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King of hearts August teasers

Sid and Roshni are dressed for the prayer session. He gets romantic with Roshni and says She’s really glowing. He drapes her scarf on her head and says he wants to know what’s on her mind. He compliments her beauty. He bends and listens to her stomach, then says his Princess told him to give her a kiss to take a part of her glow. Roshni blushes. He says he’s thinking he should take a paternity leave till the baby is born.
She says paternity leave is usually taken after the baby is born. They stare at themselves. Mere Rubaru Plays… Sid kisses Roshni on her forehead.
He’s about to Kiss Roshni when his Grandmother interrupts the moment by yelling his name.
He answers her and says he will be there.
He helps Roshni put on her wedding necklace. Mere Rubaru plays… He leaves.
DD is in her room getting ready.
She brushes her hair and leaves some Makeup on the stool as She hears Sid’s GrandAunt calling everyone for Prayer and leaves.
Aisha sneaks into the room when DD goes out.
DD returns to her room and can’t find her Makeup.
She hears laughter coming from the living room.
She asks what is going on? Aisha turns and DD looks on angrily seeing Aisha’s Makeup.
She yells at her asking who allowed her to enter her room! She asks if she knows she has ruined costly stuff in her room and asks why she entered her room and wasted her Makeup!
Aisha just stares at her in fear.
DD asks who will buy back her ruined Makeup for her; this is bad manners!
Sid tells DD that Aisha is just a little girl.
DD is irked with him for bringing in another problem, as she doesn’t like Aisha! Sid says she is looking so cute. DD says she is a nuisance and she can’t tolerate it anymore!
Roshni warns DD not to speak to her like that! She asks Aisha not to be upset, else her Makeup will be ruined. She says she will help her get ready.

She takes Aisha inside to get her changed.
Sid takes out money from his wallet and offers to DD.
DD asks what he’s doing!
He says he is paying for the food Aisha has been eating and the Makeup.
DD warns him not to act smart with her! She says she can’t tolerate the girl and asks the Servant to clean her room!
Sid thinks DD is superb, as she can fight with a little girl as well. He smiles.
The Priest has arrived and the Ceremony is about to start.
The family members, friends and neighbours are gathered. The neighbors compliment Roshni and tell that she is glowing. They see Aisha and compliment her too.
Jigna points out that Roshni and Aisha are wearing matching clothes.
They are both wearing red.
The Priest says the prayer is for Roshni and Sid’s unborn child, so Aisha will have to sit away from them. DD agrees but Sid convinced them that Aisha is a gift from God and he wants her there.
The Priest starts the Prayer. Sid’s GrandAunt thinks once the prayer has been completed, she will make DD eat the poisoned sweet to teach her a lesson!
The Priest continues to recite the Mantras, while everyone sits with their eyes closed, Aisha tries to take sweet, but stops hearing a mobile ring.
Sid goes to attend to the call. The Priest informs them that the Prayer is completed.
A Manager from the Office tells Sid to let him know what the update is with work and informing him about keeping the stuff in the green room.
After the call, the Manager gives some employees instructions to close the Office!
One of the employees calls another boss on the Phone to let him know they have gained access into Sid’s Office and they will abduct the girl tomorrow and return her to him (The boss).
The boss whose face is hidden, is holding a photo of Aisha.
His shoes are revealed and it’s the same shoes worn by the person who has been following Aisha about and almost abducted her from the NGO.
Some guests try to have some of the sweet offerings.
Sid’s GrandAunt panics as she doesn’t know where the poisonous one is.

She goes about checking the sweets before she allows anyone eat any.
Her family members notice as she goes around holding people’s hands and checking their sweets.
The family members ask what she is doing?
She lies that’s she is just making sure the sweet balls are fine.
She tells herself she has messed up the plan!
Roshni’s Grandmother comes out with another set of sweets.
Sid’s GrandAunt runs to take the tray from her.
She sees the poisonous ones on the tray and looks for DD.
Aisha runs to her and asks for some.
She refuses but Roshni begs her for some, so she gives them.
She goes to DD and offers to feed her one.
DD says she can eat it herself!
GrandAunt insists on feeding DD, holding the sweet up and telling DD to open her mouth.
Sid walks up to them and takes the sweet from his GrandAunt and feeds it to her.
She refuses to eat it.
He tells her she wanted DD to eat it, so she should also eat one.
He pushes the sweet into her mouth amid her protest. Everyone laughs.
She eats it and starts to act weird.
They ask her what’s wrong?
Her eyesight gets blurry and she suddenly becomes paranoid.
The family members ask her what’s wrong?
She screams and runs away, imagining everyone is after her with a knife.
She runs till she falls into the pool.
The Doctor comes to check on her and he tells them she’s suffering from food poisoning and her blood level had risen up.
DD says it’s not possible to have that from homemade food.
The Doctor insists it’s poison. Everyone is shocked and wonders how she ate poisoned food.
The Doctor prescribes some medicines and tells them that she will need a lot of rest.
They thank him as he leaves.
Roshni’s Grandmother says she doesn’t understand how poisoned food came to be in the house.
Sid’s GrandAunt who is lying in bed in her unconscious state, starts rambling about how she will feed DD poisoned sweet to teach her a lesson!
Everyone is shocked.

