Broken Bonds Zee world: Plot summary full story


Broken Bond is a family drama series focussing on the lives of Shubhra, Kuldeep and their kids Roli and Rishi. After 10 years of their marriage, cracks start developing in their relationship. The children take it upon themselves to reunite their parents, will they succeed?

Broken Bonds start January 2023 on Zee world.

Broken Bonds full story.

this is a  story of A married couple who used to be in love and even got married without permission of their parents, they have two kids a boy and a girl. 10 years down the line, the husband cheat on wife with a girl named Sam.


When the family finds out about it, the son goes in depression, the wife tries to make her own name as she has sacrificed everything for her husband and kids.

Their kids Roli and Rishi take it upon themselves to reunite their parents by playing one game after the another. Question now is will they succeed?

Broken Bonds full Casts

  • Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi as Kuldeep Chaddha—Shubhra’s husband, Samaira’s boyfriend, Roli and Rishi’s father
  • Neha Marda as Shubhra Chaddha—Kuldeep’s wife, Harsh’s love interest, Roli and Rishi’s mother
  • Yash Sinha as Dr. Harsh
  • Pratyaksh Panwar as Rishi Chaddha: Kuldeep and Shubhra’s son, Roli’s brother
  • Mannat Murgai as Roli Chaddha: Kuldeep and Shubhra’s daughter, Rishi’s sister
  • Sapna Thakur as Samaira: Kuldeep’s mistress and Vedika’s Biological Mother
  • Himanshu Gokani as Sadashivnarayan Gokhale: Shubhra’s father, Kuldeep’s father-in-law, Rishi and Roli’s grandfather
  • Poornima Bhave Talwalkar as Madhura Sadashivnarayan Gokhale: Shubhra’s mother, Kuldeep’s mother-in-law, Rishi and Roli’s grandmother
  • Geeta Agarwal Sharma as Chandrani Chaddha: Kuldeep’s mother, Shubhra’s mother-in-law, Rishi and Roli’s grandmother
  • Bhagyashree Dalvi as Sanjana: Shubhra’s friend and neighbor
  • Gaurav Ghatnekar as Anant :Samira’s Ex-boyfriend and vedika’s Father and chandrani’s tenant
  • Priya Rajpoot as Phirkee: Samaira’s maid


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