Kulfi the singing star update Friday 6 March 2020

Kulfi the singing star 6 March 2020: Kulfi Amyra see their gold coin with Mahabali, he sees girls standing and scolds them. Girls scared leave. Sikander gets back to chawl and sees Yusuf in pain. Sikander thinks this test ha become very difficult for the girls I have to be with them. Kulfi and Amyra rush to Sikander and tell him about the situation.

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Kulfi says come with us let us go get our coin, Sikander thinks they have to struggle on their own and I can’t say no as well and says okay, Himmat says no one goes can’t you see Yusuf all stay here. Sikander says girls we can’t ignore Himmat aunty so let’s stay.

Jangya says I will workout and go fight with those wrestlers, kalti says what about your height, and kulfi it’s tough to get coin now, Kalti says we can’t loose hope we will find a way, Amyra says yes and my dad will help us with solutions too. Sikander gets call from Mohsin to discuss about shoot. Sikander says we will discuss that.

Sikander next day informs everyone about the new music album, all very happy about it. Girls decide not to tell Sikander and ruin his happiness and deal with situation himself. Girls go to sikander and say they have to see their friends for Diwali and leave, her friends slowly make excuses and leave, sikander smiles knowing all are making excuses.

Amyra Kulfi with their friends, Amyra says I will go first you guys stay here, wrestlers make fun of Amyra, Amyra says stop it, Amyra clicks their pictures and says I will upload your pictures and inform everyone about how bad you are and expose you people, and make you viral. Wrestlers start laughing over her and say click good pictures of us and pose. Mahabali walks there and says we are scared of no one get lost.

Amyra says Kulfi these people are disgusting I can’t handle them, Kulfi says let me try and goes to them. Kulfi straight away walks to Mahabali and requests for coin, Mahabali says this place isn’t for girls, Kulfi says this coin is with my family since heritage, please return it, Mahabali says make me laugh I will return. Raju mummy keeping an eye on them.

Kulfi starts singing, wrestlers dance over her tunes, everyone applauds for kulfi. Mahabali says good song now tell me what you want, Kulfi says my gold coin, he says no you won’t, Raju makes video call and shows what’s happening, Mahabali tricks kufli and says I would give you something didn’t say will give you coin, will you have lassi.

Jangya starts shouting and says you hit my dad, you stole our coin I won’t leave you and runs, he stumbles over a wrestler and feels giddy. Kids start shouting to return their coin, wrestler push them away, Sikander advices Raju not to go but stay there and make sure that kids don’t get hurt let them pass on their own.

Kids upset in chawl, Sikander walks to them, and asks what’s wrong, Sikander narrates them story of Narkasur to motivate them to not loose hope, and ask them to awake kali inside them and fight the evil.

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