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Maa prays to lord and says Adi is a nice guy, Jhanvi wants to help him, they should have gotten together but how will they get together with all these problems? Survi comes there and says with the help of God, they will get together with his blessing, Maa says yes everything happens with his orders.

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All family members sit in sharad. Asha’s photo is put on stand by Baba, Baba asks Jhanvi to come and bring garland. Jhanvi brings garland there, she still hasnt seen Adi’s mother’s photo. Baba asks Jhanvi to light diya. Nisha comes there and says Adi said he will tell truth to family but where is he? Jhanvi tries to light diya but matchstick doesnt burn, Baba says why diya is not lightening? its bad omen.

Jhanvi looks on, someone moves away from infront of Asha’s photo, Jhanvi looks up and her eyes fall on the photo, she is shocked to see who is Adi’s mother, she recalls meeting her and taking her home, she recalls Adi forcing her to not let sharad happen, she is frozen knowing truth.

Baba asks Jhanvi to light diya in Asha’s sharad. Nisha is there too. Jhanvi tries to light diya but matchstick doesnt burn, Baba says why diya is not lightening? its bad omen. Jhanvi looks on, someone moves away from infront of Asha’s photo, Jhanvi looks up and her eyes fall on the photo, she is shocked to see who is Adi’s mother, she recalls meeting her and taking her home, she recalls Adi forcing her to not let sharad happen, she is frozen knowing truth, diya lights up but falls from Jhanvi’s hands, Kaki is stunned, Baba says this is very bad omen, what is happening? Baba says to Nisha that this bad omen is happening because of you, you wont let this sharad happen.

Jhanvi thinks that Adi hid about his mother being alive from me that means her life is in danger and I have to remain silent, where are you Adi? Nisha leaves.

Adi is driving and thinks that I challenged Nisha that I will bring Maa back home but what if she does something with Asha Maa? Jhanvi calls him, he takes call and says I dont want to talk, Jhanvi says but its urgent, she tells him the truth, he is stunned and says what?

Jhanvi comes outside her house. Adi arrives there too. Adi asks Jhanvi where is she? Jhanvi says she is in my house, she is staying here for two days, I didnt know she is your mother, Adi says please make me meet her. Adi and Jhanvi comes to Jhanvi’s house, they are shocked to see everything broken there, Jhanvi calls out for Survi and Maa no one is home. Jhanvi says did Nisha find out that I have your mother? Adi says why didnt you tell me before that she was with you? Jhanvi says I didnt know she is your mother, please trust me, Adi says I trust you, Maa was so close to me.. dont worry, Nisha will give all answers now.

Adi and Jhanvi comes to Adi’s house. They are shocked to see Adi’s mother Asha sitting there. Kaki asks where was she for years? Baba comes to Adi and says sees I told you your mother is alive. Kaka and Nisha smirks. Police is there too. Adi is in tears seeing his mother, he sits infront of her, Baba says Asha see its your son Adi. Adi touches her feet, he holds her hands and is emotional, abhi mujh mein kahin plays, Adi kisses her hands and cries, Asha sits there blank. Adi says Maa? where were you? he pulls her in tight embrace and cries, Jhanvi is in tears seeing all that.

Adi composes himself and says Nisha.. Kaka stops him and says what are you doing? Nisha brought her home, she is fine because of Nisha, someone called Nisha and told her that Jhanvi had kidnapped Asha in her house, Jhanvi says its nothing like that. Kaka says enough, its good that Nisha called police and they brought Asha here. Jhanvi says I didnt kidnap her, I didnt even know that she is Adi’s mother. Adi says why would Jhanvi lie? you remember my changed behavior? because Nisha told me that Maa is alive and she has kidnapped, she blackmailed using Maa.

Jhanvi says I found her on road, Kaka says noboy brings strangers in their house these days, you could have brought her here, Baba gave you her photo too, how you not see her photo when you made it enlarged, Jhanvi says as soon as I got to know about the truth, I called Adi. Adi says Jhanvi cant lie. Nisha says why cant she lie? Kaka do you believe Jhanvi’s story? Kaka says not at all, Jhanvi is a liar, tell me Adi why anyone keep stranger in their house? Jhanvi says she was ill so I took her home, Kaka says did you file her complaint in police station? Jhanvi says I didnt get time.

