Lies of the heart update Tuesday 8 September 2020

Lies of the heart 8 September 2020: Shaurya comes out of his office, alogn with chiku, to hear employees discussing diya’s case, and one of them leeringly says that she cant come to the office now having lost her self respect, and hence she can go take up other lucrative businesses, minting money.

he keeps insinuating filthy stuff about diya. shaurya is unable to take it any longer, and then beats the hell out of him, while chiku asks shaurya to let him be. he asks the employee how dare he talk about diya like this. The others apologise and get the leering person out of shaurya’s grip and take him away. chiku asks why is he overreacting so much. Shaurya asks if he was, and if chiku heard what all were they saying. chiku askls whose mouths he shall cover and keep mum, as people with such negative mentality shall keep talking like this. Shaurya says that noone shall say anything about his diya. chiku is taken aback. shaurya is himself frustrated and boggled with his own confession, and goes inside. Chiku is tensed.

Scene 4
Location: Urmi’s residence
Shaurya paces around nervously in his room, unable to na,e these strong emotions that he feels for diya. He remembers how urmi told him that he is looking for an exact diya as the lifepartner, and the recent moments, that have led him to question his emotions. he smiles as he remembers his moments with diya. He doses off to sleep.

The next morning, while diya is praying, shaurya comes very close to her, leaving in, while she prays with her eyes closed. just when she opens her eyes, he too begins to pray. then she gives him prashad which he takes, without taking his eyes off her. she leaves while he keeps glaring at her.

Later, as urmi is about to go take a bath, the maid comes and says that she is going to the market and if she would like to have something. urmi denies. rani leaves. she geos to the bathroom. Someone with gloves locks it from outside and then turns on the steam baath to the fullest temp. urmi notices this inside and wonders who switched on the steam. she tries to go out to find, but finds the door locked. She starts hollering for diya, shaureya and damini. downstairs, all are sitting on the sofa. sandhya shows diya the article that has come about her. just then they hear urmi’s screams, while she distraughtedly tries to pull the door open.

Location: Urmi’s residence
Damini asks diya to go rush and see whats the matter. she hurriedly complies. urmi keeps screaming as the steam comes in full blown. Diya and sandhya run up the stairs, while urmi finally starts suffocating due to the steam and falls on the ground unconmscious, unable to shout anymore. Diya comes and opens the door, and finds urmi on the ground. she goes to her and helpes her get up. later, as urmi sits on the bed, with steam burns, diya asks if she is okay. she complies. damini asks how did this happen. Sandhya says that its very weird, that the steam was full blown and the door was locked from outside.

later, in diya’s room, damini asks how did she like the trailer. Diya is boggled. Damini asks if she actually thought that this was an accident. Damini tells diya that this wasnt an accident, but a planned attempt, as she didnt agree to the marriage, trying to scare diya. Diya is apalled, and damini asks if she really needs the answer and then agrees that she got it all done. Diya is shocked that she is so cruel, and asks what if something happened to urmi. Damini says that she would have been blamed and guilty for what happened to urmi. she threatens diya that today she heard urmi’s scream today, what if she cant tomorrow. she says that her patience is running out, and she doesnt want her to take anymore time.

she asks diya to decide if the person who gave her support to her unconditionally, diya wouldnt like it, if that person meets a tragedy. Damini warns her finaly that she should get married and leave, as if she doesnt, then someone else, not from this house, but from the world. She leaves. diya is apalled.

At the dining table, all are still tensed as to how did this all happen. urmi seems boggled and shaken up. damini says that its good that she heard the screams and told diya to rush, and she reached first hand, and they only know what she told them. She says that diya ran much faster than them all. They are boggled. damini says that now she knows that diya is the daughter of the house, and especially urmi. shaurya thanks her. Diya asks him not to be formal. Urmi asks them to move on and forget about it. urmi asks if he is taking diya. He asks where. She asks if he shall take her to meet sumit. he is tensed and asks why. Anirudh says that since its a good family, they decided that diya should meet sumit and they can take the relationship forward then. Shaurya is tensed, and asks diya if she seriously wants to meet sumit. Remembering damini’s threats, diya resignedly agrees. He is disappointed.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
While driving, shaurya breaks the silence, by complimenting diya that she is looking nice. She thanks him and is again lost. He keeps staring at her, and is pretty tensed, while she is lost in her own thoughts. As they are stuck in a traffic jam, a young boy comes to sell bouquet. Diya says that she doesnt need. but the boy insists, and shaurya complies, taking a bouquet of red roses, and then gives them to diya. she takes them and he pays the fellow.

