Twist of fate update Saturday 3 February 2024

Twist of fate 3 February 2024:Akshay holds Prachi and asks what happened to you. Prachi says don’t know, I am sorry. She says I don’t know what happened, but I am fine. Akshay says you must be tired as we came a long way. Prachi collides with him and falls on the bed with him. She falls on the other side, and resists his touch. Akshay says I will not touch you, but you will touch me now. Ranbir knocks on the door and calls Prachi. He asks Prachi…if you are fine. He asks Akshay to open the door. He thinks what to do? Prachi hears him, but couldn’t get up. Ranbir wonders what to do? Mihika thinks Ranbir is not picking the call, so what I shall do? Pradeep asks Mayank if he is sure? Mayank says my wife left me and now parents are not talking to me. He says if she had come with me then Police wouldn’t have arrested us. He says my wife feels that I love her. Pradeep says but you love her for money. He asks why you are going like thieves. Mayank says ok, I will go like a tiger and will inform her first.

Pradeep says I didn’t mean that? Mayank says Mihika likes such drama guys. He calls her. Mihika says I am not scared of you. Mayank says you love me and I have come to take you, come with me else I have to force you. Mihika says come to kidnap me and says Ranbir and Akshay bhai will help you, as they are with me. Mayank says if they have double role and says Akshay is in Manali and Ranbir is also outside. He says I am standing outside your window. Mihika looks down from her window and sees them bringing the ladder to come to her window. She calls Ranbir. Ranbir thinks why you are calling me as I have to save Prachi. He picks her call.

Mihika asks Ranbir to come there, and tells that Mayank has come to take her. Ranbir says what happened to guys, I am dealing with one such guy. He asks her not to be worried, and says such guys are a coward. He asks her to put the call on loudspeaker. Mayank climbs the ladder. Ranbir asks Mihika not to worry and tells her that he talked to Police. He says Police have reached Mayank’s house also, and is with his family. Mayank hears and gets down the ladder and falls down. Ranbir asks Mihika what happened? Mihika says Mayank has fallen down. Ranbir says such people shall fall down and asks her not to worry, and says he will not come. Pradeep asks what happened? Mihika asks Mayank to come and kidnap her.

Mayank tells Pradeep that Police is here and asks him to ride the bike fast. Mihika thinks Ranbir is my real hero and thee can’t be nobody like you, and that’s why I am in love with you, true love.

Ranbir asks the waiter to open the door of the honeymoon suite with master key. The waiter refuses and goes. Ranbir says he knows what to do. Akshay touches Prachi sensually. Prachi asks him not to touch her. Akshay says I am your Akshay and asks her to look at him. He says we are husband and wife. Prachi says no and asks him to go. Akshay says you are behaving as if we are strangers, and says I am your husband, your best friend and wants this relation to move on. Prachi says no and she wants to go home. Akshay says you will feel good, as we are married, as I am your Akshay, who helped you in every way, and says I have brought Khushi home from the orphanage and didn’t let Ranbir take her, as I love you a lot and can do anything for you. He asks her to understand her feelings. Prachi falls on the bed and says I have to go. Akshay keeps the sweets box in his pocket, and says you like me and loves me. Prachi says I don’t love you. Akshay says now you will love me surely. He holds her hand sensually.

Mihika coming to Ranbir’s room and taking his jacket and wears it….Huyi main tumhari plays…….She thinks of her moments with him. Ranbir comes to Aryan and asks him to wake up, and says Prachi is not responding. He tells that Akshay and Prachi are in the room and there is no response when I knocked on the door. He says you can open that room, and reminds him that they had stolen papers from Principal’s office once and you had opened the door with pin. Aryan says I didn’t open Principal’s clothes. Ranbir says you had opened the door. He sprinkles water on his face. Aryan says you are jealous of me, but why? He says you want me to come out of inebriated state and that’s why you are jealous. Ranbir thinks why did I come here, I have wasted so much time on him. Aryan says I know you are jealous of me, I can see fire, smoke and smell also. Ranbir thinks smoke detector, and appreciates Aryan for giving such a good idea in such state. He looks for match stick and goes out.

Akshay tells Prachi that she is very beautiful, don’t know how did he stop himself till now. He says there is some attraction in you, and says I wish I was your first love. He says atleast you are my husband. Prachi says you are not my husband, but he is my husband. Ranbir brings match stick and lights the candle. He then burns the tissue paper near the smoke detector. Akshay says I am your husband and not him. He gets angry. He touches her saree and says you have pinned it. He says I will show Ranbir that we don’t need you, as I am your husband and is with you. Prachi sleeps. Akshay says you can’t sleep, you shall look at me, I am trying to love you. He asks her to get up and says don’t sleep, I love you.