Adi says I told you all people that Sharad cant happen because Nisha told me that Maa is alive and she has kidnapped her, she was blackmailing me, Nisha says Adi dont blame, its clear that Jhanvi kidnapped your mother. Jhanvi says if I kidnapped her then why would I bring her here? I brought Asha aunty here, Neha says yes she brought some woman but I didnt see her face. Baba says I saw Asha that day in house. Adi says to Kaka that even Baba didnt want this sharad happen, Kaka says baba says anything, Neha didnt see her face, maybe Jhanvi brought someone else to fool us? now let me meet you someone that will shock you more Adi. Survi comes there, she is tensed.

Jhanvi says Survi? are you okay? its good that you are here, just tell them how we found aunty. Survi says its okay, tell them the truth, Jhanvi says what are you saying? Survi says I know you wanted to bring aunty infront of Adi on right to keep his trust intact but its over, Adi is confused, Jhanvi is hurt. Survi says they all know truth, aunty was found from our house, Jhanvi says please say truth, its important right now, she asks to call her mother, she will tell truth. Nisha says she is your real sister, she is liar too for you? Adi looks on.

Inspector says we have to arrest Jhanvi and she has to go with us for further investigations, Kaka smirks. Jhanvi says I wont go when I have done nothing wrong, Jhanvi says to Baba that do you think I can do something like that? Baba says no, I trust Jhanvi, she is saying truth, inspector says all proofs are against her. Jhanvi says to Adi do you think I will stop you from meeting your mother?

Kaka says enough of your bullshit, take her inspector, Baba says this is wrong, Kaka says she has played with our trust, she has cheated us, Jhanvi says call my mother first, Inspector says we will call in police station, come with me. Adi says to inspector that I dont care who is wrong or right, whoever complained about her, I take that complaint back, Jhanvi didnt kidnap my mother.

Kaka says I wont forgive her ever, I will get her arrested if you dont, Jhanvi says to Kaka why you are not believing me, I didnt kidnap her, she asks Asha to say something but she remains silent. Kaka asks inspector to take her away. Inspector arrests Jhanvi and takes her away. Survi rushes to her. Kaka smirks at Nisha, she is impressed.

Inspector brings Jhanvi out of house, Survi and Adi comes there too. Adi says to Jhanvi that I know you have done nothing wrong, I wont let anything happen to you, I think I know why Survi did that, I trust you okay? Survi looks down in shame. Adi holds Jhanvi’s hand to show her his support, Jhanvi leaves it, she sits in jeep and sadly looks at Adi, they take her away. Survi cries, Adi looks on.

Adi comes in house and says to Kaka that how can you trust this Nisha? Kaka says Nisha have favor on us by bringing Asha back, Adi says she was trapped in her own trap thats why she brought her home, Kaka says forget past and see present, Kaki says you are trusting Nisha again? Kaka says I am just telling whats infront of us, Baba says you are wrong Kaka, Kaka says you are ill, dont think about all that, she is ill so take care of her, Kaka asks Nisha to go to her room, she smiles and leaves. Baba asks Adi to go and free Jhanvi as soon as he can, Adi looks on.

Adi comes to Nisha and get lost from my house, Nisha says you said that if I bring your mom back then you will give me another chance and will not divorce me, Adi says you got to know that Maa is with Jhanvi so you brought her here before you could get trapped, Nisha says Jhanvi is telling you fake stories, trust me, Adi says I will bring your truth out to Kaka and then I will see how you live in my house, he leaves, Nisha says I feel bad for you Adi, Kaka will never throw me out of house as I have done such big favor on him. Flashback shows Kaka giving injection to Baba, Nisha sees him and thinks that I have to keep an eye on him. Flashback shows Kaka coming to his goons who have kidnapped Asha, he says to his goons that remember no one should know about this place and Asha shouldnt runaway from here, he turns and sees shocked Nisha standing there, flashback ends.

Kaki says to family that if Asha was alive for years then where was she? she was with Jhanvi for somedays but before that where was she? Adi says she was with Nisha, she told me herself, Kaka says Nisha came in your life 8 years back but Asha was kgone for 29 years. Kaki says why you are taking Nisha’s side? Asha’s mental state is not stable, maybe she ranaway from Nisha’s clutches and Jhanvi found her. Nisha says why you keep doubting me? I am trying to be nice. Kaki asks Kaka where Asha was for 20 years? Kaka says I dont know, I know a good psychiatrist, I will call him for Asha, he leaves. Adi calls Sameer, Sameer says Jhanvi has got bail, Adi thanks him.

