Lost in love starlife update 17 June 2024

Ishan smiles looking at Savi’s banners at her felicitation ceremony venue. Savi asks him to stop smiling or else people will think he has lost his mental balance. Ishan says he can’t stop laughing seeing the banners. Savi says its better than making someone cry. She slips. Ishan holds her. Guests ask Bhavani if she chose a boy for Savi.

Savi and Ishan at once say they are not a couple. Bhavani says he is Savi’s professor Ishan sir who will felicitate Savi today. Guest says Savi is looking very beautiful in this sari just like her mother and prays that Savi gets a best life partner soon. Bhavani asks photographer to click their pics. Samrudh disguised as a photographer clicks their pic and thinks he captured Savi in his camera, soon he will make her as his forever.

Ninad walks to Savi and asks how is he looking. She says very handsome. Ninad holds her and Ishan’s hands and asks them to walk along. He offers a soft drink to Ishan and takes him aside. Isha with Shantanu walks in next. Savi gets happy seeing them and asks if they didn’t go to London. Isha says she couldn’t miss her Savi’s ceremony and hence came here, they will take a flight from Pune to Delhi and then London after the ceremony. Bhavani greets them and says its good they came, they gave us a surprise and we will give them a surprise in return. They both look confused. Bhavani says their son Ishan is also here and calls Ishan. Ishan walks to them. Isha says they are surprised to see him here. Ishan says he is not though and walks away.

Isha follows him and emotionally asks how is he, she wanted to talk to him since long, she knows that he was expecting her to tell the truth and had to hear it in an unexpected way by others, she really didn’t know about Savi’s play. Ishan says his doubt is clear now, but he still doesn’t feel he needs her as she left him when he needed the most and their relationship will never improve. He gets Reeva’s call and walks away. Reeva asks where is he and how long will it take to return home. Ishan apologizes her and says he is in Ramtek. He explains her whole story. Reeva asks it means he went to Ramtek to drop Savi’s azoba and is attending Savi’s function now; she had stopped talking to Savi after that play, but whatever he said regarding Savi’s azoba, she thinks he did right.

Bhavai asks Savi to call Ishan sir. Savi searches for Ishan and finds him talking to Reeva. Ishan tells Reeva that he can’t bear Savi’s face after she defamed him and agreed to attend her function on her grandparent’s request. Savi hears that. Reeva says he can take his own time and disconnects call. Surekha asks Reeva what is Ishan doing in Ramtek. Savi tells Ishan that she heard the truth, he can go now instead of feeling suffocated here. Ishan says it’s good to hear that, he didn’t want to bear this drama anymore. A curtain falls on them and they both stand looking into each other’s eyes. Samrudh’s goon’s gun falls down. He searches for it. Samrudh asks what happened. Goon says his gun fell off. Samrudh finds it and returns to him.

Savi and Ishan’s nok jhok continues. They free themselves and Ishan tries to walk away. Ninad stops Ishan and requests him to felicitate Savi and walk away. He holds his hand and takes him away. Harini notices Savi upset and asks reason. Savi says she can’t bear Ishan’s taunts and wants him to go, but her grandparents are not letting him go. Harini says Ishan helped their azoba twice, his anger is obvious after that play, so she should calm down and enjoy her function. Reeva tells whole story to Surekha and says Ishan didn’t go to Ramtek purposefully. Surekha says Savi purposefully created a situation to call Ishan there, she wants Ishan here right now. Reeva asks her to calm down as her BP is raising. Surekha gets adamant. Family rushes to her and offers her water. Reeva continues to explain, but Surekha continues to panic and seeks her promise to keep Ishan away from Savi.

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