Lost in love starlife update Wednesday 15 May 2024

Nishikant asks Yashwant if Swanand will obey his orders and take Reeva from Pune. Yashwant says if Swanand knows his anger towards his enemies, then Swanand will take Reeva away from Ishan forever. Door bell rings. Asmita opens door and gets tensed seeing Reeva. Reeva says she came to talk to them.

Surekha, Yashwant, and Nishi walk down and get angry seeing her. Nishi tells Yashwant that he told Swanand will take Reeva from here, but Reeva is here. Surekha asks Reeva what is she doing here. Reeva says she came to apologize them for the sin she made, she can understand how hurt they are after she left suddenly, she is really sorry for that.

Savi feels restless worried for her azoba. She opens a book and finds Ishan’s letter in it with encouraging words for her.

She recalls Ishan’s weird behavior today and thinks if he is fine, messages him asking if he is fine. Ishan receives message and hears Surekha shouting downstairs. Surekha shouts at Reeva to stop her drama as there is no relationship between them and should get out of here right now. Reeva asks her not to say that and apologizes again. Surekha says she will forgive her with a condition. Reeva says she accepts all her conditions. Ishan walks to them.

Surekha breaks a vase and says if she refixes it like before, she will their forgiveness. Reeva stands silent. Surekha says Reeva and her family’s behavior was unforgivable. Reeva asks if she refixes this vase, will she really forgive her; she doesn’t know if she can refix it or not, but she will try for sure. She tries to refix them and gets hurt. Ishan gets worried for her, but then recalls her leaving him and gets angry.

Swanand and Swati reach there and try to stop Reeva. Yashwant shouts at them to stop the drama and take their daughter from there. He threatens Swanand not to take his threaten lightly or else he knows the consequences. Swanand tries to take Reeva from there. Reeva asks him to wait for a minute.

Reeva confronts Yashwant for threatening her father to file a police complaint and asks what will he do if she doesn’t go from there. She says she knows whatever she did was wrong and her relationship with Ishan will never be alive again, but she will try to relive it again. She tries to leave with her family. Ishan stops her and shows her coffee cup, chocolate wrapper, kerchief, etc., he conserved without her knowledge and says he loved her immensely, but she broke his heart; she may succeed in refixing a broken vase, but she can’t succeed in refixing his broken heart. He continues to express his pain, pushes her out of the house, and closes door. Reeva stands more heart broken. Her parents take her away from there.

Surekha tries to speak to Ishan. Ishan walks away. Surekha says she is happy to see how Ishan handled Reeva. Asmita says Reeva is repenting for her mistake and should be given another chance. Yashwant asks if she didn’t see Ishan’s pain, at least Ishan will sleep peacefully today after this closure. Ishan plays drum loudly and shouts, venting out his pain. Asmita asks if this is peace, then what is pain. Anvi says Ishan is deeply hurt. Surekha says she will go and check. Yashwant stops her and asks her to leave Ishan alone and let his frustration get out by itself, only then Ishan would be ready to fight his life’s battle.

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