Nisha comes out of house and says Jhanvi shouldnt get bail. Kaka comes there and puts knife on her neck, he says because of Asha coming here, there are many questions in family’s mind, Adi will find answers, Nisha says I had to bring her back, Kaka says Asha recognizes me, she is not able to think right now but when she starts thinking then she will take mu name, Nisha says for now I just want Adi and Jhanvi to go against each other, I wanted to bring Asha back so that we can blame Jhanvi, we have to do this together, we have become partners in all this to get this done, I promise I will support you in everything.

Jhanvi comes home, Survi hugs her and says I am sorry. Jhanvi asks where is Maa? I know you lied because Nisha has kidnapped her, Survi says I dont know, some people came here and kidnapped Maa, they said that if I dont say things against you then they wont spare Maa, Jhanvi says nothing will happen to Maa.

Jhanvi comes to Adi’s house. She asks Nisha where is my mother? Nisha asks kids to leave, they leave to their room. Jhanvi says I know you blackmailed my sister and kidnapped my mother, dont you dare, if anything happens to her then I wont spare you, Adi says Nisha when will you stop doing your antics, Nisha says you keep taking Jhanvi’s side, she takes phone and calls Survi, she asks Survi to let Jhanvi talk to her Maa, Survi gives phone to Maa, Maa says to Jhanvi that I have come home, she ends call.

Nisha says see Jhanvi your lie has come out, you must have told your Maa that you are going to trap me in kidnapping case so she wouldnt tell truth, you keep trapping in all this, I didnt kidnap her. Jhanvi says you are lying, you kidnapped my mother and when I came here then you freed her. Kaka says enough Jhanvi, we kept blaming Nisha and kept saying that she did everything but you are a liar, Adi says what are you saying?

Jhanvi saved us from Nisha, Kaka says it seems like Jhanvi have some ulterior motive, we did mistake by bringing here, Adi says you are doing wrong by doubting her, Nisha says why she interferes in our matters? Jhanvi says you are not a family member Nisha, you just want to destroy them, Nisha says why you keep interfering in our matters? what you want money? power? why you are behind Adi?

Nisha asks Jhanvi what you want from us? Kaka says yes tell us how much money do you want? why you are behind us, you have left all your work and everything to solve our problems? what do you need from Adi? Nisha says yes Jhanvi tell us why you are behind my husband.. tell us.. tell us.. Jhanvi is unable to bear anymore and shouts infront of everyone that I love him.. I do it because I love him! Adi is stunned to hear her confession. Jhanvi says I have no interest in your property or money, I just want to see Adi happy and I can do anything for that, listen to that Nisha? I love him.

Adi keeps looking at her in disbelief. Kaka says chee.. you have these feelings for a married man? I am ashamed to even think about it, thats why you kept blaming Nisha for everything, I dont even know if those allegations were right, thats why from the time you have come in Adi’s life, their marriage life have destroyed. Jhanvi looks at Adi and thinks Adi please say something, please dont be silent, please say something, Adi looks down.

Kaka says Jhanvi I think you should leave.. please leave.. Jhanvi starts leaving, Baba tries to stop her but Kaka says have you forgotten that Adi is already married? Nisha leaves angrily, Adi is still in shock.

Adi is in his room, Nisha comes to him and says did you hear what Jhanvi said? I was a fool to bring her in this house, I brought her here to solve our problems but her eyes were on you knowing that we.. Adi says who we? you and me finished when your real face came out to me, about Jhanvi.. I trust her blindly, I wont listen a word against her, Nisha is shocked to see him favor Jhanvi. Nisha says she is trying to come inbetween us, everything was fine before she came in our lives.

Adi says there is no one around so dont act, you know that our relation ended after 4-5 years of wedding, you were living, I was dying daily and I am still dying, Jhanvi have done a lot for me and this family, stay away from her, he leaves. Nisha says you will pay for it and no I wont stay away from her.

Jhanvi comes home, she sees her mother and hugs her. Maa says dont worry, I am fine. Jhanvi says everything finished, Maa says dont say it, dont cry. She makes her sit down and asks what happened? Jhanvi says I told about my feelings infront of Adi and his family, I was so in the moment that I confessed everything, Maa asks what did Adi say? Jhanvi says he didnt say anything, not a single word, I have to stay away from him, I have to, everything is finished. She hugs her and cries.

Baba says to Kaka that you are a clever man and still you talked to Jhanvi like that? I knew Jhanvi loves Adi but she had no hopes, it was me who went to her and gave her hope, Kaka says you know Adi is married and have two kids then how can Jhanvi have hope? Baba says why not? Adi can remarry if he has a wife like Nisha, his marriage ended from the time Nisha showed her real face, from the time Jhanvi have come in Adi’s life, Adi has started smiling and living, Jhanvi is best for Adi’s life.

