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Tevar says Kulfi is my world, my blood, my first love’s sign, Kulfi made my life complete. Sikandar cries. Tevar goes to get something. Sikandar thinks shall I tell the truth to Tevar. He recalls Lovely, Kulfi, Sattu and Bebe’s words.

Main bhi hara nahin….plays….. Sikandar sits worried. Lovely cries recalling Sikandar’s words. Tevar gets the framed drawing. He says Kulfi made this, she taught me that one who loves you is family, her belief is truth for me, relations are made by heart, not blood. Sikandar cries thinking of Amyra’s words.

He holds the frame. He says like Kulfi is your daughter, Amyra is my daughter, fine, forgive me, I couldn’t see how much you love Kulfi. Mahindar comes home and sees Lovely near the lift. She stops him. She asks what were you talking to Sikandar, do you know what Sikandar wants to talk to Tevar. He says no. She says you would be knowing something, you can tell me what he is thinking. He asks why didn’t you tell me about Amyra. She asks how could I say. He says if I knew it, I could have done something. She says you can’t do anything, now its easy for you to choose between Kulfi and Amyra, because Amyra isn’t Sikandar’s daughter. He says its that’s so, then Krishna isn’t Yashoda’s son.

Sikandar says I can do anything for them. He thinks Tevar is dad for Kulfi and I m dad for Amyra, this will be truth. He asks can we become friends. Tevar and Sikandar shake hands. Sikandar says I will always keep an eye on you. Tevar says I will face problems before Kulfi, I also want a promise, you take care of Amyra, she is my best friend. Sikandar cries and nods. Kulfi comes and says you don’t even care for me, I have grown up and don’t go to school. They laugh.

She says I just know ABCD, that too oral, I don’t even know hindi alphabets, when will I go school and learn everything. They hold ears and say sorry. Sikandar says I should have sent you to school from first day. Tevar says I promise you will go school soon. They promise Kulfi and laugh. Sikandar says I will talk in Amyra’s school.

She asks will you two send me school together, without fighting. They say sure. She gets happy and dances with them. Music plays…. Mahinder says don’t worry. Amyra is daughter of this house, none can make her happy. Lovely thanks him. He blesses her. She asks will you do one more thing, don’t tell Gunjan and Bebe about this, I m already ashamed. He says I won’t tell anyone. He leaves. Lovely says don’t know what’s Sikandar talking to Tevar. Sikandar and Tevar drink, sitting on a swing. Sikandar says if Kulfi sees, she won’t leave me. Tevar asks him to have one drink. They drink. Tevar says it was already little, you made it more little. Sikandar asks do you want to say something.

Tevar says you recalled Kulfi, not Amyra, its wrong, have a drink for Amyra too. They drink more. Tevar says one more thing is common between us. Sikandar says my wife isn’t a thing. Tevar says sorry Sir, not your wife, music. Sikandar makes the next drink. They drink. Sikandar asks is anything common between us. Tevar says Johny dog, Billo. Sikandar laughs and drinks with him. They both get drunk and walk on the road. Sikandar sings Iss pehle mera… He takes Tevar. They fall down. Tevar sings Duniya kitni jhoom … Constable comes and asks them to go home.

They come home. Kulfi asks what are you hiding. They show hands one by one. She asks them to show hands at one time. They try to hand over bottle to each other. Tevar puts hands forward. She sees the wine bottle and says such a big mess, you drink too?

Kulfi asking Sikandar and Tevar not to fight. She scolds them. She asks Sikandar to go home. He smiles and goes. Tevar makes an innocent face and keeps the bottle. He goes. Kulfi says I don’t want to grow up this way. Sikandar comes home. Lovely says where were you, I was waiting for your decision, are you drunk, I will take you to room. He makes her away and goes. He falls asleep. She cries and goes. Its morning, Amyra sees Sikandar’s hangover. Kulfi calls her and asks about her dad. Amyra says yes, he has a hangover, when will you get educated. Kulfi says I spoke to them last night and now they are like this. Amyra says this happens in hangover, I will tell you. She makes Kulfi guide servant for making a lemonade. Amyra feeds it to Sikandar. Kulfi feeds it to Tevar.

Kulfi gives bath to Billo. Tevar comes and says I got fine, I m feeling good now, you get so angry, won’t you talk. She asks Billo to tell dad not to act innocent, he doesn’t remember the promise. He says Billo, tell her that I don’t forget any promise, I will send her to school. She says I got ready early morning. Tevar says you won’t get admission like this, we have to fill form, you have to give entrance exam, school headmaster will question you, when you answer right, you will get admission. She asks if I knew answer, why would I need to go to school. He gets Sikandar’s call and says I was going to call you for Kulfi’s admission. Sikandar says yes, I spoke to Amyra’s school principal, she called us, we have to prepare Kulfi for entrance test, you guys come over for dinner. Tevar says we will come.

Lovely sees Sikandar in kitchen. He cooks food. She asks what are you doing. He says I invited Tevar and Kulfi for dinner. She says I m waiting for your answer, sorry, shake it off baby, what are you doing, you got drunk with Tevar and came home, I want to keep them away, will you tell Tevar about Amyra, thanks. He says I have got a big sin on my head, if I keep them away, it will be bad, I m not so mean. She asks what will you do. He says I will wait, Tevar is Amyra’s dad, he loves Amyra a lot even when he doesn’t know this, I want this relation to get strong, when these girls grow up, when they can take decisions on own, I will tell them truth, maybe they will have friend for each other.

She asks what’s the need. He says its the truth, if I had a daughter, I would also like to know the truth. He goes. She cries. Amyra keeps her new toys for Kulfi. Lovely asks what’s this, you don’t like Kulfi right. Amyra says she isn’t dirty girl now, I like her. Lovely asks don’t you care now. Amyra says no, if dad loves Kulfi, he loves me more, I also hang out with Tevar. Lovely asks how can you like her now. Amyra says Kulfi is honest, she will soon come to my class, dad said he will get her admission in my school. Lovely says it means whatever bad she did to you, you forgot and you like it.

Amyra says yes, she isn’t so bad, her mom has taught her a lot, like cooking, drawing… Lovely says enough, and goes. Amyra says what happened to mom. Tevar says we have come to Sikandar’s house. Kulfi says I can’t come till Sikandar asks me to come. He says he has invited you here, come. She says no. He shouts Sikandar ji. Sikandar and everyone come. Sikandar asks what happened. Tevar says Kulfi is saying she won’t come in, you asked her not to come. Sikandar calls Kulfi Pari. Amyra says Pari, then fly and come. Tevar laughs. Sikandar asks Kulfi to come. She asks him to call off his swear first. He recalls his words and says fine, done. She says not this way. She teaches him. He does so. Jab pehli baar dikhi….plays…. He kisses her hand and gets her in.

Tevar holds Amyra’s hand and comes in. Lovely gets shocked. Everyone dines. Sikandar asks Kulfi to learn everything soon. Tevar says then Kulfi will study. Kulfi thinks I will also read what’s written in the paper. Tevar says I don’t like Saag. Amyra says me too. Sikandar and Lovely look on. Sikandar says but I like Saag a lot. Kulfi says Mittu. They laugh. Amyra says me too. Kulfi says same thing. Sikandar sings Tum aa gaye ho….. Everyone smiles. Kulfi sings along. Sikandar and Kulfi cry and sing.

Tevar smiles, and dances with Amyra. Lovely cries with tension. Sikandar hugs Kulfi. Tevar and Amyra smile.

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