Sid covers his face in shame.
DD says so she dug her own grave.
She calls her a disgusting lady!
She says to think she wanted to poison her in her own home! At least she would have thought about her age!
She asks Sid if she has nothing to say?
Sid is silent.
DD says when he brought his family, he said they would all take care of Roshni. She asks if they are taking care of Roshni like this, and on top of everything, he also brought a Street Child to her house and Roshni is the one taking care of her.
She says it’s not fair as Roshni could also have eaten the poisoned sweet!
Sid closes his eyes.
Sid’s GrandAunt is still rambling.
DD calls her a Witch and says she refuses to live with her any longer!
Sid says he’s very ashamed as he never thought someone from his family could do this and he’s very sorry.
DD asks her Mother if she sees what’s going on!
She asks Sid if he thinks she should forgive him because he’s her Son-in-law?
Sid doesn’t respond.
She says they have tried his own way but not anymore and from now on, only her and her family can look after Roshni and if his family has a problem with it, they can leave!
Simran is shocked.
DD talks rudely and says she didn’t invite his family!
Roshni tries to wade in but Sid gestures for her to be quiet.
Raj agrees with DD and says they will abide by her decision as they don’t have any right to say that that will take care of Roshni, after what his GrandAunt did.
Everyone looks on sadly. He asks DD to do as she wants, and accepts her decision.
His Mother concurs.
DD thanks Raj and says she always knew Raj was the only responsible one in his family!

She tells Sid that if anything happens again, she will hold him responsible and he shouldn’t tell her then that she doesn’t respect the elders of his family! She warns that if he doesn’t change, he won’t let him see his Child, let alone touch him and asks him to prove to be a worthy father!
She leaves the room.
Her Aunt also says disgusting and goes.
Simran gets dizzy and asks how DD could talk to her Mother-in-law like that and how could she say all that?
Her family members hold her.
Her Mother-in-law asks her to rest.
Aisha, who has been observing everything, asks herself who will protect her from the bad Men if this family is fighting so much?
DD is is her room, getting upset all over again as she remembers all that happened.
Mona enters the room and tells her to stop thinking about it, so it doesn’t affect her health; she will need to put it all behind her.
DD’s Aunt enters the room and asks Mona how she can expect DD to forget! She asks if Mona is in her senses? She says Khuranas are third class people and she knew it!
She says the Khuranas have been creating problems and they have proven that they can’t maintain a good relationship!
Mona says they all love Roshni and it’s not fair to judge the entire family because of what one person did.
DD’s Aunt asks if she has been bewitched by the Khuranas!
She asks if she has forgotten how Kritika hurt Sam, her daughter!
Mona looks on. She says Sid’s GrandAunt wanted to harm DD and not Roshni. DD says so it is okay to harm her then?
DD says Mona is always taking sides with the Khuranas.
She asks what would have happened if Roshni had eaten the sweet?
She says that Woman is so cheap and after seeing what their GrandAunt is capable of, she questions the nature of the entire Khurana family and after Roshni has had her baby, she will keep them far away from the Khuranas!
She says she has to do something for her daughter and her baby.

The Man who had called his boss earlier, meets up with a Woman and gives her a photo of Aisha, then tells her not to mess up the job!
She assures him that she won’t.
Sid is sad.
Roshni begs Sid not to be upset over what DD said.
Aisha enters the room and tries to cheer him up and says she had icecream to cheer up herself. She offers Sid a bar of chocolate so he’s not upset anymore.
Roshni tells Sid that Aisha is just like him. A Flashback is shown, Sid asks Roshni to have sweets to cheer her up. Fb ends. Sid smiles. He tells Aisha to take the first bite, then he gives Roshni a bite as well.
Aisha dances and cheers them up. She tells that she forgot the steps. Sid joins and dances with her. Roshni feels good seeing Sid mingling with Aisha. She thinks Sid will become the best Papa in the world, just like he is the best husband of the world.
Sid hugs Aisha. Roshni says she is also here. Sid hugs them.
In the morning, DD is surprised to see Roshni getting ready to go out.
She asks Roshni where she’s going so early?
Roshni says she is going to the NGO to see the kids and tells that today is their dance competition.
DD says she can’t allow her to go because she needs to look after herself and the baby.
Roshni says she has to go and see the kids and Sid will be with her. DD says when he’s with you, then there is more danger for you!
She enters the room and Roshni holds onto him. DD says she now feels even worse because trouble always seems to follow Sid.
Sid looks on angrily.

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