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Bhoomi realizes that her file fell in Vasundhar’s jeep and runs to get it. Devar checks her file and tells Vasundhara that girl is very talented. But before Bhoomi could reach, jeep leaves. Dadi tells Vasundhara that Bhoomi is the girl that she wanted her to meet.

At the house, Bhoomi informs Avni about her accident with Vasundhara’s car. Daadi asks what are they discussing. Avni says nothing and asks Bhoomi to show her appointment letter, says she will get a smart boss in he new job. Bhoomi walks toward tauji and tells she wants to say him something. He asks to proceed. Servant asks tauji to check mantap and other arrangements. Tauji says he will speak to her at night and leaves.

After all the rituals are done, whole family relax on sofa. Dhara says she is not preparing food and has asked Varn to get pav bhaji from market. Daadi asks daada to find his name in her mehandi. He sees MMS and asks what is it. Varn says it is Murli maohar Shukla. Bhoomi comes down and Daadi checks her mehandi and asks why did she wash it. She says she is a bit tensed.

Dhara asks her to relax, gives her dresses and says she has stitched 7 dresses for her for each day. Avni gifts her watches. Daadi gives her makeup box and says she has seen girls going to office with makeup. Daada asks her to teach it to daadi aslo, else he sometimes frightens at night seeing her face. Bhoomi starts crying.

Tauji asks what happened. She says she got all she wanted without asking and they have supported her always and permitted to do engineering and job. He says why should not they. She says she wanted to join job and help them all. She wanted to get smart phone for Varun, car for ladies, and europe trip for tauji, but it will not happen now. Dad asks if she did not get job. She says she got job but in Indore. Whole family are surprised to hear that.

Shanti daadi says no need to work then. Bhoomi’s dad says mom is telling right. Bhoomi says she respects their opinion and will apologize principal and company, asks them not to take tension, she will be alright soon and runs towards her room.

Dhara says Bhoomi wanted to work, but is denying becauseof them. Tauji goes to Bhoomi’s room and gifts her laptop. She asks what will she do with it and asks to return laptop. He says he bought it for her and says he will get her job in Ujjain.

Murli Daad comes and tells he has changed people’s fate with his astrology stones, he will change her fate also and will get a job for her. Dad says when elders have decided, he will also accept it.

Varun calls Surbhi and asks when will she meet him. She tells 5 p.m. and acts as getting angry. He asks what will she wear tomorrow. She asks why. He says he saw her in a particular dress and uploaded her pic in facebook, so he wants her to wear same dress and calls her girlfriend.

She says she is not her girlfriend and says she will meet him at 4 p.m. Vasundhara hears her conversation and asks whom she is meeting tomorrow. Surbhi gets tensed and says she was speaking to her friend. Vasundhara checks mobile and asks why has not she saved her friend’s number. Surbhi says she remembers friend’s number.

Vasundhara calls Suman and asks if she knows what her daughter is doing and asks why is she talking to her friend at midnight. Suman gets tensed. Vasundhara says she both manages family and business, but she cannot control her daughter being a housewife.

She asks Surbhi to call her friend and picks phone. Fortunately, Varun is not in room and Bhoomi picks call. Vasundhara asks if she was speaking to Surbhi. She says yes. Vasundhar says good family girls won’t speak at midnight and asks her to come home if she wants to speak to Surbhi. She then scolds Suman and asks her to take care of her daughter.

Once she leaves, Suman asks Surbhi why is she lying. Surbhi says she is not. Suman says she should not cross her limits and bhabhi maa cautches her, she will be in trouble, so she should remember that she needs a jamai for rich family.

Varun comes back from washroom and sees his phone in Bhoomi’s hand. Bhoomi says she was speaking to his mother-in-law who invited her for tea and says she wants to see her bhabhi. He says there is nothing like that. She says if he is serious about marriage, he should inform Tauji soon and asks how does his girfriend look.

He says after Avni’s marriage, he will inform everyone. She thinks something is wrong. Devar tells Vasundara that he got a client’s call and if she permits, he will fix meeting. She says she wants to attend sangeet function today as Sharmaji called her and informed bride’s family is coming and if she likes, she can fix Maan’s alliance. Devar says whatever she likes.

Dhara tells Avni and sister that she wants a well-educated boy for Bhoomi who will respect her wishes and let her work.

Vasundhara reaches Bhoomi’s house for sangeet function and Murli’s sons greet her in. She sees scooter and reminices the accident. Dever takes her in. She sees Bhoomi walking around, but Devar distrupts and tells bride’s family has come. She goes to a room and meets family.

Father says his daughter is sarva gun sampann/all rounder, has just finished engineering and will get job soon. Vasundhara says she rich enough and does not like her bahu working, she thinks her bahu as her daughter and wants her to enjoy lavish life. Father says she will not work then as per her wishes.

Girl comes and touches Vasundhara’s feet. Vasundhara gets irked seeing Bhoomi’s arrogant friend as bride. Girl also gets tensed seeing her. Vasundhara says it would have been good if he had taught some manners and says she misbehaves and does goondagiri with people. She says she wants sanskari bahu even if she is anpad and does not want this educated asanskari bahu and says she does not like this alliance and walks out with family.

Suman tells her jethani it is good Vasundhara rejected the girl as she also did not like her. Maan is very smart and girl should match his charm. Jethani says only our house’s jaya bachhan/Vasundhara can decide.

Varun gets ready and asks Bhoomi not to make any mistake in program. All the guest take their seats and Avni also takes seat. Bhoomi and Varun start sangeet function, introduce themselves and say their performance is for their sister Avni and her would be bride Vikram. Bhoomi dances on Everyone clap after their performance. Vasundhara happily looks at Bhoomi.

Varun and Bhoomi continue hosting Avni’s mehandi celebratings. Varun dances on Phoolon ka taron ka sabka kehna hai, ek hazaron me meri behna hai….song..for Avni. Shanti’s bahus then dance on Sasural genda phool. She interrupts them and they get tensed, but she dances with them and everone are surprised to see her new avatar. Bhoomi then announces Vikram’s performance. He dances on saajan ki ghar aaye… Everyone join them and start dancing.

Bhoomi sees Sharath falling down and holds him. She leans him on floor. Wife says he got asthma attack. Murli sends Varun to get inhaler from medical shop. Bhoomi asks everyone to move and starts talking to Sharath to divert his attention from shortness of breath. Sharath feels better. Varun gets inhaler and also brings doc. Bhoomi says uncle is fine now and gives his inhaler. Sharath feels better. Doc asks Varun if Bhoomi is also going to medical classes. He says no. Doc says then how did Bhoomi know patient’s mind should be diverted to stop them panicking in asthma attack.

She says she read in magazine. Vasundhara is very impressed with Bhoomi. Devar gives Bhoomi’s file back and says she left it in his jeep by mistake. Vasundara says she wants to reward her and asks what does she needs. She asks her ot bless that her dream comes true. Vasundhara says if her dream is valid, it will be fullfilled for sure.

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