Titli Starlife update Thursday 16 May 2024

Garv seeing Manikant. He says Titli, the entire family is present here, even dad, who was against this marriage. Koel says everyone will be stunned seeing my Garv’s choice. She lifts the veil. They see Titli crying. Everyone asks what happened. The guests gossip. Garv takes Titli with her.

Manikant asks Maina to find out the matter. Alpa asks Koel did you say anything. Koel says no, I don’t know. Manikant gets angry. Alpa laughs at her. Garv takes Titli to his room. He gets angry. He asks what was all this, why did you cry. Jaishri says Garv gets angry, but anger will not conquer his love. Titli says I can’t pretend to be happy, so much happened, I thought you will become a son for my family but… He says I have did every duty of a son, I fought my family for your family’s respect, what did they do, they don’t care for you, I did right with them, they deserve it. She says they are my family.

He says this is your family, come downstairs in 5mins, everyone is waiting, keep a smile on your face, you can do this for my sake. He leaves. Koel hears them. Paresh says I don’t want to hear Titli’s name, she made her husband against me, I did a lot for her, see what I do now. He throws things in anger. He gets an attack and falls. Everyone worries. Koel scolds Titli.

She says you get happy when Garv fights with me for your sake, and now you are crying when you took a stand for you in front of your family, you are lucky to get him. She says husbands here don’t respect wives and make fun of them, your husband respects you, you should respect his word, girl’s family is called her Maayka, she has nothing left there, you have nothing there, you better try to settle here. Titli nods. Koel goes. Titli gets Chintu’s call. She gets shocked. Garv says Titli is coming.

Titli runs out of the house. Koel and Maina stop her. Titli cries and leaves. Manikant says its her Mu dikhai day or the day of our defamation. Garv stops Titli. He asks where are you going. Titli says hospital, Paresh is unwell, I have to meet him. He says complete the rasam here, then I will take you, guests have come to meet you. She says no, I can’t stay back, let me go, please. Manikant says Garv, let her go. Garv hears the taunts. Titli comes to the hospital. Jaishri says you had Mu dukhai rasam today, why did you come here. Titli asks how is Paresh. Hiral scolds her. She calls Titli his enemy. Chintu stops her. Baa scolds Titli. She says you provoked Garv against us. Titli says no, why would I do this. Baa says we know your truth now. Nurse asks them to talk slowly. Bhakti comes and gets the food.

She meets Titli. She sees the bruises on Titli’s hand and asks what’s this. Titli recalls Garv. Garv comes there. He scolds the doctor and asks him to attend his patients. He goes with Chintu to do formalities. He makes the payment. Doctor says Paresh had a little panic attack, don’t worry. Garv sees Titli. Manikant says Titli left the first rasam and went away. Monica says I would have come if I was in her place. Koel says Manikant is your dad, Paresh is Titli’s Kaka, the guests laughed on us. Manikant says she said right. Maina says I will talk to Titli when she comes. Paresh gets angry seeing Garv and Titli. Garv says I m glad you are fine. He touches Paresh’s feet and says take care. He goes. Baa asks Paresh to calm down. She says Garv came and handled things here. Jaishri asks Titli to go home with Garv. Paresh says my children are there to handle me, you don’t need to worry. Hiral asks Titli to leave.

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