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Lost in love 15 December 2023: The Episode starts with Harini telling Bhavani that she has typed the message. Bhavani couldn’t read. Harini says I have written as you have said and reads the message which she has written to Shanta bai, to search alliance for her grand daughter and that she will give her extra fees. Ashwini asks how we will give the fees, we don’t have sufficient money for Ninad’s medicines. She says his condition is bad since 2-3 days without medicine. Bhavani says Ninad and Nagesh’s pension was late this time, but just as we get money,

Lost in love 14 December 2023

everything will be done. She says Savi didn’t meet Shanta Bai and insulted her, and that’s why we have to give her money else she will not bring alliance for Savi. She says money is playing hide and seek game with us since 14 years, but until now we have managed, and will manage in future too. Ashwini says we are managing since 14 years and says if Omkar and Sonali had supported us. Bhavani asks her not to take their names which changes with situation.

Saavi asks Ninad to have medicine, but he refuses saying he will get sleepy after having it. Savi says it is better to sleep as the family members fight a lot in the house. Ninad says I don’t want to have it. Saavi insists him to have it. Ashwini asks Harini if she has brought his medicine. Harini says no. Saavi says some people think that I go to college for time pass but I had gone to sell the notes made by me, and brought the medicine. Ashwini says she is so hardworking. Saavi says she can bring more costly medicine for her Azooba. She says why someone differentiates between boy and girl and says I am not less than any boy.

Bhavani says you are very dramebaaz, argues much, create problems, and tells that they don’t want her money and asks her not to study anymore. Saavi asks why I can’t continue my studies, and says there was a time, when my parents used to argue about which school will be best for me. Bhavani asks her to get married. Saavi says you got Harini Tai married, and asks if she is happy. Harini goes. Bhavani is about to fall, but Savi holds her. Bhavani says we don’t want your earned money. Savi is going. Bhavani asks if Aditi called and that’s why you are going? Savi asks her to be careful and says you don’t have specs.

Bhavani asks where is she specs and asks if you sold it. Savi says she has given it for repair. She goes.Savi goes to Esha’s house and sees her teaching the women. Esha hugs her. The women tell her that Esha taught them to write their names. Savi says good and says we will write UPSC exams altogether. The lady tells that it is enough if we learn to write, and you have to become collector to make our village proud. They leave. Bhavani sees a call and calls Harini. Saavi gives a plant to Esha as a gift. Esha tells her that it is her favorite. She says she has gift for everyone, and tells that the debate competition’s final date has come. Saavi asks when is the final? Esha says in Nagpur.

Shanta Bai calls Bhavani and tells that she had sent the girl’s pic to the groom’s family and they liked her pic, and they want to come tomorrow to meet her. Savi says tomorrow, this is a good news and says I will win this competition. Esha says you will get scholarship from Bhosle Institute if you win. Savi says she will win. Shanta Bai asks if we shall come tomorrow. Bhavani says yes. Shanta Bai says if anything goes wrong then she will not look for Savi’s alliance.

Esha asks Savi to go there in time. Bhavani asks Shanta Bai to bring them. Esha asks her to talk to her Badi Aaji. Savi says she will reach there on time, as it is her dream to study in Bhosle institute.Ishaan asks Sawant when the building work will be completed. Sawant says it is on schedule, 2 months. Ishaan asks him to get it done in 1 month else Rao Saheb will get upset. Sawant says our land is still engaged in the court case. Ishaan asks him to hire a good lawyer. Sawant then tells Ishaan that the syllabus is not covered till now.

Savi brings specs and gives to Bhavani. Bhavani asks why she took so much time and asks if she went to meet Esha and she is misguiding you. Savi says when you have specs already to see far things, then why you said that it needs repair. Bhavani asks her to become truthful like Sai. Savi asks her to say that her Aai is best. Bhavani refuses to say. Savi takes her phone and teases her asking her to say. Bhavani says give me my phone, else I will not let you go to college. Savi returns her phone. Bhavani says you want to mess with me. She sees the groom’s photo. Ishaan sees a boy about to fall from the chair, while his mother is looking in her mobile. He saves the boy and scolds the boy’s mother for not caring for her son.

He says he made this play area so that the teachers can spend sometime with their children. He says such a careless mother can’t work in my college. Rishi asks Ishaan to calm down and gives the teacher Mrs Nayak off for few days. He comes to Ishaan and says I know why you reacted this way. Ishaan says I can’t see a careless mother.

Rishi asks him to think about who is with him, and not about those who left him. He says today is the auspicious day, Rao Saheb is waiting for us for the celebration. He asks him to smile.Harini asks Ashwini not to knead the flour, and that she will do it. Bhavani shows the groom’s photo to everyone. She then asks Harini to say, and says how is he for Savi. Harini says he is ok. Savi asks whose photo is this.

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