Bitter sweet love starlife update 14 June 2024

The Episode starts with Vandu buying the diyas from an old woman. The lady blesses her. Vandu leaves. Kunal hears Vedika and Pammi arguing about Sonia’s idea of the DNA test. Bobby says we can file a case on Sonia if the test results are negative. Vedika says kids aren’t a burden. Pammi says this isn’t an orphanage to get someone’s kids. Kunal sits crying. Vedika asks Kunal to get the test done.

Bobby says yes. Pammi says no need to get the test, we don’t want Sonia and Tara. Kunal sees Tara hearing them and getting scared. He thinks shall I get the paternity test done or not. Vandu says Vaibhav will get the divorce papers by tomorrow. Mrunal says good, dad you sell the house and end the matter. Vandu scolds her. Mrunal says Vaibhav is messaging me, he misses me a lot, he loves me a lot, I will go and reply. She goes. Tara cries and comes to Vandu. Vandu asks what happened, don’t cry.

She says don’t go anywhere without informing. Aaji says I will call Vedika and tell her that Tara is with us. Tara says I was feeling sad, everyone was shouting, so I came here. Vandu cheers her. Vijay taunts Mrunal. Vandu gives the locket to Tara. She says I m always there to be with you. Tara smiles. Shivam says its a special moment, we should do something special. He switches off the lights. He gets some special lights. Tara dances in the lights. Aashiyaana mera….plays… Tara says sorry, I want your promise, you will always be with me.

Kunal recalls Sonia’s words. His hands start shaking. He gets dizzy. Vedika and Bobby look on. He says no, I can’t let him go back to that hell, nothing can happen to him. Bobby asks what happened to him. Vandu promises to always support Tara and stay with her. Tara hugs her. They both wear the locket. Tara says Vandu is the best. Everyone smiles. Vandu says you are the most loveliest girl in the world. They laugh.

Kunal says I shouldn’t think about that matter. Vedika says I can’t see Kunal like that again. Bobby says relax, nothing will happen. She says it will be worse. Kunal leaves. Vandu sings Tara rum pum… They all decorate the house. Vandu doesn’t see him. He gets drinking.

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