Laxmi update Wednesday 4 January 2023

Laxmi 4 January 2023: It starts off with Arjun walking in and Lakshmi looking for Arjun because of the big bill she got the watchmen at the party telling Lakshmi “There’s Arjun sir” Lakshmi starts to think that hes Arjun but Arjun tries to hide the truth by telling the watchman that Arjun is over there and tells the watchman to tell Arjun that he’s waiting at the gate. The watchmen leave and Arjun goes up to Lakshmi and asks her what shes doing here, and Lakshmi replies “Why were they calling you Arjun” Arjun said that him and Arjun were coming the same way and there was a confusion. Lakshmi wants to meet Arjun but Arjun stops her from going and says that its his sisters wedding and if she has called earlier he would’ve let him see him! Lakshmi then grabs Arjun to show him the 40,000 bill that she received and asked him what is was.

Lakshmi confronts Arjun and says that he lied about the price of the suit he bought for her sister and that she was wrong about being friends with him and shes asks him if the bill was an original. Arjun admits that the bill was original but he bought the suit because she didn’t have enough money to by one herself. Lakshmi says sorry for accusing him and that she was wrong too. Arjun says that he has to go back to the wedding so him and Lakshmi walk together so he can drop her off outside.The light go off and Lakshmi trips but Arjun catches her and they look into each others eyes. While they were having a moment everyone else were doing the ring ceremony and started worrying why the lights went off, and someone sends a servant to look outside to see what was going on with the lights! The lights come back on and Arjun slowly brings Lakshmi up and they awkwardly stand there and glance at each other once and a while. Lakshmi leaves and Arjun stands there. A watchman comes and tells Arjun that he needs to go back inside and Arjun tells the watchman that whenever Lakshmi comes that the watchman should call him.

Arjun goes back into the party and everyone continues the ring ceremony. The newly wed couple do a special dance for everyone. Lakshimi reaches home to find the light out over there. Lakshmi talks to her sister about how you can do anything with money. Arjun comes to Lakshmi’s house to help out and Lakshimi’s family welcomes him in. Lakshmi continues telling her sister that Arjun bought a suit for 40,000 rupees. Arjun gets Lakshmi and her sister to come down so they can start playing games and dancing.Every girl in the room starts dancing and from behind Arjun admire/stares at Lakshmi while she is dancing. One of the girls grabs Arjun for him to dance. Then everybody stops dancing and dadi explains the rules of the games. It’s Boys vs Girls and whoever fills food cup with water first and drinks as many as they can without laughing wins. Lakshmi stares at Arjun with a winning face and Arjun does the same.

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