family from Samrudh’s grip. Savi doesn’t listen to him, argues with him, warns him to stop interfering in her life, and leaves in her scooter.

Ishan tries to call police and finds no network. Samrudh and his gang dance happily in front of Chavans. Ishan calls police and seeks help to rescue his student’s family from Samrudh. He then seeks a car from a mechanic for some time promising to pay whatever amount he asks. Vinu pleads Samrudh to let Ninad go as he is profusely bleeding. Samrudh says he spoilt his mood and asks him to dance. Vinu pleads to first let Ninad go. Samrudh kicks at Ninad’s wound and says he can go to any extent. Ninad shouts in pain. Vinu agrees to dance. Samrudh frees Ninad and orders Vinu to dance unitl his sister arrives as a bride.

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