Destined by fate starlife update Sunday 17 December 2023

Destined by Love 17 December 2023: Kanha with Yash visits Faiba’s house disguised as a doctor and meets his baby. He notices the baby having high fever. Faiba goes to get the prescription slip she gave to the baby. Kanha asks Yash to keep an eye on Faiba wile he calls his doctor and gets medicines for baby. Faiba returns with a prescription. Kanha says these are high dosage medicines, they need to lower baby’s fever with cold compresses. Rashmi visits Sayuri/Sachi’s house with mehandi artists. Sayuri identifies her as meeting in a temple and says she never forgets things. Rashmi says Vikrant had booked mehandi services from her parlor. Sayuri lets her in.

Destined by fate 16 December 2023

Rashmi asks her to call a bride. Sayuri says she is a bride. Rashmi asks if she already has a daughter. Sayuri says yes and she is already married, but she and her husband want to marry again to keep their love alive. She goes to kitchen and thinks Rashmi must have doubt on her and hence came here. She prays god to protect her baby and get her out of Vikrant’s grip soon. Rashmi this she can’t be Sayuri as Sayuri wouldn’t never think of anyone else than Kanha.

Kanha sponges baby and lowers his fever. Yash asks Faiba about baby. Faiba lies that baby is her granddaughter, her son and DIL passed away in an accident, since then she is taking care of her granddaughter. Kanha asks Yash to note down a prescription for baby. Faiba takes Yash along. Rashmi tries to question Kuku and thinks why she is not speaking. Vikrant returns and says Kuku can’t speak and asks who is she.

Rashmi says she is from a parlor and came to check if her employees are doing their job or not. Vikrant asks her to just do her job and leave.Sayuri feels drowsy and slipsw while carrying juice glasses. Vikrant holds her and tries to feed her water. Sayuri refuses to have anything until her baby gets well. Vikrant says he visited her baby and she is fine now. Sayuri insists to see her baby. Kanha chats with baby. Yash gives prescription to Faiba and says they will go now. Faiba asks him to meet Vikrant and go. Yash says they are in a hurry. Faiba gets Vikrant’s call and asks Yash to chat with him. Yash acts as tying his lace.

Vikrant asks Faiba to show baby. Faiba shows baby. Vikrant sees Kanha holding baby and asks who is it. Faiba says he is a doctor whom he sent, now baby is fine. Vikrant asks her to show baby to him. Yash signals Kanha to come out soon. Sayuri talks to baby. Kanha hears her voice. Yash drags him from there. Vikrant asks Faiba to give phone to doctor. Faiba says they already left. Vikrant asks Sayuri to relax now and feeds her water.

Kanha feels connected to baby. Yash says maybe he got concerned seeing an ill baby and says they should go from here before Vikrant returns. Rashmi thinks she sould find out if the lady is really Suyuri, but fears Vikrant. Sayuri confronts Vikrant for not visiting her baby. Vikrant says he sent a pediatrician and got an emergency at the hospital.

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