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Kulfi walks inside her room and keeps the book in trunk,Amyras friends sign her and call her,she sees they are hiding behind the door ,Amyra says Kulfi lets go now and both leave,Amyras friends start looking for clues in her room.

Kulfi the singing star teasers July

Tevar walks to Sikanders house, Sikander greets him,Tevar says the thing is we small town people visit neighbours with sweets so here i am, Sikander says no you mistaken small town people carry bowl to neighbours to borrow sugar, anyways we didnt need the formality,Tevar says sir this isnt for you it’s for Ma,Ma is greatest and tge most llovable human in this world and so thought of taking blessings too,and will be visiting frequently too we are neighbours now.

Rohan finds the locket and book,Manali says its written in hindi who will read it, Rohan tries reading and says they have songs in it and throws the book.Amyra irritated with Kulfi and teaching her rhymes,Kulfi says why are we byhearting poems,Amyra says this poem is regarding fathers so you can narrate it to him when you meet him,Kulfi says wow how thoughtful i will by heart now,Amyra says close your eyes,and memorise it.Amyra walks to Rohan and asks whats the news,he says she is got nothing,now we will go and attack her direct and all walk to Kulfi.

Tevar with Ma and Sikander laughing, Tevar trying to explain Ma what is rappping, and says its same like narrating tables,Ma says i didnt get you, Tevar says let me show you a demo and raps for dadi and makes her laugh. Dadi says you talk so sweetly, Tevar says i talk through heart so people love it and hheres sweet for you please have it and rest.

Sikander thanks Tevar for making Dadi laugh,Tevar says how about a tea, Sikander says you deserve the one i make,you came specially for Ma and she has laughed after ages,so cmon. Lovely says dad the problem i have now is just Tevar, just finish this Tevar or else me and my family will never come to your house even Amyra,Cutie says are you gone mad, Tonny says ttheres no use talking to her when Sikander will learn about who his love child is and throw you two out then come to my house,Lovely says im getting everything you have nothing to do with us, its just your ego and let me tell you one thing,Sikander will learn about the truth and even if he does i wwont return to you and leaves.

Tevar says there was a girl sir, Sikander says and you fell in love,Tevar says she was rich girl and broke my heart and that broken heart got me here and this world knows me and wants to meet me and im here having tea with my idol, Sikander says you praise me a lot, Sikander says i would like to say something just don’t feel bad,just dont be attached to fame be attached to your roots from Sarangpur and no one will ever be Tevar,Tevar says i swear on God sir,i myself believe that people should be in their limits,Tevar touches Sikander feet, Sikander says please don’t and hugs him and says keep visiting.Tevarsays thank you for everything and leaves.

Rohan says Kulfi we just visited your room,Amyra was so worried for you since the day you tried leaving the house,its all to search your dad,Kulfi says but we are kids,Rohan says and we are intelligent tell us everything you know about your dad and we will make posters and that will help us find your dad.

Lovely walk to Sikander and says hear me out from today on me you or anyone from our family wont visit dads house,because her dad has launched Tevar purposely to take his position. Sikandar does not get angry and lovely asks him why he is not angry. Sikandar says that this is a test from God to prove himself. Lovely hugs Sikandar. Kulfi says that he has never seen his father but he knows that he is a very big singer. Amayra’s friend says that they will help to search his father. Amayra’s friend tells Amayra that they will search some man and call him Kulfi’s father. Kulfi hugs Amayra and thanks her for helping her.

Tevar says Master Sikander should think he knows me very well but when hopes will break he will,Master says tell me whats yoyr problem with him and your news with Sikander,the picture says something else,Tevar says pictures lie to just wait for tomorrow.Amyra to her friends say it’s my moms birthday tomorrow,Manali says what about Kulfis fathers search,

Amyra says you worried about that anyways these two days we are just talk ing about moms party,and Kulfi will leave and he always goes ahead of me in everything but not in moms celebration ideas i dont even want to see Kulfi in my room,Kulfi walks in Amyras room with excitement and says you guys are here,did you find an idea ,Rohan says look Kulfi good ideas need time and we go school and have homework too,Kulfi says ok study but can we go later,Amyra hands her toys and says play with it we will go after we are done.Kulfi says ok and leaves.

Lovely to Sikander says this mab snatched your work and you keeping his CD dont you feel bad, Sikander says i do but i dont want to focus on what’s gone and so look im working on my own album, Lovely says i know it will be a huge hit,but what are you thinking, Sikander says all good,Lovely says speak up, Sikander says its been long time i have composed so not able to get what i want to so im scared,Lovely says you are Sikander and really let this stress and nervousness go away breath in and breath out,this negatively will go,stop doubting yourself and focus on your goal, Sikander wipes his tears and says as you say will focus, Lovely says you have to do your best and make dad realise he made a mistake because you are best and hugs Sikander and says All the best and leaves.

Kulfi playing with toys and name them,and keep talking to them,she touches the remote and robot walks to her, and is fantasized with it and makes a song and says im nimrats daugther byt when will i meet my father,Amyra said she will call me later but when and rushes to room and bumps into the room and glue falls of amyras hand and her card spoils,she gets anger and opens the door,Kulfi says why,Amyra says because i knew you would spoil moms birthday and you did, Rohan says oh god Amyra you didnt have to tell her that.

Minti says to Lovely you don’t break up with parents, Lovely says mom gave you all the gossip didnt she twll you what her husband did to mine,did she tell daddy is trying to ruin Sikanders career by introducing this cheap singer some Tevar,Minti says excuse me Tevar is no cheap singer he is my boyfriend, Lovely says why didn’t you tell me Minti,Minti says i did Mrs.Gill,but you are so self obsessed you have no interest in others, Lovely says just go tell your Tevar to stay away from Sikanders contracts,Minti says please the industry wants to sign him, Lovely says just one song,and thats hit because of my dads ego, Minti says your husband Sikanders talent is talent and others don’t and my Tevar will make Sikander pack his bags and soon will your pride, Lovely sayany Tevars have come and gone but my Sikander is here since 7 years so its better you be on my side,Minti says time will say that just wait and watch.

Sikander walks in and asks whats wrong, Lovely says let it be and i will look after Ma and you go concentrate on album and i want a good song in tomorrow’s party too, Sikander asks what party,Lovely feels bad and says just a little party, Sikander leaves and Lovely says he never forgets.

Jagira walks to kulfis room and sees all the stuff on floor,he by chance puts the robot on and leaves , the robot has kulfis voice recording saying she is nimrats daugther,and the robot gets out of room playing the recording.Amyra says ok iits moms birthday and we gonna surpise her,Kulfi asks what,Amyra says we will give her cards,get her card dance but you spoilt our card,Kulfi says let me help,Amyra says oh you wont help,Kulfi says but i want to,Rohan says you need to contribute then, its 100₹ per person,Kulfi says i dont have money,Amyra says then you cant do anything just forget it,Rohan sayz we are busy just leave.Kulfi leaves,Rohan asks how was my idea.

Kulfi says god kids here have money but i dont i want to do something special for Lovely maam.

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