Evil Affairs starlife update Wednesday 15 May 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki hiding seeing Aarohi and then runs from there. She falls down in the well. She looks at the sky from the well opening. Kapalika asks Kaal Mukhi to send her to Nikki’s childhood. He gives her ashes, which she eats and reaches Nikki’s childhood. She sees the church there and starts walking.

Nikki feels pain in her foot and rubs it. She gets up and digs the land to find the trishul. She thinks atleast she got something and many more things must be here. Kapalika sees a girl keeping the baby in the cradle and tries to look at her. She goes back to Tantrik Kaal Mukhi due to the divine powers of the girl.

Aarohi looks for Nikki and wonders where did she go? She says this place is big, to cross this way is next to impossible. She hears the sound. Kapalika goes back again with Kaal Mukhi’s help and sees the girl walking out of orphanage premises. Nikki digs the well and takes out the bags. She hears Aarohi calling her and hides. Aarohi is about to fall in the well, but happens to see it and thinks it is good that she saw it. Nikki opens the bag and snake comes out of it. Kapalika follows the girl.

The girl turns and Kapalika falls down and says Baal Devi. The girl laughs and says you are living in darkness, God had sowed the seed to end the evil and her name is Nikki, the strength of goodness and power. She laughs. Kapalika comes back to Kaal Mukhi and tells that their enemy baal Devi has dropped her there. Nikki takes the stick and throws the snake far from her. She thinks her destiny is good. She thinks to check the bag and thinks if some other snake comes then. She thinks she has to check the bag. She finds idol and a bag. She digs the place and religious book etc. She keeps everything in one bag and hangs it on the trishul to take them with her. She tries to get out of the well and finds herself trapped and thinks how I will go. She pryays to God to help her.

Next Thursday update bitter sweet love 


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