Laxmi update Wednesday 11 January 2023


Lakshmi goes to up the brown jacket and we see its Ajay. As he is about to introduce himself, Arjun’s friend comes and calls him Arjun. Dadi and Swati are behind and confused. Lakshmi is introduced as the dance teacher and Arjun is watching all of this from the house. He comes down. Dadi approves and goes up to her and calls her Bahu, then corrects herself calling her Baby.Dadi on more than one occasion spills the beans but does not. I can’t explain everything here but it’s pretty amusing. Ajay is very uncomforable and cannot remember he is playing Arjun. Arjun is upset over something. He is about to leave as dadi invites Lakshmi for lunch but stays because Lakshmi asks him on dadi’s behalf.

  • Laxmi 10 January 2023

Saraswati’s husband does ghar pravesh for her. She goes to make tea and Mr. Sharma comes. It is his house on rent and he promises to pay full as soon as his salary is given.Lakshmi sits to eat and is impressed. Dadi and Ajay are amused but Arjun is not. Lakshmi does not feel too happy about it. Ajay tries making small talk. He asks her why she wanted to meet him. When she says just like that, he teases her that there must be some major reason. Arjun is confused as to what’s happening. He gets an important call and walks away. The family praises Arjun and how much he praises Lakshmi.

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