Bitter sweet love starlife update Sunday 26 May 2024

The Episode starts with Vandu seeing Tara. Tara hugs Kunal and says Papa… Vandu says he isn’t your Papa. Tara says no, he is my dad, I m not lying. Vandu asks where is your mumma. Sonia comes there. Sonia says I m here. Kunal gets shocked seeing her. Sonia says I have come to make her meet her dad, I m Sonia.

Bobby and Vedika get shocked. Kunal’s heart starts beating faster. Sonia smiles. Tara thanks her. Vaibhav and Mrunal comment on Kunal.

Tara says you are my dad, you saved me that day, remember, you would remember my name also. She hugs Kunal and says I got him after many years, I won’t leave him. Sonia says let him breathe, come here. Sonia says say hello at least. Kunal is speechless. She says I came to give you a happy surprise. She calls Inder. Guneet says why did these cheaters come here to ruin Kunal’s life. Vedika says Inder came to office yesterday. Bobby says yes, they both had a big argument. Inder taunts Kunal.

Vedika says you both ruined my brother’s life, why did you come back. Pammi and Guneet ask Sonia and Inder to leave. Bobby says get out. Sonia asks why do they like drama. Inder says they like it. Vedika asks them to answer. Sonia says calm down, we came to give a surprise to Kunal. She says Kunal, I got our daughter to meet you. Vaibhav says it’s the limit, Kunal is married, he has a daughter too, why did you hide it, you try to woo Vandu, right. Inder asks is this true Kunal. Sonia says maybe he is possessive about me. Kunal shouts enough. Tara gets scared and runs. Vandu saves her from falling.

She says I m with you, don’t get scared. Tara hugs her. Kunal says shut up, you both know that I can’t tolerate more nonsense. He shouts and asks her to get lost. Pammi asks Sonia to stop barking. Inder says talk to her with manners. Vedika says you don’t talk of manners. Vandu asks Tara to shut her ears and sing her fav song in her heart. Tara tries. Kunal says you have ruined my happiness, what do you want, tell me, get out of here. Sonia says I came here to give you divorce papers. Kunal takes the papers and says get out. Inder says we have a gift for you. Sonia gives the baby toy. She asks do you remember anything. Kunal thinks of his dream to have a daughter and name her Tara.

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