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The show starts with daadi walking into marriage house and asking ladies to start their music with dhol. Photographer clicks her pic. She checks it and says she will change him as photo is not good. He clicks her again, and she likes it and says even Hemamilini is dull in front of her.

Her sister says jijaji is mesmerized with her beauty even now. She shies and asks where is her jijaji. Dadaji is shown doing astrology with marriage guests. Guest ask to tell him about a stone with which, he can escape his wife’s scolding.

He says if he had a stone like that, he would have used himself and jokes. Daadi comes there, and he changes his words. Daada tells her it is their granddaughter’s marriage today and other granddaughter’s exam results. Daadi says it is Avni’s mehandi today, but Bhoomi is missing from home.

Bhoomi is shown checking her exam results and getting sad. Her friend says she should check up as her name will be in top list. She sadly says her name is not in list. Friend takes her from there.

A lady is shown gifting ear rings to Avni and says she is both chachi and maasi to Avni as both sisters married to brothers. Daadi comes and yells that they praise only their maika and not sasural. She calms down seeing Avni, but then sees her wearing sleeveless blouse and says she cannot go out wearing it.

Avni asks how can she get mehandi with sleeved blouse, 5000 rs will be lost. Daadi says even then she cannot go. Avni wears veil and asks if she can go now. Daadi agrees, but then gets angry thinking about Bhoomi missing. Once she leaves, mom tells her sister that she had to leave her studies after marriage, she will not let it happen with Bhoomi.

Bhoomi sadly tells her friend that her dad was hoping very high on her and she wanted to clear job interview badly, but did not get it. Daadi had given her few months to work before getting married. Peon comes and informs that principal is calling her. She gets worried.

Maan’s mother Latha gets worried as they have to leave with baarat. She complains her husband and asks him to call Maan soon before bhabi comes down. Husband tries and says Maan’s phone is switched off. They all get tensed seeing bhabi Vasundhara coming down. Bhabhi asks Inder (Maan’s chacha) about family members.

He says they will reach marriage venue directly. She asks where is Maan. Mom gets tensed and says she informed Maan 15 days ago to come on time, but he did not. Inder’s wife comes and says Maan has sent a voice message and switches it on. Mann says he is going an college project to get practical knowledge as per her instructions. Vasundhara relaxes and says Maan knows how to calm her down. Dad says let us go now as it will take time for them to reach Ujjain. Vasundhara agrees and leaves.

Chachi tells Latha that Maan is right always about women and he knows how to relax Vasundhara, don’t know which girl will control him. Bhoomi meets principal who informs he that she got a job in Indore in an international company. She gets tensed. Principal asks her to relax and join job within 1 week.

Murli tells his son Rajinder that girls grow up early, it is Avni’s marriage day today. Rajinder says it is auspicious day for both Avni and Bhoomi. Daadi comes and asks if he knows were Bhoomi has gone. He says she has gone to get job appointment letter from college. Daadi Shanti says what is the need for getting Bhoomi work when she has to get married and is 21-year-old now. Daada says time has changed and there is nothing wrong if Bhoomi works till her marriage.

Bhoomi comes out from principal’s room sadly. Friend asks what happeend. She says she got job but in Indore, not in Ujjain.

Shanti tells family that a relative’s son who is CEO is coming to attend Avni’s mehandi function and they can consider him for Bhoomi. Groom’s family comes. Whole family goes out to greet them in. Family says they cannot enter before Bhabhi (vasundhara) comes. They ask if she is his brother’s wife. He says she is his distant relative, but they consider her very auspicious. He then further says she is Bhopal’s prajapati industries’ owner.

Vasundhara is shown in jeep yelling at her employee. She asks if his carelessness, if something had happened to anyone, her company would have been blamed, not him and warns him that she will get him on road for sure. Bhoomi is rushing home with her friend on scooty.

Friend crashes scooty over Vasundhara’s jeep and they both fall on floor. Turmeric falls on Roshni’s face. She gets ups. Friend yells at Vasundhara’s driver for driving rashly. Driver says she was driving wrongly. Friend says he is an outsider and will be taught lesson by her dad and brother.

