Laxmi update Tuesday 10 January 2023


Arjun House where dadi jii is fixing the guita, while Purva walks in. Daddi ji ask how’s Arjun and if he is any better. Purva replied saying that it’s good that it’s not happening because she was after his money not him. Daddi disagree and told her how life gives u pain sometime and Lakshmi is awaiting for Arjun for 10years. So, everything will be better soon. Purva just worried looking at Daddi and Daddi says the guitar is fix now.The scene shift to Lakshmi where her sister comes her give milk. She is worried what have happened to Lakshmi , why she is so quite . She try asking her but Lakshmi did not reply so, she told her whatever happens it’s for good and The God ( he) is the one who can tell u or give u sign for right. The next morning , Arjun comes to breakfast table early and everyone is slightly shock and happy that he is trying to fellow his father footprints. He talks to daddi where he says that how money is important and how is gonna try focus on business. Importantly he is gonna tell his father , he wants get married to Purva.

Arjun father is walking to his newspaper time and where he see Arjun on the table. He goes there and greet them and told him, it’s good to see you early . Daddi says that Arjun wanted to talk you, his father ask what’s about? Arjun make it look like he forgot. Father walks away saying if u remember any soon , do tell me. Daddi get excited and say see you love her alot that’s why you could not say that u wanted to married another girl.Purva heard her from behind the wall, she gets really sad and awaiting for her childhood love, Arjun. The scene shift to Lakshmi wakes up and her bua running her and excited about some news. She informs her how theirs news about Kathak dancer requirement in the Agnihotri Mansion. Lakshmi see opportunity of meeting Arjun. She start getting dress up and remember what Ajay have told her about Arjun liking. She dress up that way and say that if she meets Ajay , she will tell him “how they are only friends” Laxmi thanking Shiv Ji for helping her to overcome her dilemma’s and promises to first go on the yamarnath yatra (temple) before becoming one with Arjun after their marriage.. At the office Arjun is taking his frustr ation out on the staff.. he is yelling at one of the employees for putting together an unacceptable report… saying it will never get them the business they wish to achieve..Ajay is standing there observing the proceedings and finally interrupts and tells the man to get everything in order and on his table in 2 hours.


Once they are alone Ajay questions Arjun as to his behavior he wants to know what the problem is because it was obvious that he was not himself.. Arjun refuses to talk and simply wants to be left alone.. Laxmi has arrived at Arjun’s house..and with a dreamy look on her face says to herself she will permanently be living here very soon.. the guards arrive and she wants to know why they are always scared when they see her.. LOL.. they go in to check before letting her in.. They finally open the gates for her and as she walks in she reminisces about her childhood and the first time she set eyes on the bungalow and Arjun.. which became the goals of her life. As she is walking one of the staff members arrives and points her towards the outhouse where Swati is awaiting her arrival.. (poor thing didn’t even get to step in to the house of her dreams).. she asks about Arjun and when questioned as to the status of their acquaintance she lies by stating they went to college together..she is disappointed when she learns he is at the office..At home Dadi is planning on bringing Armi in front of one another.. she calls Arjun and states she is used to eating lunch with him and without him she will not eat.. when he refuses she says fine I will bring the food to the office… and as expected Dadi wins this round he agrees to come home..

Laxmi makes her way to the outhouse… and thinks if this can be so beautiful the house must be absolutely gorgeous.. Swati arrives and they discuss the types of dance they prefer.. and eventually agree on Laxmi teaching her a mixture of Kathak and Bollywood. Arjun arrives as they finish their dancing session for the day.. Leaving Laxmi eager to see him for the first time.. she sees both Ajay and Arjun from the roof but is only able to see Ajay’s back.. she is pleased to see her Ajay go in to freshen up and thinks this is the perfect time to meet Arjun.. She walks towards him and says Hi as Ajay faces her.

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