Then some eunuchs too come and say that he needs to give them money too, as they are an extremely good couple, and she blesses them to be together and happy like this always. diya feels awkward. shaurya hears this and gives rs.100 in a trance. the eunuch blesses them both and leaves. diya is boggled while shaurya smiles. They then drive off. They finally arrive. He stops the car and eyes her emotionally, while she awkwardly looks away. She gets out of the car, but he finds her dupatta stuck. He notiecs this and immediately rushes out of the car, and as she moves ahead she realises that its stuck. he smiles and signals that he shall get it out. but before he can, sumit helps it out.

Shaurya is taken aback and tensed, as diya goes inside with sumit. he doesnt like it at all, but is confused as to why he is feeling like this.

Scene 3:
Location: Akash kumar’s residence
Ishaani comes and finds akash’s house in darkness, and starts screaming for him, saying that simran has sent her for approval of some of the designs. The lights come on. She finds him totally drunk and inebriated and extremely sad. she apologises for coming at an inoppurtune time, and says that she shall be back later. but he insists her to stay back, and she complies. he asks her why is she running away like this, as one day or the other, she had to see this. he gets to finishing watching the samples. he comments that life is very funny, as it isnt what it seems like. he starts talking about how for the past 10 years, he has ruled the film industry, and been the heartthrob and has everything a man desires, but actually there’s nothing that he has.

he wipes a tear out of the corner of the eyes, and then comments as to how he sees his swarm of fans, and wonders how can he feel so alone, amidst the massing crowd, who all give fake compliments and expressions, and that everyone meets him for s selfish motive, and its all pretense and make believe. she is apalled, to hear his heartwrenching take of the emptiness of his stardom, and then says that he has everything but nothing as he doesnt have love. He says that he cant celebrate life and other luxuries, alone. he goes through the designs, and apologises for baring out his heart like this, and for his unprofessional behaviour, as he is dying every single day by an inch.

She finally speaks up asking him not to be upset like this, and holds his hand. he keeps his hand on hers, and thanks her for the support, and then apologises again for her having to see this side. he thanks her for bearing him.

Scene 4
Location: Awaz’s office
Chiku comes in with a reporter, who comes with sweets saying that he wants 15 days leave for his marriage. shaurya is shocked and surprised, and asks if he loves the girl. He says that its an arranged marriage. shaurya vents out his frustration on the concept of arranged marriages, as to how they wont sustain, due to the lack of love and prior understanding, and tells him on face, that his marriage too wont sustain. the person gets disappointed and asks him not to say like thatr. chiku handles him and taking the sweets asks him to go, while shaurya fumes, granting him a day’s leave, for the marriage.

After he is gone, he asks shaurya whats the matter. shaurya says that everyone is going for arranged marriage, even an independant girl like diya, who till yesterday didnt want to marry, but today has gone to meet a guy. chiku is amused and teases that he doesnt have a problem with marriage, but with diya’s marriage. shaurya is surprised. Chiku tells shaurya that he loves diya. shaurya rejects it saying that he doesnt have such time to waste. Chiku says that he cant look in the eye, and tell this, as he loves diya, since he got jealous that diya went to see someone else and reminds shaurya that the way he has stood up for diya can mean only one thing, which is that he loves diya. he asks shaurya to do something before its too late and then he asks him to propose. shaurya is shocked. Chiku leaves with the sweets, but his words stay in shaurya’s mind.

Shaurya imagines a dream sequence wherein he goes to diya, and then asks her if she still thinks of him as snobbish, and how she had commented his problems shall be solved if he falls in love, amd well he did. she is supremely happy, and asks who is the girl. He starts to say what hew feels like about her. she excitedly asks him to tell, and he responds that its her, shocking her. he bends down on one knee and proposes her. She is shocked. before she can answer, the honking in the traffic jam wakes him p, and he starts smiling, wondering how should he do it, and how shall she respond, and whether she shall say yes or no. he is nervous and excited at the same time.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Sumit comes with his parents presenting the shagun. urmi asks how is this possible, as diya has just met sumit, and once things are finalised only then they can accept the shagun. Urmi tells them that diya has met sumit, but she hasnt made any decision for now, and once she makes up her mind, only then they can proceed further for marriage. shaurya listens tensedly. Damini asserts that diya shouldnt be pushed at all, and only if she agrees, should they decide on her marriage. diya enters and says that she agrees to the marriage surprising everyone. damini says that she wanted time, then why such a hasty decision, and asks if she lieks sumit.

Diya is unable to answer, but then complies saying that she likes sumit. urmi and anirudh are shocked while shaurya is distraught as he comes with a red bouquet of roses inside. anirudh and urmi ask her to think again, as she shouldnt be hasty in her decision, and one day isnt enough, as its a question of her life. Diya remembers damini’s warning, and says that she has thought and then decided that sumit is a good life partner, after having met him. Shaurya drops the bouquet in despair, as he remembers having lost the chance. he shoves the roses aside, and then hides his tears. urmi noticves him and asks him to come inside. He puts up a brave face and then comes inside, calming his face. Urmi gives him the news that he has already heard. he tries to smile for diya’s sake.