Vasundhara gets irked and tries to get out of jeep, but her devar stops him and gets out saying he will give money to girl and shoo her off. He asks friend to take money and walk out. She continues yelling at even devar. Vasundhara get out of jeep and says though she has learnt english, she has not learnt how to behave, now she will neither get money nor apology.

Friend yells at even her, but Bhoomi stops her and takes her from there. Vasundhara sees shagun haldi and mehandi on floor and says already haldi is smeared on that girl. Simran says she has brought another shagun thali with her. Vasundhar relaxed and gets into jeep. Simran then tells her jethani that she lied to get away from Bhabhi.

Whole Shukla family is still waiting for Vasundhara and Santhi asks Murli who is this bhabhi that they don’t even want to enter house. Vasundhara comes. Murli greets them in. His son says her whole family was waiting for her and did not want to enter until she comes and takes whole family in. He then introduces his whole family, Avni, Varun. Shanti asks Varun why did he change kurta again. He says it is same. She says she is old but not blind. He says his kurta got stained, so he changed it.

Maan’s dad tells Inder that Bhabi is still angry. Inder says Maan has not come yet, so she is angry. Dad says he does not even come home for months. Inder says they should get him married. Dad says she does not know girl Bhabhi will select for him.

Bhoomi with haldi smeared facereaches home with friend, sees family not outside and thinks Avni’s would be in-laws must have come. She tells she will jump from neighbour’s terrance, change her clothes and attend mehandi function. She realizes her appointment file is missing and thinks it must have been left at the accident place and says friend they should go back and get it. Friend says she is already late and get into home while she get files.

Varun is busy with his girlfriend in his room taking selfies. Girlfriend asks if he will add it in facebook. He says no, but will add in other social media. She asks him to write her name as friend and not girlfriend. Bhoomi enters neighbour’s house’s terrance, jumps into her home’s terrance, and knocks Varun’s room door. He panics and asks his girlfriend to hide behind door.

She agrees hesitantly. He opens door and asks Bhoomi why is her face smeared with haldi. She says she met with an accident and asks him to let her in. He hesistantly. His girlfriend walks out silently from behind. He lets Bhoomi in. She informs him about her job offer at Indore. He asks her to relax. She says daadi will not let her go and she will lose her only chance.

Bhoomi sadly tells Gaurav that she had taken 1 year permission from daadi to do a job and now he will not let her go to Indore. Gaurav asks her to relax and says if she stays at home, daadi will get her married within 1 year itself as she has invited Ujjain’s rich families with their sons.

He asks her to get ready soon as Avni is waiting for her. She asks him to get her clothes and she will freshen up in his room. He agrees and goes to bring clothes.

Shanti daadi calls Avni and asks her who is Vasundhara. Avni says she is her father-in-law’s bhabhi and is from bhopal’s rich family. Daadi asks if she has children. Avni says she considers devar’s son as her own son. Dadi asks if he is married. Avni says no and asks her what is cooking in her mind.

Vasundhara applies shagun mehandi on Avni as per rituals and says she will leave now. Shanti daadi stops her and says as per rituals, if bride’s sister is also applied mehandi, her marriage will also be fixed soon. She asks Dhara to bring Bhoomi. Dhara asks about this new ritual. She says it is just introduced by daadi. Bhoomi is busy getting ready.

Vasundhara says she is getting late and if fate permits, Bhoomi will be married soon, but she does not have opportunity to get shagun mehandi by her. Swara gets ready and sees mehandi on her hand, she reminsces getting it when she fell from bike.

Surbhi and Gaurav discuss updating their facebook status. He says she is cute. She says she is sexy and gets many comments on facebook. He sends a kissie on facebook page. She says he can only kiss on facebook and not directly. Simran comes and takes her from there. She asks if she knows her. She says yes and he is her college friend and knows she has to marry as per her wish as her groom will be like her son.

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