The fire/ smoke detector don’t ring the alarm. Ranbir burns more tissue papers and the alarm starts ringing. Manager asks the receptionist to call everyone out, as the fire broke out in the hotel. Akshay comes out of the hotel room hearing the alarm, and asks what happened. Ranbir gets inside Akshay and Prachi’s room. He tells Prachi that he knew that Akshay will do something, seeing her state. He takes her to his room. Manager asks Akshay to come with them. Ranbir comes out seeing Akshay, and hits him twice, and then goes inside his room. Akshay asks who has beaten me. He then asks Manager where to go and tells him that his wife is in the room.

Ranbir comes to Prachi and says he will bring water for her. Prachi says her pallu is stuck. Ranbir frees it. Prachi looks at him. He asks what happened? Prachi asks why do I love you so much. Ranbir says because I love you, more than you. Prachi asks really? Ranbir says yes. Prachi asks how much you like me? Ranbir says very much. Prachi holds his cheeks. Ranbir says very much, more than others. Prachi whispers in his ears, to hug her. Ranbir is hesitant. Prachi kisses on his cheeks. Aap hamari jaan bangaye plays…..She closes her eyes for a kiss, but Ranbir stops her and says this is wrong, and not right. He moves away and goes to other side.

Prachi says it is not wrong, as I am your wife even now. She says I did marriage with you, and tells that my marriage with Akshay is fake. She tells that she is still his wife, and says I wear mangalsutra on my own, and we took 1 round less, and my kumkum is of my Ranbir and not of someone else, as I am still your wife, of my baklu. She says I am still married to you, then how it is wrong. Ranbir is shocked and says it is wrong as you are not in your senses. He says you are my wife, I can’t accept anyone else as your husband. He asks her to tell, if she didn’t marry Akshay. Prachi nods her head and hugs him. She says I have right on my baklu only and hugs him. Ranbir says there is nothing wrong. He makes her sit and she falls down on the bed. Ranbir says you have slept after expressing so much love. He sits down on the floor and holds her hand, says you have right on me, and I have right on you.

Akshay asks Manager where is his wife? Manager says she is not here and went somewhere. Akshay says it is your responsibility, if there is any safety or not. Manager says we follow the safety norms and says if you are so worried then you should have brought her out with you. Akshay threatens to sue the hotel and burn the hotel fully, and asks him to go and search her, else nobody is bad than him. Manager goes. Akshay gets worried and thinks where did Prachi go, and hopes nothing happened to her. He eats the sweets unknowingly which was left by Prachi, and feels hot. He removes his blazer, sits on sofa and gets sleepy.

Next morning, Prachi wakes up in Ranbir’s room. Ranbir comes there and says good morning. Prachi asks what you are doing here? Ranbir says it is my room and my bed. Prachi asks what I am doing here. Ranbir says good morning and is about to hug her, but she resists. He says last night, you was sticking to me a lot. Prachi says that was not me? Ranbir says if I was with some other Prachi. Prachi says I had eaten something. Ranbir says yes, even I felt the same and says you have crossed your limits, it was good and scary. Prachi asks what you are saying? Ranbir says you was getting closer to me, then I have to give up infront of you. He says it is your mistake, but now we have to make a new start of our lives. He says last night, you told me everything about Akshay and I will not let you return to him specially after last night. Prachi asks him to say what happened. Ranbir says I will show you and shows the lipstick mark on his neck. Prachi says this is wrong, it was not me and asks him to say.

Ranbir says I was just kidding, you was trying to get closer to me, and then you slept. Prachi says you was joking about this, and says I could have got heart attack and would have died. She hits him. Ranbir pulls her closer and says I love you, but that doesn’t mean that I take your advantage in your drunkard state. He says you was inebriated and that’s why I stopped whatever was happening that time, and I slept seeing your face, as when I see your face, I get peace and my heart beat increases and my breaths goes on, as I love you. Prachi thinks I love you, but can’t tell you. He asks if you want to tell me anything. Prachi asks what did I tell you about Akshay and me? Ranbir says all truth, you told me that you don’t love Akshay and loves me. Prachi says I will freshen up and will meet you downstairs. Ranbir smiles.

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