Lost in love starlife update Wednesday 12 June 2024

Savi seeks promise from Vinayak to be with his sisters forever. Vinayak promises her to be with them till his last breath. Savi ties rakhi to him. Harini says she wants to tie rakhi to even her. Savi asks why. Harini says one who protects them are tied rakhi, Savi protected her always and hence she deserves rakhi. She ties rakhi to Savi. Savi hugs her emotionally followed by Vinayak.

Reeva sitting in a cafe recalls Surekha proposal of Ishan and Reeva’s wedding and her seeking some time to take a decision. Ishan walks in and offers cold coffee for her. Reeva asks how does he know that she is here. Ishan says he knows that whenever she is tensed, she comes here. Reeva asks if she still remembers. Ishan says he remembers everything related to her and asks why did she seek time to take a decision. Reeva says she wants even him to love and wish to marry her and not that only she wants to marry him. She asks if he loves her again. He says no. She feels disheartened and tries to leave. He stops her and says he never forgot her and still loves her.

He picks their engagement ring, kneels dow, and says he kept it till now to gift it to the girl whom he immensely loves and wants to makes her as his forever and she is that girl. Reeva feels happy while customers in cafe clap for them. Ishan asks if Ms Reeva Marathe would like to marry him and become Mrs Reeva Ishan Bhosale. Customers ask Reeva to say yes. Reeva agrees to marry him. He fixes ring in her finger and kisses it. He hugs her recalling their romantic days. Tum Humsafar, Tum Humkadam, Tum Humnawa Mera..song plays in the background.

Yashwant brings Surekha home. Surekha tells Yashwant that Reeva didn’t have a reason to reject her proposal, she insulted her in front of Isha, she didn’t expect it from her. Yashwant says even he didn’t expect Surekha announcing Ishan and Reeva’s wedding suddenly. Surekha says Ishan attending Isha’s interview means Savi’s play has created a great impact in his mind, Ishan accepted in front of media that he is proud of Isha and called her his mother, Savi had almost snatched Ishan from them, Reeva came in as a ray of hope in their lives who handled their family and Ishan well and is a perfect DIL for them and hence she took this decision. Yashwant says he understood. Surekha says she didn’t understand why Reeva didn’t reply to her when she immensely loves Ishan and wants to marry her.

Anvi informs them that Reeva’s parents have come to meet them. Yashwant and Surekha walk to them and greet them. Swati apologizes them for coming without informing them. Surekha says she is fine. Yashwant asks Swanand why did he bring pandit along. Swanand says he brought pandit to fix Reeva and Ishan’s wedding muhurath as Reeva herself called him and informed to fix wedding muhurath. Surekha and Yashwant get shocked hearing that. Ishan walks in holding Reeva’s hand and says they heard it right. Panditji finds muhurath and says they need to marry by next Tuesday or else there would be problem in their wedding.

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