Lost in Love update Friday 6 January 2023

Lost in Love 6 January 2023: Bhavani alleges Sai that their family lost their son because of Sai. She says she warned them long ago not to let their house’s Lakshmi go out of the house to work, but they didn’t listen to her, etc. Pakhi asks Virat what would he say now and continues alleing Sai of murdering Samrat and threatening her to get out of the house. Virat asks Pakhi its a coincidence that Malhar was Jagtap’s mother and Sai got into Jagtap’s eyes again. Ninad asks family to stop blaming Sai as she is the one who brought Samrat back home. Bhavani backs Pakhi and continues blaming Sai. Pakhi declares that she won’t listen to anyone and ask them to stay out of her matter. She keeps saying that Sai have snatched everything from her. Pakhi holds Sai’s hand and starts dragging her towards the door. She was about to throw her out of the door, when Bhavani holds Sai’s hand from the other side and stops her. Pakhi gets confused and ask Bhavani to leave Sai, but the latter denies.Bhavani says that she also blames Sai for Samrat’s death, but she can’t ignore the fact that she is pregnant and carrying the heir of their family. She proclaims that she won’t let Sai go away from the house, with their heir. Pakhi gets shocked and confronts Bhavani for her biasness. Bhavani tries to calm Pakhi, but the latter shouts at her for always sidelining her. She points out that they never considered Samrat as their own, while Mansi denies the allegations and tries to explain Pakhi.

Further, Devyani was about to scold Pakhi when Pulkit stops her. Pakhi cries and declares that no one understands her. She says that Sai will live happily with her baby and husband, while she lost her everything. She tells that Samrat and her was planning their future together, but Sai snatched everything from her. She breaks down, while Sai recalls Samrat’s last wish. At that time a courier guy comes and gives a gift pack booked by Samrat. They opens it and gets devastated learning about the family trip planned by Samrat.Karishma plays Samrat’s last message by mistake. Family gets more emotional hearing that. Ashiwini consoles Mansi. Pakhi curses Sai that she won’t be happy her whole life. Ashwini and Shivani plead her not to curse Sai in anger. Pakhi says they couldn’t stop Sai from doing anything and says Virat loves Sai a lot, even Samrat used to love me immensely.

She curses Sai that she won’t be happy with her husband in her life. Bhavani tries to take her from there. Pakhi asks her to leave her and walks away. Bhavani walks behind her. Sai feels dizzy and is about to faint when Virat holds her and offers her water.Pakhi cries looking at her and Samrat’s wedding pic. Kal Yaad Ayenge Wo Pal.. song plays in the background. Virat cries looking at Samrat photo and recalls his last words to take care of Mansi and Pakhi. Pakhi looks at the gifts sent by Virat and her mangalsutra and cries. Ninad walks to him tells Virat that he can understand his pain as he went through the same situation when Nagesh passed away and being an elder son of the family, he couldn’t even cry, etc. He suggests that its better to cry sometimes.Sai tells Virat that she feels guilty that she is responsible for Samrat’s death. Virat says he knows the situation as he faced Jagtap trying to save her, he cries loudly saying he couldn’t save his Jiva. Sai consoles him. Next morning, Chavans performs the 13th day ritual for peace to Samrat’s soul. Bhavani stops Saifrom lifting heaving items and asks her to rest. Pakhi gets angry seeing Bhvani’s concern for Sai.

Bhavani ask Sai to srve food to Pakhi. Pakhi stops Sai and says she wll not have food from Samrat’s murderer’s hand. Sonali and Omkar support her and yell at Sai. Sai confronts Pakhi and says she bore all her blames and curses, but cannot take it anymore. Pakhi shouts at Sati to get away from her eyes. Mansi says it has been 13 days since Samrat left them and Pakhi should respect the ritual for the peace of Samrat’s soul.Sai confronts Pakhi that she is always blamed for any wrong happening at home, but she will not tolarate any blame against her as she it’s bad for her baby. Bhavani supports Pakhi and asks Sai not to speak rudely to Pakhi as Pakhi lost her husband just now. Sai questions if they don’t think even she has emoitions and can feel hurt by their baseless taunts, even she lost her brother and her child his/her uncle. Virat tries to take her away from there. Sai asks Pakhi what if she was with Samrat in her place. Pakhi continues shouting repeatedly and blaming her for Samrat’s death. Sai says Pakhi wants her dead. Samrat, Shivani, and Ashwini ask Sai not to say that. Pakhi says she cursed Sai by heart and hopes Sai would have died in Samrat’s place. Vriat asks her to stop her curses at least on Samrat’s thervin pooja. Sai removes garland from Samrat’s photo and wears it. Family stands shocked seeing that.

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