Evil Affairs starlife update Monday 17 June 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki seeing the skeleton demons coming to unconscious Daakini and going from there. She sees Daakini’s stomach tearing and Daakin coming out of her body. She gets shocked seeing the scary sight, but maintain her calm. She asks the Haakini helping her, if she is Daakin and asks if Daakini is not alive now.

She recalls the saying Daayan’s mercury kills Daakin. She says I have to steal Daakin’s heart. Haakini says Daakin doesn’t have the heart now, once she gets it, she will go inside Daakini’s heart again. Nikki asks where is the heart then? Haakini asks her to be silent. Daakin asks the dead body to come near her. The dead body starts walking and comes near her. Nikki recalls he is the same dead body who held her head. Daakin asks the dead body to give her something.

Nikki thinks the countdown has started, something big is going to happen. The dead man tries to take off the heart to give to Daakin. Nikki thinks the dead man will give his heart to Daakin and Daakin will fix it in herself, so I have to steal this man’s heart for Malik’s rasam. She thinks the man will give his heart and then the marriage will be completed. She sees the Daakin about to eat the heart, but Nikki runs inside the circle, snatches heart from daakin’s heart and runs from there. The Haakini says the circle is broken, Daakin will come out now. Daakin slits Haakini’s neck. Other Haakini’s runs seeing it. Nikki is running, and keeps the heart in the pocket and is running still. She comes back to the same place and wonders how did she come to the same place.

Daakin appears infront of Nikki and tries to burn Nikki’s heart. Piyush comes there and throws stone on Daakin, and Nikki falls down. He runs to Nikki and holds her. Nikki hugs him. Piyush asks Nikki to run. Daakin shouts…They run. Daakin comes infront of them and attacks Piyush. Nikki attacks Daakin. Daakin leaves Piyush, but holds Nikki’s neck and pushes her on the ground.

Piyush comes infront of Daakin. Daakin holds his neck. Nikki comes near for Piyush and Daakin holds her neck too. Nikki finds the mercury bottle there and signs with her finger. Haakini who was helping Nikki comes there. Nikki signs her to give the mercury bottle. Piyush pushes Daakin and Haakini kicks the bottle towards Nikki. Nikki catches it, opens the bottle and throws it on Daakin. Daakin writhes in pain and then blasts to become ashes. Other Haakini’s come there and get shocked. Piyush tells Nikki that you could do it, and says you have done it. They have a hug. Haakini tells that this girl is a betrayal and not our sister. They say she has killed our Daakini, as she will never be alive without Daakin.

Nikki asks the Haakini who helped her, to come with them. Haakini says she wants to come, but nobody can go alive. Nikki asks her to trust her and asks her to come. Piyush says his bike is outside the daak taal and says if they managed to reach there then they will be saved. They run and come out of Daak taal. They sit on the bike and leaves. Malik tells Daayan that his precious has did it. Daayan asks if she has stolen the heart. Malik says yes, he knew that she will do it.

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