Sumit’s mother asks if they can perform the shagun ritual now. the bride and the groom sit together, as the priest performs the ritual, while sumit’s mother does the tika. shaurya hides his tears, while ishaani comments that they look very cute, as a made for each other couple. Damini comments that diya belongs to them now. sumit’s mother says that their priest has already decided on the muhurat too, which is after four days from now. Shaurya and urmi are shcoked. The priest says that the next muhurat is after 3 years.

urmi and anirudh are tensed as to how they shall arrange everything in such a short span of time. damini says that they shall still manage the preparations, but wouldnt be able to send off the daughter in such a small time, and then looks at diya, who responds that she doesnt mind marrying in 4 days, as 3 years would be too long. urmi and anirudh are tensed but comply. shaurya is distraught.

In the night, Shaurya comes on the roof and finds diya there, and asks that she finally decided to marry. she looks at him tensedly and then turns away. he comes to her, and asks if she knows that she is very bful and unique, and if she wants, she can get anyone. She asks really. he complies. He says that he shall help her find a good guy, and asks why sumit, and if she didnt get anyone else. She says that sumit is nice. he asks how did she know in one meeting. she says that his mentality, his thinking is nice and he respects her, and anirudh has already clarified everything. he asks if thats enough. she says that he came even after knowing the truth about her. he asks her to look at him in the eye, and then she asks what shall she find. He asks to look for love, and asks if she sees lovbe in sumit’s eyes. She says that she has loved, but now would want a new definition of love. He says that he shall help her find the definition of love, and once she becomes friends, then lovers and then marry, she shall be very happy with shaurya. She rectifies him awkwardly as the name being sumit. he is taken aback. she says that people should marry them who loves them, as its the perfect formula.

she says that she should go now, as its too late. he says that indeed its too late. She eyes him awkwardly. As her feet slips, he rushes to hold her in his arms, to keep her from falling, and a romantic yet awkward eyegaze follows. He caresses the hair off her face, as she lies shyly in his arms, with her gaze lowered. she composes herself and goes inside. He eyes her.

Inside, damini congratulates diya, on her marriage. diya tells her that she agreed due to her, and asks her not to hurt urmi now. she begins to go, but damini wrenches her hand and jerks her around, while she writhes in pain. Damini asks her to show this ego and attitude to someone else, as she wont bear it. Diya asks her to leave as her hand is hurting. damini says that she too was hurt when her husband slapped her before everyone. diya asks her to leave her hand. Damini asks her to leave the house first, as if she changes her mind, then many things shall change. Damini asks why does she seem so depressed and sad, lke a live dead body. she asks diya to keep smiling and dont walk around with a long, sulking face. She is distraught as she forces her facial muscles to smile.

She says that she should remember that diya has so many lovers in the house, and if one of them as much as finds out that she is not happy, then.. Just then, urmi’s voice asking for damini, as she stands behind them, alarms damini. damini and diya are both tensed. Damini instantly changes her tone, and then caresses her face, and asks her to be happy, fogetting about the past and thinking about her happy life ahead. urmi says that damini is right and asks if she is happy. diya complies and leaves. Damini smiles evilly.

The next morning, while everyone sits, as the shopkeeper shows the sarees, for diya to choose from, and shaurya sits tensedly, urmi notices that diya looks lost. Damini is tensed. As urmi keeps trying sarees for diya, damini says that its the general nervousness of a bride, that diya is feeling, and then adds that she should remember what damini told her last night, and go on and select her stuff. urmi asks shaurya to select, while he comments that diya selected the guy, she can easily select the saree. He says that the one diya is donning is nice too. urmi smiles.

chiku walks in excitedly asking whats going on. urmi tells that they are selecting saree for diya, as her marriage has been arranged and decided on, and they are shopping for the same. Chiku is excited while shaurya is tensed, that he might just spill something. Chiku comments that they had a talk yesterday and today the marriage got fixed too.

While chiku is about to spill the truth, about shaurya’s love for diya, shaurya stops him. Chiku again asks how did it happen so suddenly. he starts teasing diya, while shaurya is upset. Damini asks chiku to help shaurya for the arrangements, while he says how can the groom help. Shaurya stuffs sweets into chiku’s mouth, and shuts him. All comment, while urmi says that diya and sumit are a made for each other couple. He asks who. urmi says that its the groom. he is shocked, and eyes shaurya, who waives his head in a no.

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