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Security guard pushes Sittu out of the gate and refuses to allow him to in. Sittu says he is Sikander’s relative but guard doesnt believe him. Sittu tells him its necessary to meet Sikander so the watchmen gives him newspaper and says to buy ticket and see him.

Kulfi is getting hiccups continuously and Sittu also gets hiccups. He talks to himself and consoles himself that he will soon find Kulfi. Sikander enters Kulfi’s room and says her that someone is remembering her. Sikander tells Kulfi when he remembers someone he sings and feels relieved. Kulfi says she also does same. Sikander tells her to sing. She is about to sing but Amairya comes and gets angry for loving and singing with Kulfi.

Amairya goes angrily and locks her room. She starts throwing things. Sikander is requesting to open door but she doesnt. Sikander is about to leave when she opens door and calls her dadda. Sikander kisses her and she demands ballons from him. He leaves.

Lovely and Minty are coming in car when Lovely gets breathlessness due to stress. She is tensed because she has to make Kulfi sing backside Amairya in concert without letting anyone know. Minty is also worried and says her friend that he has landed herself in big trouble and now she is also partner in her lie.

Sikander brings Helium balloon for Amairya. She is very happy. Sikander explains her to not cheat and practice nicely to be a good singer. Amairya promises his dadda that she will listen to him.

Amairya goes to trick Kulfi again. She lets go one pair in air and Kulfi is thrilled. So Amairya tells Kulfi that she can take air inside her and fly higher like ballons. Innocent Kulfi gets convinced. Sikander is searching pendrive and finds it. He listens to Kulfi’s recorded song. Sikander cries out of happiess and feels the song is sung by soul. He recalls to where did he heard this voice somewhere.

Kulfi inhales the Helium and tries to fly but cant fly. Amairya says that planned flopped inspite of trying hard. When they both hear Sikander whistling. Both of them run to main hall. Sikander is looking at Kulfi and sings her recorded song ” Giri Dhadam”. Kulfi gets happy and feels Lovely made Sikander listen to her song so now she can sing. She is about to sing but her voice is damaged due to inhaling Helium

Kulfi tries to sing and sees her voice is ruined,and in tears,Sikander asks what’s wrong with your voice,amyra says he sings this way,Sikander thinks this means kulfi didn’t sing the song and leave,kulfi in trouble how her voice got ruined,and starts crying,amyra says don’t worry mom will come call a doctor and then doctor will cut your throat and starts laughing.

Sikander practising for concert,lovely and minti there too,organiser meets lovely and says you here but sir didn’t tell us about it,lovely says I’m here to surprise him anyways can you tell me where his sound engineer is and goes as directed.

Sittu in concert hall looking for Sikander,Sikander leaves hall too looking for cyrus-sound engineer.

Lovely says Cyrus I need your help,lovely explains the whole

situation,Cyrus says why this setup Sikander sir sings live always,lovely hands him money and says I don’t want more questions,Sikander walks into Cyrus room,Cyrus hides money,Sikander says come let’s go we need you.

Lovely and minti hiding,lovely signs Cyrus to go.Minti says lovely this is so dangerous,tomorrow when Sikander will see amyra sing,lovely says I want to see his reaction too. Sittu sees Sikander on stage,guard stops him and says public isn’t allowed in,only workers,sittu says I need job please help me.

Kulfi tells jagira,my father is big singer today but I don’t know his name,my didn’t tell me his name too,lovely walks in,kulfi goes hug her and says my throat is paining,lovely says let me call doctor.

Doctor checks kulfi,amyra says mom we were just playing,doctor says he was scared and cried a lot and vocal chords are but swollen,make her gargle and rest,lovely says asks will he be able to sing,doctor says yes but after 2-3 days.

Lovely later asks can’t he sing now,doctor says no his throat is very week.lovely walks in and asks how is he,jagira says better than before,lovely says sing two lines to see if the medicines are working,kulfi says I can’t.

Lovely says kulfi here’s gift for you it’s an iPod you said you learn new songs quickly,I have recorded one in this cmon try,kulfi tries ear phones and says it’s ticklish,lovely puts earphones in kulfis earphones and says now you learn this song and we will go concert there will be so many big singers,kulfi thinks oh all big singers means my dad too will be there.

Kulfi says ok then by tonight I will learn the song and by morning will sing it too,lovely says very good.gunjan sees lovely panicked and walks to her and asks all good,lovely says says why,gunjan says dinner,lovely says I will wait for Sikander,gunjan asks and Amyra and kulfi,lovely says amyra did and kulfi i don’t know you please Ask.

Gunjan goes to kulfi.

Amyra says I won’t cheat I promised dada,lovely starts crying and says fine you just love him and not me,you choose him Too and not me,no one loves me,amyra says no mom no,lovely says even though you sing so bad I wanted you to be star and I’m a bad mom right,amyra starts crying,lovely says no baby,you have to trust your mom,just learn the lyrics as you did for dinner party,amyra says but dirty boy how will he sing.

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