Lost in love starlife update Thursday 14 December 2023

Lost in love 14 December 2023: Bhavani finds out about Savi going to college and asks Ashwini and Harini about that. Ninad tells Bhavani to relax as today it’s his birthday. Bhavani says this is why Savi gets spoilt. Ninad says it’s their good only if Savi becomes an officer, she can bring their family out of poverty. Bhavani opposes it saying she is a girl and it will be good if she gets married instead. This makes Ninad sad. Ashwini reminds Bhavani that today is Ninad’s birthday and she should not upset him.

Lost in love 13 December 2023

Bhavani now gives him a sweet but then says it’s his birthday and still Savi didn’t stay at home. Ninad is confident Savi won’t forget his birthday and will come home soon. Savi comes home. Bhavani questions her why she went to college when she asked her not to. Savi says she wants to study and she is not committing any crime by doing that. Bhavani says Sai also went to college and then destroyed their house.

Savi says she will study no matter what and fulfills her dream of becoming an IAS officer. Bhavani slaps her.Later, Savi troubles Bhavani by keeping high volume. Ninad asks her to lower the volume and she does. Other side, Reva is called for the interview. Ishan is taking her interview and she gets impressed by him. Without realizing that her device is connected on a big screen, she checks Ishan’s profile and sends him a friend request. Ishan approves her admission. Reva gets happy. She is about to leave when Ishan says feeling is mutual. She smiles and leaves.

Ashwini notices Savi is mad. She tells her to eat something. Savi asks where was she when Bhavani slapped her. She further says that she doesn’t want to get married. Ashwini tells her to lower her voice otherwise Bhavani will start drama again. Ninad comes and calms Savi down. He feeds her. Savi gives him a gift that she brought. It’s a candy floss and seeing that Ninad asks whether Sai came. He misses Sai ands Virat. Savi says they are busy with their work. Everyone feels sad for Ninad.

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