Kaka says Adi is still married and Jhanvi is wrong. Adi comes there and says no Baba is right, I wont comment on what Jhanvi said but Nisha and I dont have any relation let alone a big relation like marriage, it doesnt exist between us. Kaka says we have got Asha back because of Nisha, we should accept her favor, Jhanvi has cheated you again and again, Jhanvi faked her friendship, she is wrong, Adi says no Jhanvi is not wrong, she can never be wrong. Nisha looks on.

Adi calls Jhanvi at night and says I want to meet you right now, Jhanvi says its not needed, It was my mistake, I had high hopes but I have my answers now, forget if you met any Jhanvi and I wont interfere in your life too, Adi says I have to meet you now..

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Jhanvi please.. Jhanvi doesnt answer him, Adi says fine if you are not coming here then I am coming to your home right now, we will meet in half an hour in old clock garden. Jhanvi says okay. she ends call. Maa puts hand on her shoulder so show her support. Adi smiles and leaves. Nisha has heard his call conversation with Jhanvi.

Adi is in garden and waiting for Jhanvi. Jhanvi comes there dressed in nice dress. She says Aditya? Adi opens his eyes and smiles at her, Adi says you must be thinking why I called you here, look at that clock, people say this clock gives peace if you close eyes infront of it, he close his eyes, Jhanvi close hers, Adi looks at her and is mesmerized by her. Adi says there was a time when I used to be irritated you but then we became friends, your friendship have taught me to live, I feel incomplete without you, I am scared to let you go, Jhanvi says all this..

Adi says please let me say, you were always with me, I remember how you cried on my chest when I was in ICU, no one loved me that much, that moment touched me, I know this is all filmy but sometimes feelings are too strong, heart always win over mind, I insulted you,scolded you but you never stopped loving me, you loved me unconditionally, I know you wanted to hear something on my birthday but I was in situation where I had to push you away from me, I am sorry.. when you told your heart thing infront of everyone today, I didnt know what to do, I am sorry I couldnt say anything.. you said your heart’s thing but didnt listen mine, he holds her hands in his and says I Love You, I love you Miss. Agarwal, I love you so much, I just want you from this moment, I love you.. I love you..

Jhanvi is in tears and says I love you too, she hugs him, Janam Janam plays, they both feel peace in each others arms. Adi pulls away and says I want to say something else, Nisha is not in my life anymore but my kids are important to me,they wont their mother’s place to anyone, you have to make place in their lives, you are young and intelligent and you could get any guy of you age so think once again. Jhanvi says you think I am intelligent? yes I thought all this before, I loved you before knowing that you are married, when I got to know it, I tried to go away from you but I couldnt, I never dreamed of getting your love thinking that it would be too much,its enough for me that you love me too, if you are with me then I am ready to fight any problem because I have loved without any condition or demand, I just loved. Adi hugs her tightly and smiles. Nisha sees all this hiding behind bushes, she is in angry tears seeing them hug.

Jhanvi comes home. Jhanvi says to Survi and Maa that then he made me sit and made me eat pasta, Survi says tell more details, Maa says let her talk, Jhanvi says then.. she smiles recalling flashback.. they are in garden, Adi makes her eat with his hands, she makes him eat too and they smile at each other, Adi wipes her lips.. flashback ends. Survi says this is perfect love story, Adi, you and kids. did Adi sing for you? he is like romantic hero.

Jhanvi recalls flashback of how Adi took her and slow danced with her, tere sang yara plays in background. Adi caresses her faces and gives a gentle kiss on her cheek, she blushes and hides her face in his neck.. Flashback ends. Door knocks, Maa opens it, Nisha comes inside. Nisha comes to Jhanvi and says did I bring you out your dreamworld? sorry about that, Jhanvi says thank you because I have this important day in life because of you. Nisha says I have brought something for you. She shows her pregnancy report which is positive, Jhanvi is stunned. Maa takes it from her and is shocked to read it.

Nisha says thats right, I am pregnant and going to be mother, Adi and I are expecting again, Maa says this is your new trick, leave, Nisha says I know I should rest, but Jhanvi is involved in our matters so I thought to tell her, fact is that pregnancy report is here, you remember our anniversary, Adi was drunk and thats when it happened.

Maa says Adi can never do this with my daughter, I will talk to him, Nisha says Adi will deny, Jhanvi confessed her love, Adi has wife and love both, but Jhanvi I am ready for DNA test, let me know, she leaves with pregnancy report, Jhanvi is in tears.

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