Kulfi the singing star update Monday 9 March 2020

Kulfi singing star 9 March 2020: Sikander tells them a story of Narkasur to motivate them to not loose hope, and ask them to awake kali inside them and fight the evil. Later that day Kulfi Amyra see a poster, reading wrestling challenge at Mahabali akhada, Sikander sees girls walking towards poster and says good go for the impossible that’s what I’m looking into you.

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Mohsin and Sikander launch their album infront of media, Jimmy walks to them angry and say Mohsin you ignoring me this will cost you, you were suppose to launch album with me but you choose this zero, Mohsin says chill jimmy, Jimmy insults Mohsin, Mohsin slaps him, Jimmy says this will cost you. Mohsin says I’m not your slave don’t tell me what to do.

Everyone in chawl sees the video of Mohsin slapping Jimmy and very happy, Kulfi and Amyra happy about album announcement, Sikander says I’m going for recording but I have surprise for you guys and gets gift for everyone’s. Kulfi says but our gifts must be expensive. Sikander says don’t worry.

Kulfi Amyra talk to friends about getting coin, Matka says they will not spare us this time,Sikander slowly hears them talk, Kulfi says we will have to fight the evil together on wrestling ground. Kulfi says we have to get coin before pooja, so we can use it in pooja. Sikander asks Raju mummy to keep an eye on kids.

Sandy with Jimmy, Jimmy shatters whole office in anger. Sikander starts recording. Girls walk to wrestler ground with her friends. Jimmy says Mohsin behaved with me this way because of Sikander now I won’t spare him, I won’t let his song get released I will steal his song, Sandy go find where his song gonna release. Mahabali gets angry over girls.

Mohsin praises Sikander after recording. Girls challenge Mahabali for wrestling challenge, he says girls can opt they aren’t meant for this, Kulfi Amyra argue and says we will defeat you without even touching you, Mahabali agrees. Nd says no girl has even ever tried to talk to me and you want to fight go ahead, Raju surprised over girls take. Sandy informs Sikander about Jimmy’s take. Sikander says I want him to do so because this is how we will reach his piracy racket.

Girls challenge wrestlers to stop Sun from reaching their eyes, wrestlers can’t do it without touching them and ask Mahabali to help, Kulfi says it’s our turn no shall we, Kulfi shares idea with Kulfi, Raju worried for girls. Kulfi throws soil over wrestlers, all close their eyes.

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